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Brittany Kerr

Shuts Down Twitter Page

'Whore, Skank, Tramp'

10/1/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_jason_aldean_kissing_launchFormer "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online -- calling her everything from a "skank" to a "homewrecking whore."

The cyber-hate came flooding in after TMZ posted the pics of Aldean -- a huge country singer who happens to be MARRIED -- putting the moves on Kerr at a crowded bar on the Sunset Strip.

Sources connected to Kerr tell us ... she had NO IDEA Aldean was married ... and if she would have known, she would have shut the whole thing down from the start.

Even though Kerr didn't go home with Aldean, people attacked her online ... writing terrible things on her Facebook page including:

"Disgusting homewrecking tramp!"

"what is wrong with you taking advantage of a married man while he was drinking."

"everyone thinks ur a slut!"

For the record, people have ripped Aldean on his Facebook page too. He has since apologized, chalking the whole thing up to a bad drunken decision.

We reached out to Kerr -- so far, no comment.


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All of those people bashing Brittany...remember, it takes two to tango

718 days ago


Ofc she knew he was married...isn't she in show biz? and even if she didn't know...doesn't that douchebag has a wedding ring on his finger? Also is she a slut to kiss a random guy in the club?She should apologize to the wife and shut up. And Jason again fark ya douche.

718 days ago

small asian penis    

I'm sorry, I don't know who he is, so I would have no idea if he were married, unless he had a ring on. And I don't care if he was drinking absinth, who gets drunk and smooches with other chicks. Blaming alcohol for "cheating" is reserved for high school students. Then his redneck fans putting her on blast, oh please, that's pathetic. I still don't know who she is either...

718 days ago


Whatever, Mr. Aldean!!!

Anyone who's EVER been drunk KNOWS that you're still in control when you've had too much. The only thing that changes is your courage; they call it liquid courage, hello?!

I feel bad for her if she really didn't know. Women ALWAYS get the blame when a guy cheats. Lame.

718 days ago

Pepsi Chick    

ok, he is an ass and will have to answer to his wife for this, but this girl here needs to accept a small part in this, too. she didn't know he was married?? who makes out with a person without knowing at least a little about that person?? it didn't occur to her to ask before she let him put his tongue down her throat and touch her all over?? hopefully this is lesson for her and she doesn't cozy up to strange men like this again or it could turn out a lot worse for her next time, as in stds or they are a psycho or something.

718 days ago


There is NO way she took advantage of him. If he was drunk that's his own fault and no one elses. He's a grown man and he knows judgement goes out the window when you drink. Like another poster said, No one forgets a wife and 2 kids because they are drunk. They just weren't as important to him as a booty call.

718 days ago


Sounds like a world class ********. Alcohol just reveals your true intentions. Doubt its the first time this douchebag has cheated also. Hes a boy plain and simple, men respect their wives and wear their wedding rings. **** this guy.

718 days ago

Your Mom    

Not her fault if she didn't know he was married. His own stupid fault. Maybe he needs to go read Arnold's book. Hopefully his wife will leave his cheating @$$. Can't be his first time. On another note, who are these people? I've watched AI for years but I don't remember her. Guess she wasn't that great.

718 days ago


there needs to be a both button. Just like in the Kristen Stewart cast... it takes 2 to tango.

718 days ago


Pretty unfair...according to the article she didn't know he was married....he was totally in the wrong on this one especially if she didn't know. He took vows and not only took a huge sh*t all over his own vows, he was deceptive with this woman also... and yet although he is clearly very much in the wrong, she is the one who gets harassed online?

I find people online can sometimes be crazy..many of them are often so furious with people they have never always makes you wonder if these people are working with a full deck. Often I don't think they are...I find it disturbing how often people that attack in groups are WAY too emotionally invested in the people/situations they are baffles the mind that people stress out over people they don't know, or situations that do not affect them. And as we all know, the part of the brain that produces rational thought and logic seems defunct in people that are too emotionally invested in something....which often makes them look like a half-wit at best. It's just so silly when people attack in groups like that, I hope the woman is ok, she will just have to realize that many of the people who attack in groups online are just pitiful wing-nuts with too much time on their hands.

718 days ago


The people who think that Aldean is a victim here are clearly the product of too much inbreeding.

718 days ago


This is what wedding rings are for.

718 days ago


If anyone should be called a whore is the guy!

718 days ago


Where's his Wedding ring???? He knew he was doing something shady... He's ware's it on stage, in promotional photos... Not in a bar, out with friends??

718 days ago


will he be the next celebrity to go to rehab for sex addiction....stay tuned

718 days ago
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