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Lindsay Lohan


Calls Him Fraud, Bully

9/30/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_tweetSeems the excuse-making shoe is now on the other foot as Lindsay Lohan is now defending mother Dina and her insane interview with Dr. Phil ... placing the blame squarely on his shoulders.

Dina seemed completely out of it during her interview with Dr. Phil that aired earlier this month (check out a clip below), swearing she was not drunk.

Lindsay came to her mother's defense on Twitter yesterday, saying Dr. Phil should be "ashamed" of himself and calling him a "fraud" and a "bully."

Apparently those are all buzz words in the Lohan Guide to Excuses and Blame Shifting.



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does Lindsey have any twitter followers? LOL

718 days ago


yeah dr. phil was at fault that your mother showed up to his show being the drunken sleeze that she is...the fruit doesnt fall far from the tree...if u need this explained to u lindsay let me know...idiot...

718 days ago


Yeah I'm sure he forced her to go on his show and she had nothing to do with anything just like you. Is this family accountable for anything? Geesh.

718 days ago


How long before she does porn and blames it on the media....

718 days ago


Yeah I saw this interview and Dr. Phil didn't have anything to do with this interview being a train wreck. He just asked the same questions anyone would, and Dina decided to act crazy as hell instead of actually answering them.

718 days ago


Wasn't the show on like 3 weeks ago?
NOW she's getting around to a press release, um, I mean, a tweet response?
Simple facts. If Lindsay's NOT drinking anymore, and if she's NOT drugs anymore, what is she doing at all these clubs at all hours of the night? You know how boring clubs are when you're straight? You know how annoying drunk people are when you're straight? Shouldn't her workload right now consist of looking for her next job?
"I just wanna be back on set!"

718 days ago

help this young woman    

Dr. Phil quote:

"I thought she was really nervous and I didn’t smell any alcohol on her or anything of that nature,” McGraw told Kit, when asked about her behavior on his Season 11 kick-off show.

718 days ago

help this young woman    

TMZ Dr. Phil has already gone on video Accesshollywood saying Dina was NOT under the influence. He said she was extremely nervous. Even on the end of his show he said she was a nice woman and would take a bullet for her kids. And yes he was publically bullying her which should NEVER happen to an abused person.

718 days ago


'Me and my Mom Are Nuts' - next on the Dr Phil show.

718 days ago


Lohan is pushing 27 looks like crap. Can't see a photo of her not looking stoned drunk or both. Her career is over, she's Hollywood poison. Christ she's still pulling her same crap from SNL to Scary movie 5.

Her BS crap she pulled on Glee did absoutly nothing for their ratings. So being used as a ratings boost won't work. Even if Lifetime should get some ratings they won't work with her again. Neither will anyone else.

Lohan is so much more of a liabiity than an asset. No one is going to pay 10-12 bucks to see her in a movie. Canyons probally will go stright to DVD.

Stop blaming mommy and daddy for what she did to herself.

717 days ago


LOL...probably cocaine is talking on her behalf. GROW UP.

717 days ago


Same old story. Nothing new. We've talked about the Dina disaster of an interview enough. We know Lindsay defends Dina and blames others. So what? The much more significant tweet came from another family member on the MALE family member that doesn't get his fair share of criticism for being an abusive sick person and the damage he's done. Yawn to this story and the regurgitated comments it is creating. Come up with something new TMZ and the rest of the tabloids, you're on auto-repeat now.

717 days ago


Anyone, and I mean anyone going on Dr. Phil should know what he is like. Even I have watched a few (not many) of his shows. He has not changed over the years and if Dina or anyone else is looking for the easy questions to answer and don't what to be called out for their behavior should not go on Dr. Phil.

717 days ago


This is just so comical..can't she see that? Her mother's most vulnerable state? What...drunk? Her mother wanted the interview "to show who she really is"--she did. Message received. She's a dysfunctional drunk. And when she gave Dr. Phil the finger, was that just her vulnerable state showing? She's the bully, and he wasn't letting her get away with it. And Lindsay is a bully, and it hasn't been working very well for her lately. Dr. Phil was a class act--I'd have thrown her off the set.

717 days ago


Shut up Blohan's, you're not relevant. Dina is a drugged up wreck just like the daughters

717 days ago
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