'Joe Millionaire' I Crushed More Ass BEFORE I Got Famous

10/1/2012 5:35 PM PDT

Money and fame doesn't always lead to bangin' more chicks ... at least according to "Joe Millionaire" Evan Marriott ... who tells TMZ he used to get laid more frequently BEFORE he became a celebrity.

The former reality TV superstar -- now 38-years-old -- was leaving LAX last night when he told us he's back in the construction biz ... and still on the hunt for a Mrs. Millionaire.

Evan says the show had a massive impact on his life (he reportedly made somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5 million from projects related to the "Millionaire") ... but says the experience definitely had a negative affect on his booty intake.

As for Zora -- the girl Evan picked to split the show's million-dollar prize -- he says he hasn't spoken to her in YEARS.

Fun fact: the show's runner-up Sarah Kozer did a weird bondage video with Joanna Krupa back in 2003.