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Jason Aldean

'American Idol' Chick

Was A Drunken Mistake

9/30/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0930_jason_aldean_npg_articleCountry music superstar Jason Aldean says his very open public display of affection with a former "American Idol" contestant -- who is NOT his wife -- was a huge, drunken mistake.

Jason released a statement today, apologizing for his indiscretion, after TMZ posted pictures early this morning of the country singer and "A.I." castoff Brittany Kerr getting up close and personal -- hugging, touching, and flirting at a very popular, crowded bar on the Sunset Strip (above).

Jason -- who has been married since 2001 -- says, "The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar."

He says, "I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself." And then adds, "I left alone and that's the end of the story."



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Grant MacDonald    

Jason Aldean should visit the nude dude ranch with over 90 naked young cowboys … where the saying is: “Ya Sure Are Hung!” What happens at Ram Ranch – actually stays at Ram Ranch!

752 days ago


...♫♪ I'm in love with you baby...and I don't even know your name ♪♫...

752 days ago


My heart goes out to his wife.

752 days ago


how could she not know he was married. any one that listens to country music knows he is married. playing the dumb blonde doesn't cut it.

752 days ago


Wow. Yeah this is the first time? I don't think so and I don't think it's the first time with her. They looked too comfy. Worst part about this is that chances are his wife will sell herself short and forgive him and he will do it even more. We teach people how to treat us. It's one thing to act like that. Lots of people do. But in public for the whole world to see. Psychopath is my guess.

752 days ago


drunken mistake. Right... I'm sure its happened before and probably will happen again. By the way, where is the wife?

752 days ago


Ok he is human last time I checked, people F up all the time, and to all you people on here that have made comments about what type of person he is, and you hope his wife this and that, Well you all sound bitter and scorned, get over it. He is dealing with this with his wife. And Im sorry I will say this Ali-- you are full of ****, trying to get a 15 seconds of fame with hopes TMZ or some other gossip website will contact you for a follow up story ha ha you wish!

As far as Brittany goes I think she is willing to do anything to be in hollywood to be famous.. Including putting her paws on a married man..Not saying he is right either, but why is he getting all the crap because he actualyl commented... She is a coward! Money hungry fame whore...

Let it go, leave country music alone, if you dont like it that is fine, you dont have to bash i!!!!

752 days ago


a very crowded popular bar on the Sunset Strip? C'mon TMZ you have never been afraid to name names and locations before.

752 days ago


Bahahahahahahahaha! Doesn't shock me! He has always been a looser in my book. Don't think just because you're a "singer" or "famous" you can cheat and not get caught! lol I love this...

752 days ago

Tracy Lalonde    

Ha! The "first" time!!! Lol! He should say "the first time he got CAUGHT!!"

752 days ago


I'm sick of this garbage! why don't we just start holding females accountable for their lies and underhanded deceitful bull****! We need to stop making them out to be so innocent, vulnerable and snow stinking white!
This TART is clearly to blame here! Yes perhaps he made a mistake in judgement BUT if the TART wasn't all up in his face I doubt he would have even gone there. So please, lets put a stop to this crap and put the blame where it should and needs to go..ON THE TART! yes THE TART!
She knew he was married but she wanted what she wanted and that was that. I think we need to make sure that she doesn't get a free ride out of this and that she is held accountable to his beautiful wife and mother of his children.
I believe all TARTS should have to be set in front of a judge and a jury and made to explain their actions and reasons as to why they deliberately tried to entice a known married man.
Look if she is single let her go screw any single man she wants but if she dare to hang all over a married man I believe she needs to have some kind of accountability. She didn't care who she hurt and personally I think that Jason's wife should hold her head up high and then start looking into old laws on the books that she can use against this TART and hopefully set her straight....and if a law doesn't exist then she should use her notoriety to try and get a law on the books that will force ALL TARTS to be accountable. Men are always made to be accountable, now I think It's time we start making the women equally accountable and responsible for their own devious and deceitful crap.
We need to protect our family unit and strengthen the family values in this country.
Enough of the blame game, right is right and wrong is wrong.
Here's a little note to married men out there, *WAKE UP and stop being lead by your can't win at this kind of game. Why you ask?
I'll tell you why,
It's because your boys aren't smarter then the average bear...nor are they smarter then a fifth grader...maybe you guys should ask a doctor if there's such a thing as a little non-blue pill that you can take to put your boys in hibernation mode while your away from's just a thought guys, after all learning the hard way isn't working ya know what I'm

752 days ago


His wife needs to divorce her man-ho husband ASAP if she wants to hold her head up in public. Take him for 1/2 before his career goes down the toilet.

752 days ago


Wow Jason just 10 years ago you couldn't make it past a little juke joint...your wife was working hard at the bank and helping to support the family...nice way to pay her back you son of a bitch!

752 days ago


O.K. she's a homewreck... So is he... He should had said no.....I feel for the pain his wife and children having to deal with...You know once a cheater 'ALWAYS' a cheater....I will never look at Jason the same again.... Country boys don't do this crap....

751 days ago


It's sad all around, BUT - the "public" attacked her and called her names, etc. and she had to close her twitter account and all that - but what about mister can't keep my dick in my pants Aldean? How come nobody is rubbing his face in it? He's just as freakin guilty and just because he "apologized" doesn't make him any less culpable in my book. Guy was hitting it hard in those pictures, and I bet he was hard and I BET he would have taken her to a hotel room and nailed her to the bed if he had not had to leave town with his tour. Sorry Jason Aldean - you're just as much of a ho- as she is. (and come on sweety pie, you didn't know he was married? so that means you didn't know who he was then, right?) Yeah RIGHT. Didn't know he was married - LMAO!

751 days ago
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