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'Steel Magnolias' Producer

Lifetime Remake


10/1/2012 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_steel_magnolias_lifetimeThe woman who produced the disgustingly sappy tearjerker, "Steel Magnolias" is suing over the upcoming Lifetime TV remake of the film -- claiming she's not getting the credit or the cash she deserves.

Victoria L. White -- executive producer of the 1989 film starring Julia Roberts, Dolly Parton, and Shirley MacLaine -- filed suit today against Sony Pictures and Lifetime Television ... producers of the new TV movie starring Queen Latifah and Phylicia Rashad.

In the documents, White claims she has a "Television agreement" that entitles her to a co-producer or co-executive producer credit on any TV project based on her hit film.

According to the suit, White also says she's entitled to some cash for the Lifetime remake -- including a $15,000 fee, plus up to 3.75% of net profits from the movie.

White further alleges Sony is fully aware of her TV deal ... because it gave her a co-producer credit and compensation the first time this happened. For those who don't remember (as in all of us), there was already a 1992 CBS TV movie based on "Steel Magnolias."

White is suing for compensation on the Lifetime remake -- and she wants an injunction to stop the film from airing ... unless she gets her on-screen credit. The movie is scheduled to air Oct. 7.

Here's what we can't figure ... why is this movie still being remade?

23-year spoiler alert: the chick with diabetes dies.


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We can do without some of that editorializing. Sheesh.
It was a VERY popular movie about some strong and unique women.
Of course this woman should make money off of it - you wouldn't have asked if she was a he.
Simply your misogynistic introduction says enough about you.
Back off buddy.

718 days ago


it wasn't a 1992 TV movie, it was a 1990 pilot based on the movie. The series wasn't picked up, but they aired the pilot.

718 days ago


Executive producer = person who does nothing, takes credit for everything and tells everyone about how they made a movie.

718 days ago


I hope this movie doesn't again project that you'll kill your kidneys from gestational diabetes. With proper blood glucose control...that doesn't happen anymore.

718 days ago


i think they should pay her her royalities because this is a good tear jerker, and not another reality show. the movie was a hit then and i think it will be a success now on lifetime. thanks for bring it back. you got vegas, dallas a lot of other oldies returning, so koodles to all of her the money

718 days ago


So who cares if the first movie had all white women.Why be like that. Give these women some respect. It only a movie. I'm white by the way. I rather watch them than Honey Boo Boo. I sure they have a lot more class than that family.

718 days ago


What, the white version wasent good enough?

718 days ago


Relax, Victoria. No one is going to watch this anyway.

718 days ago


What gets me is that if they remade some all black movie into one that had an all white cast the blacks would be screaming racism. It's okay to have things that are all only for black people(united negro college fund) yet they sue when something is for white people(like white country clubs) The blacks are more racist than white people are.

718 days ago


The original movie wasn't about White woman, but women with issues.

718 days ago


Lifetime must have lost their minds. First, the revolting Blohan as Elizabeth Taylor and now this. Circling the drain, guys. Go back to women in peril films; at least those had an audience. Remakes of theater films and biographies of idols are definitely not your thing and get a clue, neither is casting.

718 days ago


Thank you MSSULIM. Its too bad in 2012 people must downgrade everything by the color of skin. The movie was about a group of women who loved, cared, and supported each other as only true friends & family can. And it is desperately sad that haters think only white actresses can play these roles. Seriously, stop the bigotry. Its time.

718 days ago


Hey you ****ing pricks, spoiler alert, your pricks!

718 days ago


Why are they remaking this movie?! Because it's the best movie ever. I wouldn't touch it though...there's no way you could even come close to the original performances.

718 days ago


It kinda pisses me off. We are not to be offended by this, there was nothing wrong with the original movie yet it has to be remade with an all black cast... I'm sorry but people would be offended if we remade Waiting to Exhale with an all white cast.

717 days ago
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