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Honey Boo Boo

Experiments with Coke

10/1/2012 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Honey Boo Boo overcame a real bad coke problem this weekend -- barely surviving a special taste test at the Coca-Cola factory in Atlanta ... that nearly made her puke her brains out.

7-year-old Alana "HBB" Thompson visited the Coke factory with her family yesterday, and while she was there ... an employee suggested they all try a special flavor from Italy called "Beverly." Big mistake.

"Beverly" has a famously bitter aftertaste due to its quinine content -- the same ingredient as tonic water -- and Boo Boo did NOT like it one bit, nearly upchucking all over the Coke factory floor.

Honey Boo Boo's mom June tried Beverly too -- and said it tasted like "ear wax."

The salad factory full of healthy snacks and exercise must've been closed.


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I don't get why people have a need to hate this family. Sure if it was the kartrashians.

714 days ago


Why do you call this family dysfunctional? They function just fine. There is a man who lives with this family and has supported them for over 10 years. The mother takes care of the home and the four daughters, and contributes to her community, helping those less fortunate than they are. They sure function better than most of Hollywood.

Why shouldn't they tour they coke factory? It is a major Atlanta landmark and company, and everybody tours the coca-cola factory. School kids tour it. Tourists tour it. Locals tour it. I don't think there's a salad factory to tour available. You don't need to slam them for doing what everybody else does. Touring factories is an educational, interesting activity. My children toured all kinds of places in school, bread factories, dairies, etc... Touring the place doesn't mean they drank it dry. They also make Diet Coke, just for your information, and other non-caloric drinks, since you think you need to police their activities. TLC, The Learning Cnannel, sets up these activities for the family to go on for the show, thinking it would interest the public to see them go there. Lighten up.

714 days ago


Drink Sprite it's better than Coke

714 days ago

White boy    

Honey boo boo should have tried the real coke

714 days ago


Sugar Bear and Momma June are laughing all the way to the bank with their dysfunction.

714 days ago


Why Don't her Trailer Trash Mom give her enough coke to OD Must be a slow news day

714 days ago


Good--they deserved a raise.

714 days ago


That little girl will have a heart attack at 10 years old if they don't change her eating habits..I don't see why this show is rated so high.

714 days ago


Just what this family needs Sugar and taste testing at the Coke plant.
Why was this funny to watch a obese women and a severly overweght child drinking coke.
TLC use to care about there reputation and about the shows they put on the air.. Instead of showing this child why not put back on TRAMA LIFE IN THE ER? OR, something that can teach or educate someone.
I do not see ONE thing that this family does that is worthy of promoting them on cable TV..
Basically TLC is re-warding them for shoving there kids with junk food,soda, and even road kill..Is this show about how to send your kids to a early grave?

714 days ago


stop posting stories about her TMZ, you're just encouraging her and her terrible mother. stop giving them the time of day and they will go away for everyone's sake. they don't deserve any more publicity and attention.

714 days ago


Another suggestive title involving a 7 yr old child? Are you all perverts and molesters? Child protective services should investigate TMZ and its writers.

714 days ago


I had the Italian Coke in Vegas.....Didn't throw up, but it is terrible

714 days ago


The family takes all the money earned from tv and puts it in trust funds for the four daughters. They continue to live off of the salary that Alana's father earns working in the kaolin mines. He has supported this family for ten years, so that June can stay home with the children. TLC offered to buy them a new, better house, but June said she didn't want to move, because every Christmas she decorates really big for the community in that location. She coupons and gives a lot of the stuff she gets from couponing to the poor in her community. Frequently, it is the "least of these" who contributes the most to others.

714 days ago


Knowing how many people will simply read a headline or see it pop up in a feed, deem it the truth & run with it, you guys are real crappy for the way you're playing fun with words on a LITTLE KID - no matter what, she's still a child.

714 days ago


Keep on hatin everyone. It just fuels the fire. If you don't like this stuff, don't watch or comment. Easy solution.

714 days ago
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