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Lindsay Lohan


Calls Him Fraud, Bully

9/30/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0930_lindsay_tweetSeems the excuse-making shoe is now on the other foot as Lindsay Lohan is now defending mother Dina and her insane interview with Dr. Phil ... placing the blame squarely on his shoulders.

Dina seemed completely out of it during her interview with Dr. Phil that aired earlier this month (check out a clip below), swearing she was not drunk.

Lindsay came to her mother's defense on Twitter yesterday, saying Dr. Phil should be "ashamed" of himself and calling him a "fraud" and a "bully."

Apparently those are all buzz words in the Lohan Guide to Excuses and Blame Shifting.



No Avatar


I think Lindsay is completely embarrased by her mother ...just projects it to other people..

Linsday is clearly numb to the real world

753 days ago


Always a victim.....always a victim

753 days ago


like everyone has gave then any kind of work when the money is gone they piss all over them and bad mouth the hell out of em..
just like lifetime an the hotel bill.or any other company..
dont give them work and you wont have a problem.
cut all those POS ass holes off completely

753 days ago


I have never, in my entire life, witnessed any whole family dodge and deflect responsibility for their actions. She, and her parents and siblings, should be sterilized to ensure this mess of a gene pool can eventually die off and never darken the our lives again.....

753 days ago


Typical Lindsay. Took her a couple of weeks to catch up and express her outrage. Probably just woke up from her latest escapade.

753 days ago


This delayed reaction from Lindsey, like who the hell is she to talk is too funny.

This coming from Lohan who was too wasted in her hotel room not fit to work, which got back the producers to make her flight to Atlanta for the Scary 5 shoot. Look at all her BS excuses she tried to pull and didn't work. When the producers were going to pull a kick ass breach of contract lawsuite on her she got healthy very fast.

753 days ago


Isn't she a tad late for this. Like, what... A couple of weeks late. DAYUM girl. Your heads so far up your ass you don't even know what time it is. It's clear Dina was effed up on something or she is just clearly a bubbling idiot. Dina knew she was doing the show. It was her choice to go to it all **** faced. No excuses. The day this family actually takes responsibility will be the day hell freezes over.

753 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

like mother like daughter. neither one deserve to breath the same air as me.

753 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

No member of this entire family says anything worth listening to. They are ALL creepy.

753 days ago


isnt it Nice house she tweeted this from a stolen laptop.
the same place she Squated for months with oud paying the Bill.
now whos the real FRAUD?????????????

753 days ago


probably right..she wasnt drunk, she was STONED! and i dont mean from pot!..PILLLS
dl is a mess!!!

753 days ago


Ridiculous. His team could only edit the footage that they took. He didn't use CGI or holograms.
If she wasn't acting like she was drugged up, he couldn't have taken the footage in the first place.
Were there point where she was lucid? Could he have condensed those moments down into an interview worth airing? Maybe.
But why would he do that? It's not his responsibility to protect Dina's reputation. And it's not like he's some new show, where no one knows what to expect. She should have shown up clear and sober and ready to go, but apparently she was unable to do that.
If she wasn't a mess during that interview, she wouldn't ask for a "do over" with the exact same team.

753 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

i still cant believe we never saw the dad saying "i told you so" instead of the 1 line we heard about how he felt sorry for them.

hard to believe he would be the good one out of all this.

753 days ago


If you truly believe Dr. Phil was the bully, go jump off a cliff. Dina led the interview. Dr. Phil wanted to help her and she did that to herself

753 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

Birds of a feather right..

753 days ago
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