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AJ McLean to Cop:

Please Don't Bust Me ...

I'm a Backstreet Boy!!!

10/2/2012 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean came face-to-face with the long arm of the law early this morning ... and even though he didn't say it specifically, he TOTALLY tried to play the celebrity card to get out of a ticket. 

McLean was pulled over in Hollywood around 1 AM when the LAPD noticed a problem with his license plates.

Once the boybander got out of the car, the plea for mercy was on ... with McLean explaining how he just wrapped up a concert tour ... and simply didn't realize there was a problem.

During the stop, McLean brings up the tour several times ... making sure the cop knew how big of a star he is.

Unfortunately, the officer seemed to be more of a New Kids on the Block fan ... and at one point, McLean says, "We actually just got off tour with them."

So how did it end? Turns out, McLean's registration was fine -- but the cop issued AJ a citation for not having the proper proof of insurance.

It's unclear if McLean will have to fork over any cash for the infraction -- but he can probably afford it with all the money he makes on tour ... right?


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Kim -L.A. West    

Awww… AJ's a great guy! Recently Backstreet did finish their long, global tour with New Kids on the Block. And yes, he does tend to talk a lot. Bet next time he is carrying proof of insurance. Can't you see how nice he is in my profile pic here? :)

719 days ago


They should have tasered him.

719 days ago


AJ cleared it up this story here:

719 days ago

South Beach    

Most face time this guy has had in years.

It's for non registration, jez what a whiner.

719 days ago


Lacking "proof of insurance" isn't as bad as that seems. In most states, the cops can tell that you have insurance simply by the fact that your license hasn't been suspended (plus in some states, all that info is in their computer). In my experience, and stories I've heard elsewhere, it's usually just a warning citation. Bring it and your proof to any police station or clerk of the court and they'll dismiss it.

719 days ago


I'm attracted to this story. What's going on with PoliceChat .com and can this site help?

719 days ago


Is he the boy who went public with his drug problem on network television several years ago? He repped 1980's young persons who've turned their life around. I understand that all-A students felt neglected by all his attention. What ever became of them?

719 days ago


Because you were a BackStreet Boy you should be locked up even more!......

719 days ago


Wow? Seriously TMZ? This is news? A B list celebrity (if that) got a traffic citation? HOLY CRAP. That guy filming him needs to get a life for real....

719 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Just because you are a celebrity (granted a washed up has been) does NOT mean you can ignore the law. My husband is a cop and he pulled over and gave a ticket to a "movie star" that he admires and he took it like a man should.

719 days ago


He may not have put the up to date sticker on the corner of the plates, or have had out of date plates. Something being on tour for 1 and 1/2 years straight might have slipped his mind. His car registration may have been fine, but there needs to be proof of insurance in the car too--both of these situations are certainly possible (still warrants a ticket) if you don't regularly CHECK YOUR MAIL like a "touring celebrity" might be prone not to. He may not really have been trying to get OUT of the ticket as much as EXPLAINING what happened.

719 days ago


AJ totally posted a socialcam video in response to this.... TMZ did not get the full conversation with the cop! The cop asked AJ if he was a tattoo artist, AJ said no, he was a singer in a band. The cop asked which band, so AJ told him the Backstreet Boys, then the cop engaged AJ in conversation about being a Backstreet Boy. And in the socialcam video, he says 'Harvey, You're an ass, but I still love ya.' lol.

718 days ago


CAMERAMAN sounded pathetic.
(running/ out of breath)
"AJ, hey what's up? . . . AJ? . . . AJ?
"Is everything OK?" . . . (drives off)

718 days ago


It's honestly amazing he wasn't busted for being drunk or high. The guy stays stoned and blowed constantly. And to think, this ass is about to be someone's father.

685 days ago


I remember many years back I was at a Hollywood grocery store. It was a busy night for groceries apparently and I was in line like most customers waiting their turn to pay. Suddenly Will Smith is 'bombarded' by like five fans asking for autographs and he yells to a checkout lady "I'm Will Smith can I just pay so I can get the hell out of here?!" The manager comes out and promptly guides Mr Smith to a register that wasn't being used and checks him out himself. It left me thinking negatively about Smith. Point of the story is, just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you get little perks here and there. They do a job just like all of us it's just that the general public glorifies them too much. They're just people.

614 days ago
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