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Country Star Jason Aldean

Hot and Heavy w/ 'A.I.'

Chick ... Who's NOT His Wife

10/1/2012 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_jason_aldean_kissing_launchCountry music superstar Jason Aldean got up close and personal with a former "A.I" contestant ... right in the open at a very public bar on the Sunset Strip. There's just one problem ... he's married to another woman. 

TMZ obtained photos of Jason and Season 11 "A.I" contender Brittany Kerr taken on the crowded bar patio area at The Den on Wednesday night -- frequented by locals and tourists always on the hunt for celebrities.

In the photos Aldean and Kerr get very flirty ... hugging, touching each other and at one point it appears Aldean goes in for a kiss.

Aldean --- who performed this weekend in So Cal -- eventually left the bar in a cab without Brittany.

Here's the rub, Aldean is married to his high school sweetheart, Jessica Ussery, who he tied the knot with back in 2001 and they have 2 kids together. 

We reached out to Aldean for comment several times but have not heard back. No comment from Kerr either.

Jason Aldean

'American Idol' Chick

Was A Drunken Mistake

0930_jason_aldean_npg_articleCountry music superstar Jason Aldean says his very open public display of affection with a former "American Idol" contestant -- who is NOT his wife -- was a huge, drunken mistake.

Jason released a statement today, apologizing for his indiscretion, after TMZ posted pictures early this morning of the country singer and "A.I." castoff Brittany Kerr getting up close and personal -- hugging, touching, and flirting at a very popular, crowded bar on the Sunset Strip (above).

Jason -- who has been married since 2001 -- says, "The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar."

He says, "I ultimately ended up embarrassing my family and myself." And then adds, "I left alone and that's the end of the story."



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tammy woodard    

I think it is sad that people have to stick their noses where they don't belong and mind other people's business just because they are popular

752 days ago

Charles Martin    

Looks like he's about to let the big green tractor out !

752 days ago


Well I wonder what the public will say about this entertainer????? Will he get the same treatment as Kristin Stewart - lets see what will this hard D - C K be called? Oh yea but Kristin Stewart wasn't even married like Mr. Aldean is!!!!!

752 days ago


What a pig and a total dog we put animals like that out to pasture

752 days ago


So you can be as inappropriate as you want, but as long as you "leave alone" none of it matters?! What a bunch of crap.

752 days ago

kathy johnson    

tmz would be better to stop with their nonsense and try to create problems, it is none of their business in the first place, that is between him and his wife, Harvey has really gone downhill since he left peoples court and went to tmz, used to respect that man , after watching the show and reading their articles, lost any respect I had for him and his reporters. Like last week them going on about lady gagas weight, is it any wonder there is anorexia
I like Jason Aldean, and if he owes any apologies to anyone , it is his wife, drop it TMZ and tend to your own perfect lives

752 days ago


I was actually wondering about this last week when I was reading people. She's at home with the girls, and he's on the road with loads of temptations and unlimited beer. Once a cheater always a cheater, and I highly doubt this was the first time. Pictures don't lie...

752 days ago


Boys will be boys.... the tender trap is irresistable

752 days ago

Dave Van R    

Why do people read into a situation more that it is without knowing any facts

752 days ago


Don't drink if you can't handle it first of all. Secondly, the girl in the picture, a big no, no! I am almost sure she knows he is married! walk away!! plenty of single guys out there!

752 days ago


geez was just a kiss.......let it go..............and get a life

752 days ago

Meg Hager    

Sorry I hate cheaters. Cheaters really steal other people's time. I was married to one for fifteen years so he stole my youth. Don't worry I got even.

752 days ago


i think he was trying to get his dog and gunrack back!

752 days ago


he was trying to get his dog and gunrack back!

752 days ago


doesn't anyone care about the poor wife that has to look at this? This is NOT a one time deal...too familiar with each other and too intimate..get ready for that divorce, dude..and you deserve what you get...

752 days ago
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