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Maria Shriver

Friends Call 'BULLSH*T'

on Arnold

10/1/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Arnold Schwarzenegger was lying through his gap teeth when he claimed Maria Shriver KNEW he was banging other women during their marriage ... this according to multiple sources connected to Maria.

Arnold fessed up to cheating on Maria multiple times during his interview with "60 Minutes" last night ... saying Maria knew about ALL of his trysts.

But one source close to Maria tells us ... "BULLSH*T" -- saying Maria never would have defended him against all of the groping claims several years ago had she known Arnold was stepping out. The source also says Maria would have ended the marriage had Arnold told her.

Another source tells TMZ ... Maria definitely suspected Arnold was screwing around behind her back ... but it was never discussed until she confronted him about his love child with the maid.

But we're told Maria was really in love with Arnold during their marriage ... and was truly crushed when she learned of his betrayal.


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I hope his book doesn't sell & Maria produces her own "Tell all"...which would fly off the shelf..."50 Ways of Deception"...."My Maid, My Husbands Child & His Lies"..."Govenhater & the Cook"...

751 days ago


He had the balls to say that his marriage and family were the most important thing to him, LYING NARCISSIST cuz the only thing important to him is Arrrnuld. He always made the effort to take care of body & his organ. Maria & the family never came near to gettin even 2% of the attention showered on his own desires.

751 days ago


Kennedy women haven't a clue... they were only taught the value of the dollar... so when they wed, its for the money, thinking now life is complete. Love=$$$. One day reality might pop their bubble. Boo hoo

751 days ago


Arnold is just a phony politician anything that comes out of his lips is an automatic lie.

751 days ago

larry fine    

The only thing that would interest me about Arnold would be if he came out of the closet.

751 days ago


omg this is like trying to steal the spoiled soup. wow, and this was our governor? this was a woman triumphing her "place" in women's history?? as a leader? omg. talk about throwing away your lives in a split second, arnold should have just let it die

751 days ago


Wow!! Arnold just made number 1 on my creepy entertainer list. Beat out Jay Leno by a mile.

751 days ago


Your telling me a Kennedy LIbby Clone cant tell when its spouse is cheating? The Kennedy KLan practically invented the orgy and the "shamed wife" just ask Jackie O, well, u cant, she died but you get the picture. The Kennedy Klan media blitz is on in full force showing the public a noble wife and a evil hubby, bullcaca. The Kennedys have murdered, raped and robbed their way to the top fo the liberal s*** heap and any one of the Klan that tries this innocent routine should be taken out in public and put in stocks for the town to laugh at for having such gaul and arrogance as to think everyone is as dumb as the libbytard has tried to make the public with the libbytard trained union teacher thug and its right not to actually teach anything usefull in real life. Shriver is a bull**** artist from a family of bootlegging and robbing bull**** artists

751 days ago


This guy is a real piece of crap. I bet if someone hired a good competent Private Detective there would a whole different story. Arny is a typical Republican! I can't think of a bigger insult than that! lol

751 days ago


Arnold is an ugly man with zero class and no morality!! He never respected Maria or their kids!! Hopefully his attempt at a come back will fail!! Karma is a great thing and it will get him sooner than later!

751 days ago


BS she's a Kennedy and if anyone was conditioned to know and understand what cheaters were all about it would be a Kennedy. You would think it was almost expected in the circles these people run in. Most women KNOW when their men are cheating it's admit it to themselves that's the hard part.

751 days ago


Of course he is lying! I don't think he realizes what he has done with that smile on his face during the interview...Such a PIG!!!!! Go away s***bag!

751 days ago


I[ve heard enough from the "Human Robot" and the "Lady Lizard" - please stop reporting on them -

751 days ago


Maria Shriver new Arnold was cheating on her during the marriage, she use to hint about it in cryptic language during interviews, like ten years ago.

751 days ago

buzz kill    

Now she has some idea as to how the Kennedy's woman must feel. (the ones that survived)

751 days ago
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