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Maria Shriver

Friends Call 'BULLSH*T'

on Arnold

10/1/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Arnold Schwarzenegger was lying through his gap teeth when he claimed Maria Shriver KNEW he was banging other women during their marriage ... this according to multiple sources connected to Maria.

Arnold fessed up to cheating on Maria multiple times during his interview with "60 Minutes" last night ... saying Maria knew about ALL of his trysts.

But one source close to Maria tells us ... "BULLSH*T" -- saying Maria never would have defended him against all of the groping claims several years ago had she known Arnold was stepping out. The source also says Maria would have ended the marriage had Arnold told her.

Another source tells TMZ ... Maria definitely suspected Arnold was screwing around behind her back ... but it was never discussed until she confronted him about his love child with the maid.

But we're told Maria was really in love with Arnold during their marriage ... and was truly crushed when she learned of his betrayal.


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This guy is a piece of work. He should be deported stat!

751 days ago


What the heck? Clinton was cheating Hillary her whole live, as Governor , as President...and Hillary just kept her mouth closed, BECAUSE she knew that she needs Bill to push her own career.
Maria has de facto NO career, all the more in comparison to Arnold. She doesn't keep her mouth closed, because THAT is the ONLY way for her to get attention. Bottom line, Clinton was a good President, Arnold did what he did excellent, all the rest is just private stuff...

751 days ago


Leave Arnold be he is trying to go forward and make up what he can

751 days ago


Sorry TMZ but your "Source" is probably wrong . Even if he didn't tell her a woman knows . Some woman put their heads "under the rug " ... some want to forgive anf try to move on .... Maria is of that generation that she wanted it to work . AND if you had done more research on Maria you would know that she has said this in interviews . Bad "source" TMZ .

751 days ago


The Kennedy women know their men cheat and are fine with it, so he chose the right wife. Mria either knew and didn't care or she's a complete idiot. Your choice.

751 days ago


He's been a politician for a few years now so lying isnt new. And it's about marriage to a Kennedy. DTM!!!

751 days ago

Big Boy Pants    

Tell-All Book = Lying POS

751 days ago


Now everyone can see what a reprehensible piece of sh*t "ze governator" is. Not only is he a philanderer, but now he's claiming he had carte blanche from his wife to fool around, further humiliating her. Just like all the attention whores in hollywood, it's all about him. What an assh*le...

751 days ago


He's a douche. He's almost admitting that he had multiple affairs during this marriage and Maria Shriver knew. I believe she may have suspected but knowing, who knows?

No matter what, he has cheated on his wife, had a baby with someone while he was married and while his wife was pregnant, and just is coming across as a major a--hole. He's selfish and has no regard for the woman he married and helped him get into office or his children.

751 days ago


he is so full of crap. They kept this under wraps because he was running for governor. So it was a total cover-up. Amazingly all this comes out AFTER HE'S OUT OF OFFICE. And nothing could touch him politically.

His book is not going to be flyng off the shelves. This is just a publicity stunt to make him look better.

This just prooves how selfish and arrogent he really is and only cares about himself. All about is ego.

751 days ago


Your a dumb denial twit, if you marry someone famous and think they won't cheat.

751 days ago


Watching this interview I was speechless. Why would he do this to his children and further embarrass Maria the way he did? Is his ego so huge that he doesn't realize that he is only going to hurt them again? I also loved the way he called what he did "an inability to tell the truth"...on this planet we call it LYING.

751 days ago


Maria Shriver is fugly.

751 days ago


What a jerk. Does he really need money so badly that he has to air all his dirty laundry in a book? And put words in his ex-wife's mouth? He should just STFU.

751 days ago


His inability to tell the truth are the traits of an actor and or politician -- yet he was terrible at both.. So it only leaves sociopath.

751 days ago
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