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Usher to Ex-Wife

Get Outta My House!

9/30/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0926-usher-tameka-getty-1Usher wants to make it clear to his ex-wife ... the days of freeloading are OVER -- because TMZ has learned, he plans to sell the mansion she currently calls home.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Usher's lawyer sent Tameka Raymond a letter informing her the 12,000 sq. ft. Georgia home -- which Usher owns -- is going on the market and she needs to find new digs.

Usher has allowed Tameka to live in the home for the last few years -- but per their 2009 divorce agreement, Usher has the right to sell the pad at any time as long as he gives 60 days notice.

According to sources, Tameka didn't take the news well, seeing as she has no income of her own and has been financially dependent on Usher since the divorce.

On the flip side, we're told Usher feels he's given Tameka plenty of time to get her act together ... and enough is enough.

Fun fact: Usher purchased the home in 2007 for $3 million. Unclear what he plans to sell it for.


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just get some dignity tameka foster give the man his name ,his house and get over it for long time he ask you his house just give it to him ,oh GOD one thing i have my dignity after i divorced quick i get my name back and i did not ask nothing GOD take care me even the judge asking what i want i said nothing at all and i survive.proud to be who am

753 days ago


Great news! I agree with what another commenter said here, "Place that trash on the curb where it belongs."

753 days ago


well to much drama go on there to much am tied of it for 2 years helping and what i get nothing nothing at all

753 days ago


So let me get this clear - they have been divorced for almost 4 years and she is still financially dependent on him? Why hasn't she gone back to work and resumed the life she had before Usher? The ex husband decides to take back his own house that he has been paying for and now he is the bad guy?

753 days ago


She should have been gone long time ago. Who sits back and mooches off their ex and expects for it to last forever. She is a mother and yes it's sad that she lost her son but he tired to postpone the court proceedings and she wanted to continue so that has nothing to do with this. He isn't required to take care of her he is only obligated to take care of his children and himself. Losing respect for Usher is dumb because him putting her out isn't bad at all she can work and provide for herself and should have been from day one. He isn't her father nor is she his wife and yes she is the mother of his children but she doesn't even have them anymore so she needs to move the hell on and get a life. I mean be for real 3 years rent free? Hell noo her ass would have been gone because he isn't her keeper. Sooo what if he has millions he worked hard for them millions and all she did was spend the money she didn't do **** to help him make it. People just kill me because they think just because you have a child by someone that it is their responsibility to take care of you for the rest of your life.. BULL****!!! Take care of the kids is all they have to do because they don't have to do **** for you. That isn't his wife anymore and he has the children he doesn't have to do **** for her. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

753 days ago


Usher, just give her the house, if she can pay the Taxes. God does not bless a mess. If the home is paid for give the house to her. You have plenty of money. She should have kept her stylist position. Always have your own Tameka.

753 days ago


Usher is really stooping to a new's a house for God sake, not like he doesn't have a couple of them..let her have it..if he wants her out of his life this would be the one way to do it..

752 days ago


Usher baby you got enough $$ to forget Tameka ever existed. Give her time to grieve her son, the loss of custody and find a way to make an honest living. Your anger is displaced. You knew she was a golddigger when you put a ring on it. Don't block your blessings by being bitter. Let it ride and you'll shine in the eyes of those who matter most, God and your sons!!

750 days ago

DeAndra Jordan    

thats messed up tameka needs to get a life

744 days ago

kurina thomas    

wat an ******* usher is, and thats a complete understatement! not only does this poor woman have 2 deal with the loss of her son, then loosing custody of her other 2 sons, she now has 2 go thru this bs on top of it! Damn she cant get a break..I understand that she has no income and cant afford the bills on her own, but dang wat ever happend 2 having a heart! being a mom myself i couldnt begain 2 fatham what she's going thru! being humiliated to the farthest degree by that douche bag,having 2 deal with the agonizing heartbreak of losing a child, and now the loss of her home ...i dont care if u dnt like this woman or not, any person with the smallest ounce of compassion can feel for her

727 days ago


Well I agree to most of these comment it looking like she was trying to get all of the usher has work so hard for because lately these female are marrying male an then divorce in then so that the court would order to hand over thing the man own to the woman and that is so an fair so he does the right thing

107 days ago
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