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Rapper Says He

Wants to KILL 50 Cent

10/1/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

says he absolutely DID NOT fire a gun at the BET Awards ... but claims he DID beat up a member of 50 Cent's entourage ... and says he wants to "kill" everyone in the G-Unit crew. 

Gunplay -- a rapper who's signed to Def Jam -- just called in to TMZ Live to talk about the madness at the BET Awards in Atlanta on Saturday ... where multiple fights broke out behind the scenes.

Gunplay tells us ... he "had to fight off five dudes" who he believes were members of 50 Cent's camp.

Gunplay says things got violent with 50's group because, "I never liked them and always wanted to kick his ass ... and I finally got the opportunity."

The rapper says 50 Cent WAS involved in the action ... but was "hiding behind security." Gunplay says he was trying to "break his f*ckin' neck."

Gunplay says he did manage to beat down one of the guys in 50's entourage -- "kicked one of their fat-asses ... kicked them off in the dirt." Gunplay says cops then rushed in and sprayed him with mase.

Gunplay -- who's friends with Rick Ross -- says his fight had nothing to do with Rick's altercation with Young Jeezy's crew at the BET Awards ... but explains, "We just goin' at it with everybody ... let's go kill 'em all."

Doesn't sound like he was joking ... Gunplay told us, "If you're playin' with me, you're playin' with fire ... might get gunned down, ya never know."


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what a sick twisted f$uck. How embarrassing he is. Where did this nut case come from?

"Havey".. what was the beef about"? "GunPlay".. ahaa.ahaww, just happen, one of those things:.. dum ass.

754 days ago

Jay Markowitz    

What he meant to say is the he 'beat off' five guys at the BET awards.

Then, later at home, he 'beat off' an additional 20 dudes.

Gunplay likes to play with 'guns'.

754 days ago


Does he even know how crazy 50 is? 50 would kick his ass any day of the week

754 days ago


LMFAO!! . . . "Gunplay" !!!! LMAO!! Most of these rap guys are such idiotic, cliches . . . desperately TRYING to ACT tough with the cheesy names / etc! Grow the hell up geez!

754 days ago


What a stupidly ridiculous name. Goes right along with his whole attitude.

754 days ago


Never did like rap music. Not because of the color of the "artist's" skin, just the fact that it is a criminal enterprise wrapped up in a legitimate profession. These "rappers" are not artists. For example: Def Jam. It was started by a criminal to cover up criminal activity. They had to look legitimate so they all wouldn't do serious time. It's been done before, like by the mob. But these thugs took it to a whole other level of thuggery.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if they ran drugs, laundered money, ran prostitution rings, and did contract killings on the side.
I don't know what to say about the "brawl" at the BET awards. I think it's a shame because there was innocent people there and they could have gotten hurt or killed if a thug war actually did break out. If you want to settle scores or just start fights because you don't like a person, an awards show is NOT the place to do that.

754 days ago


Just kill yourself and save us from having to see your stupid a$$ on here!!

754 days ago


All the Hype because their ALBUM is dropping soon.

754 days ago


"sprayed him with mase" mase,,,really? boy that must have hurt.

754 days ago


f. every single rapper who celebrates violence, hoes and bitches, luxury cars, jewelry, the raping of the english language and big stinky butts. the ability to make vulgarities rhyme is not a talent unless the individual is in the 3rd grade. they do not contribute to the advancement of humanity. they are poorly educated nitwits who think the louder they say something, the truer it becomes. and yet there remains a massive contingent of society that idolizes these violent, poorly educated criminals and dance to their "music" "in da club".

f-ing sickening. they remain some of the greatest idiots in the history of humanity. STOP CELEBRATING IDIOCY PEOPLE!!!

754 days ago


Wow. Idiot of the year. Now if someone ends up dead, guess who suspect #1 is.

754 days ago


Morons. You need to fix the drug addiction in the black culture, because them ho's don't know how to raise their sons to be real men.

754 days ago

Tracy Lalonde    

NOT the sharpest tool in the shed! Lol! I thought those rap wars were in the 90s?

754 days ago


I think it's wonderful hoe these guys do all they can to be good upstanding representatives of their race. Yep they sure do project a positive image. I am amazed that the black community doesn't disown these stupid a$$ thugs.

754 days ago


I remember this hamster got knocked out and robbed in Miami a few years ago...its probably still on youtube...YEAAAAA BOYEEEEEEE!!!!!

754 days ago
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