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Johnny Lewis' Dad

I Exhausted All Resources

To Save My Son

9/30/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
' father tried to help his son multiple times before his death ... telling TMZ he believed Johnny's last stint in a treatment center was finally going to work.

A close family source of Johnny's tells TMZ that Johnny tried a few different Scientology approved treatment center, but they didn't work. 

So Johnny's father, Michael Lewis -- a high level Scientologist who was once close to L. Ron Hubbard -- tells TMZ he then turned to a treatment facility in Altadena, CA called Ridgeview Ranch as a last resort. Ridgeview describes itself as specializing in the "treatment of mental heath and/or drugs and alcohol."

Michael tells us that Johnny responded well to the environment at Ridgeview -- the staff was supportive, the program seemed to be working and says he thought "it would stick this time."

Michael says that Johnny's treatment physician at Ridgeview advised against the use of psychiatric medication (which is highly frowned upon in Scientology) and used an alternative approach to getting well.

However, after a short stint at Ridgeview Johnny opted to finish the rest of his sentence in jail ... insisting he had no drug or psychiatric problems.

Johnny was released on September 21, just days before his death.


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_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Once again, the celebrity's preferred drug dealer gets away. When will they learn?

751 days ago


What is really being done to stop America's drug problems?

751 days ago


Glad he's dead ... S***bag

751 days ago


I'm a little tired of hearing about this, he decided to use drugs, he then decided to kill an old lady and her cat, and now he's burning in hell. End of story.

751 days ago


Way to go dad....your son probably had a mental disorder, but you stuck by your cult and didn't allow him to have medication that may have helped him. I wouldn't want to live with that guilt.

751 days ago


Just sad all around for all involved and families on both sides of this.
As for "psychiatric medication" there's mountains of evidence that much of it includes so many side effects that medicating becomes redundant, more side effects than benefits.
Not to mention with some medications the side effects are so extreme to the brain they've made people act out in crazy violent ways.
Misdiagnoses of mental illness is common, doping people up with prescription pills when they don't need it is common, and blaming a lack of medication for someone becoming murderous is common.
I'm sure we'll see lots of inaccurate spewing about this case from plenty of know-it-alls who actually know nothing about the human brain, medicine...and know little about Big Pharma pharmaceutical lobby being legal drug dealers who are quite practiced and successful in convincing millions of people that they're mental ill and "need help...from our pills"...when in fact they're not mentally ill and don't need pills.

751 days ago


What a shame. I'll bet he didn't think of a private session with Tom Cruise. He would have said "Michael, Michael,Michael, you don't know the history of psychiatry. I do," then all would have been well with Xanu or Nanu or whoever that volcano guy is.

751 days ago


psych meds could have saved 2 lives

751 days ago


With a beard like that, no wonder...

751 days ago


@ Mallory, I dont think Scientoligists feel guilt for their decisions? From the interviews I've seen; they're quite self righteous and condescending.

751 days ago


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Alcoholism Anonymous. That's all they got.

751 days ago


**** you and your cult.

751 days ago


Scientology. A cult for the weak minded and heavy walleted. Ever notice how you never see any poor Scientologists? If you don't have money, they don't want you. What kind of moron overlooks that little fact when getting involved?

751 days ago


blah blah Scientology blah cult blah Scientology---- The guy was a gone junkie and nothing was going to save him. So whine some more about Scientology now.

751 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Harvey needs psych meds to treat her SILLY, HOMOSEXUAL behaviors

751 days ago
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