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Lindsay Lohan


Calls Him Fraud, Bully

9/30/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_tweetSeems the excuse-making shoe is now on the other foot as Lindsay Lohan is now defending mother Dina and her insane interview with Dr. Phil ... placing the blame squarely on his shoulders.

Dina seemed completely out of it during her interview with Dr. Phil that aired earlier this month (check out a clip below), swearing she was not drunk.

Lindsay came to her mother's defense on Twitter yesterday, saying Dr. Phil should be "ashamed" of himself and calling him a "fraud" and a "bully."

Apparently those are all buzz words in the Lohan Guide to Excuses and Blame Shifting.



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@amanda's weed pipe If Dina was acting, she's a better actress than Lindsay. Of course Uggie the dog could do Shakespeare better than Linds & Dina.

716 days ago


I can't stand the man, but how exactly is Dr. Phil the fraud/bully when Dina approached his show about being on it? They didn't approach her, she contacted them. How was she at her most vulnerable state? Again, the Lohans can't take personal responsibility for ANYTHING they do. She had every chance to back out of the interview. She was clearly drunk and chose to do it, that's on her. No one forced her to drink and then do a talk show while she was drunk. The only bullies are the Lohans.

716 days ago


Loony! Your mom was wasted! Look who's talking fraud!

716 days ago


Bah hahahah Phil just showed everyone what a douce she is.

716 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Lindsay she is the reason along with your your jail bird father why you are so effed up. Your mother went on that show effed up and it showed

716 days ago


I met Dina at the grove one day she is sooo pretty and was sooo sweet and nice. sad to see her like this its harsh !

716 days ago


Against stupidity, the Gods themselves contend in vain.

716 days ago


I thought Dr. Phil nailed it.

716 days ago


I am not thrilled with Dr Phill anymore.... most is just gossip and does his rants for ratings. I hate that he calls himself a Christian... I mean no one is perfect but he sure does get into people's buisness for the wrong reasons... all for the big bucks... what's that saying... harder for a rich man to get to heaven then a camel to go through an eye of a needle.. oh well, something like that. So sad what money does to people and he's no exception. > none of my comments have anything to do with the latest with Lindsey's mom... just about all his shows in general. If I was Lindsey's mom or Lindsey... I would steer clear of them, if they going to have any chance at all. lindsey needs a break from her parents, a driver and to get back to acting instead of the party scene or she's going to be in jail for a long time... I want to see her make it.. I am on her side.. but am starting to have my doubts that she has learned any lessons... sigh

716 days ago


lindseys mothers was a hot mess on the show, whats her beef with Dr. Phil

716 days ago


omg really your mom was CLEARLY out of it and from all I have seen for you guys, you are all a train wreck of a family unfortunately.

716 days ago

dropped about you talk to you own mother when she is in her "vulnerable state" and tell her to stay the **** off t.v

716 days ago


So sick of these SKANKS. Attention whores! Like daughter.

716 days ago


Lindsay Lohan calls Dr. Phil a fraud and a bully... well, I won't argue with that, but I would say that's rich coming from her, as it takes one to know one.

716 days ago


I'm not a fan of Dina but to me.. she didn't seem so much out of it as confused as to the fact that this was a live taping, not something to be edited to be most flattering as a final product.

716 days ago
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