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Maria Shriver

Friends Call 'BULLSH*T'

on Arnold

10/1/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Arnold Schwarzenegger was lying through his gap teeth when he claimed Maria Shriver KNEW he was banging other women during their marriage ... this according to multiple sources connected to Maria.

Arnold fessed up to cheating on Maria multiple times during his interview with "60 Minutes" last night ... saying Maria knew about ALL of his trysts.

But one source close to Maria tells us ... "BULLSH*T" -- saying Maria never would have defended him against all of the groping claims several years ago had she known Arnold was stepping out. The source also says Maria would have ended the marriage had Arnold told her.

Another source tells TMZ ... Maria definitely suspected Arnold was screwing around behind her back ... but it was never discussed until she confronted him about his love child with the maid.

But we're told Maria was really in love with Arnold during their marriage ... and was truly crushed when she learned of his betrayal.


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Does any of this matter???? We get it: Arnold is an ass and Maria is a saint for putting up with him. Whatever. Take your indignation and your sermons and sell them to someone who gives a **it. It's none of anyone's business except the parties involved.

664 days ago


Thats too funny. Someone from the Kennedy camp calling someone else a liar.


Sorry Maria but you heard the rumors, saw the signs and were not putting out so what did you expect?


This marriage was more about each of them using each others fame for their own goals. Maria was embarrassed about the housekeeper and how the affair showed the world that Maria was a cold fish.


Neither Maria nor Arnold are angels but for Maria to play this pity party game just shows how shallow she realy is.

664 days ago


I'm not up on psychiatry but I watched that interview last night and Arnold most certainly has some type of mental illness or deficit or syndrome or something because he's off his rocker. Creepy.

664 days ago


Maria was just a spoiled & horny brat who wanted to be the envy of everyone by marrying the best and most famous body builder on the planet. She knew right from the beginning who Arnold was and how many women he already had. EVERYBODY knew it!
It was a kind of adventure for her, but she had to pay the price. She should be thankful that Arnold decided to merry that dumpling girl instead of any of super hot chicks who adored him at that time.

Poor Arnold had to price the price too: there was NO WAY that Maria could substitute all the women Arnold could have. Arnold probably did the best he could, BUT at some time, his balls must have been as big as basketballs.

Arnold should have given her the boot long time ago...

663 days ago


He should title the book, "How to cheat on your wife and convice her that you're loyal for 25 years". Unfortunately, it would fly off the shelves.

663 days ago


I think it is quite apparent that maria DID KNOW about Arnold's "wanderings"... and I think she was "down with it"... she IS a KENNEDY afterall... as long as he didn't get "caught"... and publically embarrass her all was well (or so it seemed)... but the minute the "love child" stepped into the light" she became the "wife wronged"... HARDLY... unless she's deaf dumb and blind she HAD to have known... and I think she did... IF she suspected but NEVER ASKED... then she KNEW... and that is her defense...

Don't get me wrong... what HE DID was wrong on so many levels... but I have a hard time believing that Maria was TOTALLY IN THE DARK...

And as far as Maria "ending their marriage" HAD he told her... interestingly enough... they ARE still LEGALLY MARRIED...

She's just carrying on the family tradition...

663 days ago

Toasty J    

Maria is either lying or she is the dumbest person on earth. Everyone knows that Arnold was banging everything that walks while they were married.

663 days ago


Come on TMZ, give it a rest. Your smear campaign against Arnold is just a little too much to just be reporting on celebrity news. I'm not the biggest Arnold fan either, but good grief, are the Kennedy's paying you?

663 days ago


It doesn't surprise me. He convinces himself she must know in order to continue doing it, taking her lack of reaction as acquiescence.

663 days ago


Arnold is an a hole. All those women who came forward when he was running for Governor and said he groped them were telling the truth. Maria did not believe it. Arnold did not tell Maria until the last minute that he was running for Governor, did not tell her until the last minute he was having open heart surgery either. She should have kicked his azz to the curb long ago. She will be better off without his butt. He has no concern for his children or he wouldn't have written this book. He is a complete jerk, abuses women i.e., the maid who worked in his house and could give a rats behind about his kids. I hope no one watches his movies and he drops over.

663 days ago


Some married people with gargantuan egos think they DESERVE women on the side, because they are just so special. He can do it, but without his faithful and longstanding wife and best friend. A fool gets wise too late.

663 days ago


Some married people with gargantuan egos think they DESERVE women on the side, because they are just so special. He can do it, but without his faithful and longstanding wife and best friend. A fool gets wise too late.
up alone.

663 days ago


I never did care for Arnold. Always something "off" about him, now I know what that was. He has made statements going back to the 70's about women and his lack of respect for them. This should come as no surprise.
I think that Maria may have suspected some things but it was never confirmed. And he probably convinced her to believe him rather than her own gut instinct. I like Maria Shriver. I thought she would be one of the one's to escape the Kennedy infidelity curse, but I guess not. I think it's sad that entire generations of Kennedy's think that it's okay to have affairs, mistresses and illegitimate children and that you should have to put up with that. I thought she was a stronger woman than that. I guess being in love does strange things to people and they let people treat them like trash just because they are married to them.

663 days ago


I don't understand why she would even go out with this pig in the first place. She was certainly not desperate. He is an arrogant, selfish piece of crap. He was screwing anyone who would put out, and taking those germs back to her. He is disgusting. He could have given her AIDS doing that, or a number of sexually-transmitted diseases, not to mention basic decency, respect and loyalty. There is nothing to like about this guy/pig. Rot in hell Ah-nold.

663 days ago


Arnold, you are positively disgusting. You have no regard for your children by letting the world know of all the women you've had. By writing this book, you certainly showed the world just how are conceited & smug you really are.

663 days ago
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