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Lindsay Lohan

I Want My Attacker


9/30/2012 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_lohan_2Lindsay Lohan is on the other side of an arrest for a change and she wants to see the guy who allegedly attacked her early this morning prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is telling friends she is still in shock over what went down this morning at her hotel room in NYC. We're told she is sticking to the story she told cops -- that the man, Christian LaBella, attacked her after she confronted him for taking pictures of her and her friends.

We're told Lindsay believes Christian befriended someone in her group earlier that night at the club -- with the sole purpose of getting close to her. According to our sources, when Lindsay and her friends headed back to the hotel Christian tagged along.

Our sources says, later that night, Lindsay caught Christian recording her with his cell phone inside her hotel room. When Lindsay tried to stop him, she saw he had taken over 50 photos and videos and had been emailing them to friends. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is not badly hurt -- no bruises, but a few scratches -- and plans on cooperating with police fully so Christian can prosecuted for the alleged attack.

The grass is always greener when you're not the one being accused of a crime.


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sounds like the usual hooker/john situation, I price was agreed on for services and someone couldn't/wouldn't deliver so they get pushed around
where ever trouble is lindsay lohan is always being 'set up', framed, getting caught with somene elses stash, ad nauseum

755 days ago


and we all wanted you prosecuted..
but never happened.

755 days ago


wait until the pics come out..
she wants that camera locked up too

755 days ago


Girls getting assaulted by dudes are no laughing matter but somehow all I can think of is "what on earth was she up to this time"?

755 days ago


No bruises and only a few scratches from being punched and choked...umm good luck with getting him prosecuted.

755 days ago


Okay. He'll serve a few hours in jail over the course of a seven-year crime spree.

755 days ago


If she's not seriously injured, no crime took place. Just ask ol' Hit-N-Run Lohan.

755 days ago


WOW! I Was there! The press has the story all wrong! So do the police! Chris paid Linds $20 to $uck his bolls, which she normally does for free. Then she bit the sh!t out of them!

Her flaky teeth were falling out and Lindsay was not looking so sexy and beautiful. She bit her own hands before she called the cops!

I got my Rolex and credit cards back! Thanks to the Lindsay Fans who have made me famous and Rich!

Zephyr, I have sent your nasty pictures in a brown paper bag, USPS.

WOW! I hope Chris's bolls recover!

755 days ago


I'd like to see the picture...

755 days ago


Sounds like he attacked her after she grabbed his phone - doesn't that make her the initial aggressor?

755 days ago


Man, is she full of it, of course, again.
Look at me, I'm the victim now. Oh, please feel bad for me, it's not my fault this time, really.
Perhaps if you let me skate on the hotel bill I'll forget this ever happened. Wah, wah, wah. Please die already.
Oh, and her big, bad daddy. Wait till he gets his hands on this guy? Yeah, right, so he can then fake a heart attack and try to sue the guy for attacking him when all he wanted to do was talk to him and make him apologize for all the stress his poor little girl is going through because of this? Please.
Lilo is a hot freaking mess, and she's getting worse.
She's a flaming piece of crap and a washed up hag that no one wants personally or professionally.
Not to repeat myself, but please, for the love of God, die already.

755 days ago


Alis been home for days now. but instead of enjoying her sister thats been to a korean rehab for months she is Partying like never before.

755 days ago


I have a feeling the pay phone at the Bada Bing strip club is ringing right now........

755 days ago


Linds can't prove "bruises and scratches". There's "close to" one million pics of her "skin" already torn up, tatted up, and covered in meth scabs.

755 days ago


Maddy said it wouldn't take long for miLO to insinuate himself in this.......sure you're using the right word???? Time for another vocabulary hater lesson.

755 days ago
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