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Lindsay Lohan

Charges Dropped

Against Alleged Attacker

9/30/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0930_lindsay_lohan_3Lindsay Lohan will not be getting the justice she was seeking ... police have dropped charges against the man accused of attacking her early this morning in a New York hotel ... TMZ has learned. 

Christian LaBella was arrested after LiLo claimed he attacked her when she confronted him about secretly taking pictures and video of her in the hotel room. Lohan and a few friends had met LaBella earlier in the evening at a nightclub.

LaBella had initially been charged with two misdemeanor counts of assault and two counts of harassment. But the NYPD tells TMZ the charges have been dropped, after detectives investigated further and there was not enough evidence to support LiLo's claims.

Just your typical Lindsay Lohan weekend ...


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Red Cloud    

LOL!!! I skimmed through your angry post and caught the one about comparing IQs. I said gc and I are on an even keel meaning we're okay with each other even though we disagree. I'm not comparing IQs here or anywhere. Untighten that lid a bit more and let out more steam. Jeez, haters are angry!!!!!
And I'm usually here late morning for a few minutes and then I'll return sometimes, like now, to annoy haters again. And then I'm gone, like now. I mean WTF??? Nikki and others think I'm more than one??? Good grief, haters are delusional.

760 days ago

Ellie G    

HAHAHAHAHA!! Lindsay you are so stupid! Nobody believes a word you say. You made your bed now have fun lying in it.

760 days ago


And, another young lady claims she suffered a similar fate at Sayer’s Club recently.
"Lindsay knew some of my friends so we invited her to sit with us,” she says. “My friends and I were taking pictures of each other just goofing around and Lindsay thought for sure we were trying to get pictures of her drinking. She jumped up and grabbed my phone out of my hands. I was so shocked, and before I could ever realize what happened, Lindsay grabbed my friend’s phone too! She demanded to see the pictures and started digging around in our phones. After Lindsay saw there were no pictures of her she was like, ‘You guys aren’t supposed to be taking pictures in here anyway."

Pardon? How can people take pictures of you DRINKING when you're so innocently drinking 7-up or 'water'? Too stupid for words!

760 days ago


So now she saying she grabbed the phone and ran like a scalded dog down the hallway while trying to delete any photos on his phone with him in hot pursued ...Now I would have liked to seen that....LOL as hard as it is to do anything on one of them phones sitting still with your full attention focused on the job ,while sobber as a judge....and shes doing it running like hell down the hallway and staris with a man running after her...well damn I would have to admire her for that.........if it were true ............which it ain't ......LOL

760 days ago


You have to wonder if this loser wouldt have faded into obscurity years ago, if not for her criminal acitivity. LA is full of wannabes.

760 days ago


Ha, ha...Blo is finally trending...for all the wrong reasons.

Rusty Redenbacher ‏@rustymk2
Lindsay Lohan in this Dunkin Donuts sniffing the counters and rubbing powdered sugar on her gums. Old habits die hard.

760 days ago


@ZEPHYR you have mail. LOL

760 days ago


Nothing is going to happen here.

In a few hours, Lindsay will wake up and Shawn will explain to her that she has no case against anyone and she's the one with the most to lose.

As annoying as this brat is, she's just a low level scofflaw headcase, not a master criminal.

As soon as the stunt casing ops get used up, she's done.

760 days ago


stupid cnut is crazy tweeting again..must be recovering from the speed ball

760 days ago


OY VEY! Blohan wants to meet Whitney Kropp, the bullying victim. Is that her new platform now, bullying? Calling Dr. Phil a bully and now this. Coming from THIS SLAG? B!tch, please . . .

760 days ago


every picture I see of her she looks like she stinks..nothing worse then No hygiene..even her dad said she doesnt take care of her teeth or self..
when you have money thats the first thing you do..
Pathetic excuse for a human. to be so filthy.
and Nic-Hole would have no problem letting PIGPEN watch her niece...EEEWWW these people

760 days ago

delusional much LL?    

guess ripping phones out of people's hands, flicking cigarettes at them or revictimizing people with smear campaigns isn't bullying in that delusional, demented brain of hers.
can't wait till this morally bankrupt,corrupt a--hole gets what's coming to her.

760 days ago


Wow, just think how hated she'd be in this country right now IF she was relevant. I think her two biggest fears are jail and becoming forgotten, well more so. Really her and Dina should only interview with NBC since they seem to be fine with letting them spew lies. Wouldn't want to be mean or bully them, hurt their itty bitty feelings, etc.

760 days ago



John Trapp · Top Commenter · McDonald's
He choked and beat her? Shouldn't he be given a medal and a ticker tape parade?

Read more:

760 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Delmar, I will choose to answer you here rather than pages back. When I refer to "Lohans" in general I am speaking of Dina, Milo and Lindsay.
As for Mike Lohan, I am anything but impressed with his degree from Ithica Magna C*m Yada Yada. I see a young man that was afforded an excellent education and a degree in business, that he is totally wasting as "manager" of some silly boy band that will never amount to anything, and VP of a company that hawks lounge reservations to underage college kids that are playing sports for their Universities. I saw his tweets to the University of Washington offering his bar services to the Huskies. UW is not the only university with a tough stance on alcohol, and what he is doing for a living is trying to break into big money by being a broker. Lazy boy, and I am unimpressed with him. Good on him that he is not a criminal and GET A REAL JOB!
For Aliana, the supermodel with a million dollar contract.......enough said. It was her mother and sister that gave her that ridiculous tag, so do not blame me.
Cody the pro surfer, back to mom and sis on that one. What competitions has he won? Has he ever even stood up on a surf board?
Personally I don't pull the others into the conversation unless Lindsay or Dina has said something stupid, and it is great that they seem (at least so far) to have not inherited the Lohan criminality gene that Lindsay and both parents share, but they need to get off the Lohan train wreck and find their own ways or they will forever be associated with that train wreck and will never get the attention or the success that ALL Lohans feel they are entitled to. Yes these three are different, but they are also the same.

760 days ago
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