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Lindsay Lohan

I Want My Attacker


9/30/2012 12:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_lohan_2Lindsay Lohan is on the other side of an arrest for a change and she wants to see the guy who allegedly attacked her early this morning prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is telling friends she is still in shock over what went down this morning at her hotel room in NYC. We're told she is sticking to the story she told cops -- that the man, Christian LaBella, attacked her after she confronted him for taking pictures of her and her friends.

We're told Lindsay believes Christian befriended someone in her group earlier that night at the club -- with the sole purpose of getting close to her. According to our sources, when Lindsay and her friends headed back to the hotel Christian tagged along.

Our sources says, later that night, Lindsay caught Christian recording her with his cell phone inside her hotel room. When Lindsay tried to stop him, she saw he had taken over 50 photos and videos and had been emailing them to friends. 

According to our sources, Lindsay is not badly hurt -- no bruises, but a few scratches -- and plans on cooperating with police fully so Christian can prosecuted for the alleged attack.

The grass is always greener when you're not the one being accused of a crime.


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If I was a hotel guest, I'd be PISSED OFF! Some drug addict who wouldn't pay for her coke pulls the fire alarm at 2:30 AM and everyone is awoken in the middle of the night, probably frightened out of their minds there was a fire and had to evacuate in the jammies just to find out it was all for nothing? THAT should be illegal in of itself!

751 days ago


I think Lindsay was the aggressor, last year she freaked out and grab people's phones and I think she did the same here and the fellow tussled with her and that's all this was. I think she's going to violate her probation and she's a walking time bomb. She has major problems that she needs to come clean about. She should never set foot in a club again and she needs a "babysitter" who is not Ali, any relative or even a friend. I think she should stay out of hotels as well and stay at friend's houses. I wish her well but she's not in a good place and not really improving herself even if her career is somewhat back in gear.

751 days ago


So is being in NYC working out for

751 days ago


If someone was taking photos of me and my friends without permission I'd be annoyed as well. He was probably wanting to sell them, we haven't seen anything about Lindsay for about a week, the paps are nearly bankrupt the pics would be gold dust to gossip sites like TMZ lol

This has been blown out of all proportion and we have Michael Lohan to thank for that, what a douche. Good luck Lindsay, with a father like that who needs enemies.

751 days ago


It seems Mr. Labella is a celeb's relative and has access to other celebs. Now he has had an encounter with LIndsay Lohan but justice seems to be served and his name is cleared. So he was not a "john" or a "drug dealer", just some guy wanting to hang out with Lindsay and her entourage and things went sour very quickly for him.

751 days ago


never to wish harm on anyone, she shouldn't of taken his phone and he should of not grabbed her the way he did either... but I must say this couldn't of happened to a more deserving individual.

Now perhaps just perhaps the little crack monster knows how her many victims felt each time she caused them harm and each time California sat on their arses and twiddled their thumbs figuring out if they could charge her with anything.

What comes around goes around.

751 days ago


I think the funniest thing possible would be if they declined to prosecute; that'd really stick it to whorehan. I'd laugh non-stop for days...

751 days ago


I guess New York IS better for her, huh DUIna? Are all her charges going to be obsolete? She is really racking them up now. ROFLMFAO. Organically speaking, I think this is fvcking hilarious. Charged with leaving the scene of an accident and assaulting a young guy for nothing. YUP, good times are coming.

751 days ago


Here's the grabbed his phone. That was robbery. Therefore, it's not assault if he was defending his property. Stupid cow.

751 days ago

Hot Farts    

Let's dodge the deflection and look at this again. Who on earth at age 26 is in the clubs til 4 am every night. What is the purpose of this. She is a spoiled child with no grasp on reality.

Now she is at the W hotel?? Sheeeesh. Who lives in hotels?? Guess the artist got sick of her azz or maybe he finally figured out who took all the missing valuables.

751 days ago


Whats that the police say the dumb broad could have been charged by taking his phone? Really well then lets just let it slide he really didn't hurt me that bad LMAO.And where is the person that was saying that taking the phone was not a crime now?

Police sources told the news outlet that Lohan taking LaBella's phone would technically be a crime and weaken her case against him, and that her refusal of medical attention would weaken any assault complaint.

751 days ago

Hot Farts    

She is like druggy Madeline.

751 days ago

Hot Farts    

She needs to find a really rich john to buy her a hotel to live in. She is adverse to real homes and prefers homelessness

751 days ago


"I.... can't.... feel MY face
It's the price we have to pay
I'm.... going.... to win THE race
No matter what the H8turds say

751 days ago


Um, even by her own story, she's the one who started it by grabbing his phone. Grabbing someone's phone is actually considered a form of assault. There is also more to the story than what TMZ is printing, more regarding Lindsay and her actions. From what I've been told, it's unlikely that charges against the guy will stick. If what she said happened actually happened, she would have plenty of bruises and all she has is a couple scratches, which were apparently inflected when he tried to get his phone back. She could actually have charges filed against her for falsely pulling a fire alarm and for filing a false police report. Lindsay is not the victim. He shouldn't have been taking photos of her, but she completely overreacted and should be a better judge of who she chooses to surround herself with. Maybe if she stopped drinking and using drugs, things like this wouldn't happen.

751 days ago
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