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Arnold Schwarzenegger

I Didn't Pay My

Baby Mama 'Hush Money'

10/1/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

093012_schwarzenegger_launchArnold Schwarzenegger
SWEARS the money he religiously paid his baby mama for their secret son was not "hush money."

In an interview for "60 Minutes" on CBS that aired tonight, Arnold refused to answer questions regarding how he found out about Joseph -- the secret son he had with his former housekeeper Mildred Baena.

Arnold says he never had a point-blank conversation with Mildred about Joseph, he just "put things together"  and secretly started sending her money. 

Arnold says Mildred -- who was still working for him at the time -- never questioned the cash, saying she "knew what it was about," but insists it wasn't money to keep her quiet.

He then defends her and says,"Mildred is a good person. She was not out to get me or take advantage of me."

So we gotta ask ...


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Jay W.     

Arnold screwed up big time. That aside, who / what man hasn't screwed his maid if the maid is spreadin' em'?

750 days ago


ay, ay, ay. And there are twits out there worried about whether Obama was born in the US.

This Nazi pig WAN"T and still allowed to hold office.
How did he even get in this country, let alone government or a Kennedy?

He is so slimey. My dog's peanut, corn and worm studded turds after she's gotten into the sideyard garbage are cleaner than Arnie.

750 days ago


No but that is only because he's tighter than a bullfrog's arse and that's water proof!

750 days ago


Money, or no money, old girl is still a heffer who slept with another woman's husband. And she looks like Edward James Olmos.

750 days ago

John Clark    

There you go again.

Give us facts, not POV based opinions leaving out facts that could weaken a gossip based argument..
The housekeeper was married, wasn't she? Coulda been the father, no?
Was the pregnancy an accident, or deliberate?
So Arnold liked having sex, duh! Maybe Maria didn't, duh!
Does Maria have a secret lover? Is that what went wrong? Are you investigating this aspect?
The best news is that he's so far kept you lawyers out. Hope that won't change, for they would stir things up.

Forecast: They'll get back together.

Get on the job, and stop being so pleased with yourselves.

750 days ago


I'm thinkin' he should have done a scratch and sniff before hittin' that. Too late now.

750 days ago

415 Style    

Just have to say, I watched that interview tonight. He came across as totally narcissistic, cold, un remorseful, creepy. Love is blind. Maria is like my idol. Love her. She was married and/or together with a total creep for what 35 years total? It's okay honey..walk on with your head held high. Word.

750 days ago


This only reaffirms that men of any race will screw anyone as there are no witnesses. The same thing happens in clubs and bar worldwide at closing. Damn!

750 days ago


This man is a total ass with no morals and no respect for his wife and family!! His ego is something else!! He was promoting a book that I hope no one will buy! He is a fugly man!!!

750 days ago


He's not gonna badmouth baena,i bet she has lots of secrets,and secrets equal money!

750 days ago


I hope that Arnold ends up having a good relationship with Joseph. This young man deserves to be a part of his dad's life.

750 days ago


I'm not sure I care what his motives were. The whole thing is incredibly sleazy and tawdry. How humiliating to think that your husband was having an affair with the maid in your own home and knocked her up. The man is still in denial about the moral atrocity he committed against his legitimate children and their mother (in their eyes).

750 days ago


Why would he be trying to keep her quit? The secret is pretty much out.

750 days ago


If Arnold believes that Mildred didn't get pregnant on purpose he is one stupid guy. She certainly didn't have any morals while fu-king him. She was married with children and of course knew that she was fu-king her boss who was also married. She wanted money, money, money, and a son from a famous actor. OF COURSE SHE GOT PREGNANT ON PURPOSE. What an immoral bit-h she is. I hope she goes to hell for what she did.

750 days ago


I am still trying to get the image of Ahnold having sex with anyone out of my brain. Only a matter of time before the gay sex rumours start to surface, hope the dudes that were involved have been handsomley paid off. As for Maria , I am sure karma will take care of your "husband" For the son
who was conceived from this "liason" I wish you all the best as well as the children from this pigs marriage.

750 days ago
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