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Brittany Kerr Apologizes

for Jason Aldean Hookup

'Lapse in Judgment'

10/2/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Brittany Kerr
has issued an apology for getting up close and personal with married country singer Jason Aldean ... chalking the whole thing up to a "lapse in judgment."

The former "American Idol" contestant says, "The actions I portrayed recently were not a representation of my true character, but a lapse in judgment on my part."

She adds, "I would like to sincerely apologize to everyone that has been affected by this, including my friends & family."

We broke the story ... Aldean put the moves on Kerr on the patio of a crowded bar on the Sunset Strip last week. Jason later issued an apology ... saying the whole thing was a drunken mistake.

Here's the question/inconsistency. Brittany told friends after we first posted the pics that she didn't know Jason was married. So, if she did know ... why does she now say she had a "lapse in judgment?" Just asking.



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Miss Lily Skye    

Am I the only one who thinks its completely obvious that they have been gettin frisky for a while now? I'm sorry, but you don't just wonder into a bar and get all lovey dovey with a complete stranger with a wedding ring unless, 1, you are a complete WH*RE and don't give a damn who you hurt, or 2, they have been seeing each other, met up there, someone told them TMZ was out front, so they left seperately hoping nobody would notice what was going on inside. TMZ didn't, but luckily somebody else did, so your WIFE, remember her?, can know what you have been doing behind her back! You BOTH are the lowest of the low. Pig and Slut

716 days ago


Who give a ****? She knew he was married and he was looking for a hookup. He's lying blaming it on alcohol. They are only apologizing cause they got caught. I am sure it's not the first time he has screwed around and not the first time she was with a married man. I am sure his wife knows he's a pig. To each his own and for those crazy fans who called her a whore and every other word in the book. I am sure if he approached you, there would be no problem in you getting on your knees for him. It's apart of celebrity and that's why they do it. There a piece of ass around every corner. Let's move on now.

716 days ago


I don't think she has anything to apologize for. She's the single one and if she wants to mingle so be it. I blame him 100% because he is the married one. I get people do crazy things when they're drunk but are people really buying that excuse? Puhlease! Of course he is going to say that but I'm pretty sure he knew exactly what he was doing all along. He's just trying to distance himself from the truth because he got caught and is now most likely in hot water with his wife.

716 days ago


that was a situation where all the guys try to get something from the first available chick (it doesn't matter which one). Then the chick gets the control: if she's available then we party, if she's not available then we don't party: it all depends on the girl. Maybe she didn't know that he was married and when asked we always say "we're having problems..we're separated and BS like that". Bottom line the guy is a cheater and the wife should find another guy. Or get used to it. He'll do it again like we all do.

716 days ago


Wow, with a response like that, she doesn't need to be in the entertainment industry, she needs to get into politics! What a sincerely insincere apology that was! :o)

716 days ago


Well, here's how I see it.. They BOTH are to blame. I'm sorry, but his excuse that he was drunk is a bunch of horsesh*t!! And her excuse for "lack of judgement" is also horsesh*t!! I know he's a country singer, but didnt' know he was married because I didn't really However, from a lot of the pics I've seen and videos I've just checked out...he's got a freakin wedding ring on! So, with that said, he either took the ring off, or she didn't give a ratsa$$ about him being married, He's the biggest d*ck and a$$ for doing that to his family, and she's a slutty whomewrecking wh*ore! I don't understand why men feel the need to cheat when they're married and why women feel they have to mess with someone else's man! They're just down right selfish and are concerned only of themselves!! BOTH are PIGS!!

716 days ago

kristina Billotti    

Apologizes only came after the photographs. Bet there wouldn't have been any if the cameras didn't catch it.

716 days ago


This tramp has no morals, and he is just low class, guess he forgot he was married for a second. I wonder how far and how many times before Jason has done this. The two of them are GROSS.

716 days ago

Bev Haydon    

Oh for God's sake, has no one ever made a drunken mistake?? What about an error in judgement?? This is what this error in judgement. There sure seems to be a lot of armchair/ laptop judges here in the wonderful world of the internet. Apologies were made to the appropriate people. That should be the end of it. Move on people.

716 days ago


Let's stick your middle finger up for the camera, hang out w/other skanks, and fool around w/a married man/men, and obviously always self-loathing. Yeah, your'e a real class act...a real catch. Your "buddy" is no better. Your family must be sooo proud of you. You should really be hoping it won't happen to YOU one day. You're the prime example for other girls and women of what NOT to be.

716 days ago


She is only apologizing because Jason called her a "drunken Mistake" . Now she wants to grandstand and say oh it was a lapse in judgement. She was doing what it appears she is used to doing, puttin out.

716 days ago
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