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'Cops' Sued by Ex-Employee

You Fired Me 'Cause

I'm No Spring Chicken

10/1/2012 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928-john-langley-cops-gettyThe producers behind "Cops"are being sued by a bitter ex-employee ... who claims he was fired for being TOO OLD ... after 22 years of faithful service. 

Steven W. Kiger filed a lawsuit against John Langley's production company ... claiming he worked on the hit TV show for two decades, working his way up to Associate Producer and a $95k-a-year salary, but was unfairly canned in 2010.

In the suit, Kiger believes he was axed because he was over 40 and the show was "purposely ridding itself of older workers" so they could bring in much younger guys.

As proof, he claims an email was sent around by an executive on the show stating, "We look for guys who are hungry, who will work for less $$$."

Kiger is suing for unspecified damages resulting from loss of earnings, emotional distress, anxiety, worry and humiliation.

Calls to Langley have not been returned.

A judge has yet to rule.


No Avatar


Maybe this guy was not producing and John Langly thought the show would make more money bringing in people that are hungry to work and will do it for less than hundred grand a year nothing wrong with that it is just busniss.

716 days ago


Query started:
Attempting to give a flying f**K
Result: FAIL

716 days ago


Very common in the workplace these days. Various class action law suits have been won by the dismissed White males.

716 days ago


What he says is probably true. It doesn't pay to stay with one company for your career anymore. All they care about is profits. If you have been there a while, you probably make more money than a new hire, and all big corporations care about is profits and greed. Sadly, it's the American way and is present in every industry. There is no respect for loyalty anymore, just profits. The part of this article that I don't understand, is that he was an associate producer. I suspect it's really a fancy title for something else, because anybody that's been a producer of any show for so many years would be making more than 95k a year. And I wish I made half of that. I always thought producers were the people that financed a show. I guess I must be wrong.

716 days ago

Spicy mag    

Maybe he will lose the case, beat his wife in a drunken haze, and run out on his lawn naked on a future episode of the show he used to associate produce.

716 days ago


He was good enough for 22 years. They should have had his back, considering, imo.

716 days ago


He looks old to me. Get a job packing bags at Costco.

716 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

This same thing happened to someone I know. He worked for a company for years, then they made an excuse to fire him and did the same to many other of the older workers. They started hiring younger people and expected them to have a special degree and training--then they don't even pay them enough to pay off their student loans...

716 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha going to do when they come for you and the producer cans you. Bad boys, bad boys.
Phishie from Philly

716 days ago


Sounds liie the production company are bad boys, bad boys!

716 days ago


It *is* because of his age, but not for the reason he thinks. They just cut $95,000 out of their budget.

716 days ago


Sadly, experience and loyalty count for nothing in today's workplaces. They'd rather hire stupid kids who play with Facebook on their phones all day instead.

716 days ago


Age discrimination in the workplace has been ongoing since the 1960...'s. A federal law was passed to prevent the problem, but there was a loophole. When there is a group layoff and the majority are employees over 40, there HAS to be an approx. 20% of under 40 employees within the group to be legal so the company cannot be sued. Mr. Kiger will have a difficult time PROVING he was terminated due to his age. If his employer has a history of terminating over employees only, he stands a chance to win his case. I know a company that terminated 4 people in their late 50's and 1 in their early 20's all on the same day. the employer offered each of the elderly severance pay and 1 month extended medical benefits if they wouldn't sue. Employer's fire and layoff the elderly so they can replace them with lower paying younger employees for budget reasons. It's a racket. Employer's should askk the elderly if they would take a pay cut rather than toss them out the door.

716 days ago


I sure hope he's got a copy of that e-mail. If he does, he's got them by the short hairs.............and I hope he rips em out one by one.
WELL-over 40

716 days ago


One of the former original COPS guys lives on the beach in Manhattan Beach CA, and this guy works for them for 20 years and isn't even at 6 figures? sheesh

716 days ago
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