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Chris Cornell

SUED By Very

Pissed off Maid

10/2/2012 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10/3/12 -- 11:25AM PST: 
Chris' lawyer, Howard King, tells TMZ, he believes the maid and her lawyer were just trying to make a splash in the media, adding, "The true facts are that Ms. Morales did not work full-time for the Cornells, was not fired by the Cornells and belatedly raises the spurious claims only after another one of her claims, for workers compensation for alleged injuries, was denied."


Chris Cornell
's wife allegedly ragged on the maid -- now the cleaning lady is trying to take him to the cleaners. 

The Soundgarden frontman and his wife Vicky hired Elia Mora to clean their house back in 2006 and everything seemed hunky dory, that is until the day after XMAS last year.  Elia finished up for the day and went home. 

According to Mora's lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Vicky needed Elia to return to do more work, but Elia declined.  Elia claims that's when Vicky went nuts on her, berating her with a barrage of insults and then firing her.

So get this.  Elia now claims she worked 43 hours a week and never got overtime.  She also says she never got uninterrupted 30-minute lunches, and she never got uninterrupted 10-minute rest periods.

So Elia plans to clean up ... but this time in court. 

No immediate reaction from Cornell.


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i used to have such a crush on him in high school. now he looks like a mix between jesus and a geico cave man. his wife also sounds like a total ****.

751 days ago


Chris and Vicky stole my production idea to work with Timbaland, then he butchered the entire project, excluded me from working & singing on my own album idea, & after they were done with the theft, Vicky coerced him to lie to EVERYONE after they concealed elements of the creative process and conspired to divert royalties. Vicky said a bunch of rude, hateful, shallow, & slanderous remarks about me also at the time--to excuse and justify diverting the royalties from my family. I for one-- believe the maid & I am so sorry to her, she has my love and sympathy; I know EXACTLY how she feels.

751 days ago


I used to work for Chris and Vicky in their house. the same time as Elia. Elia used to do only laundry and ironing, once a week. She always works there part time. i dont know where the 43hrs come from. Elia need to stop this nonsense. All this people commenting nonsense dont know what they talking about cause they never worked for them. Vicky and Chris, NEVER SCREAM AT ANYONE. They are so nice and fair on their employee. I remember, 1 day, Vicky told me to check in their storage if there were any babies stuff to give to Elia because her Son's girlfriend is pregnant. Thanksgivings and Chrismas, Vicky and Chris gave us gift to take home, (Elia and a housekeeper that time used to get things for their family). At my 2 years working for them, I have never witness any worker getting treating bad or scream at. the Cornell family are so nice to people. the kids played with you. you even forget that you at work, you feel too comfortable, another word. you feel like being home. Elia is LYING and anybody else who is with her are part of the deal. all they want is sit their ass and waiting for money to rain. You, Elia, something must be wrong with you. cause i always saw you smile , whenever you come at the house. you were happy working there. if i can go to court testify, I WILL.

751 days ago


Anyone who has dealt with the Cornell family will know them to be very kind, generous people. I don't believe this for a second. Just trying to get money where it is not due.

751 days ago


Her?!? WTF happened to him. He is way hot with a shave & a haircut. Come on Spoonman!

751 days ago


Hey Vicky, instead of firing a woman who had worked loyally for you for years-- the day after Christmas, like the freaking GRINCH that you are, maybe try letting her have a few days off to spend with her family and wipe & clean your own **** out of your golden toilet for a change!

751 days ago


Glad to see so many other employees and ex-employees speaking out. I've also worked for Chris & Vicky for many years and have always been treated with generosity, kindness and respect. They are always willing to allow flexible working and give time off when it's needed. I've repaid their trust and respect with my own and it's sad to see those who have no idea of the facts posting jealous, uninformed and frequently vicious crap on this site about people they don't even know.

750 days ago


Funny how this is all coming to light before Soundgarden's new album drops in November. Makes you wonder?

749 days ago


I adore Chris Cornell but I tend to believe the housekeepers story. From what I know about Vicky, she is quite the rich, spoiled woman. I feel sorry for Chris, he is in a terrible situation.

645 days ago


The "maid" in this case is my Mother. This Case is still ongoing and things seem to be going our way . Believe me, my mom knows nothing about is Career she was Simply a woman looking for a way to put food on the table for her family. She speaks little English and only listens to Spanish music so unless Cornell made A Spanish Album shes never heard his music. Shes Not out for a payday, simply what's right. She was mistreated, and bashed on unjustly on that last day. I'm sure you'd all seek justice had it Been you. Thank you to all of you who see it from her side .

603 days ago
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