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Matt Barnes Arrest

'You're the F**king Fa**ot

Who Followed Me'

10/2/2012 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

TMZ has obtained video of cops arresting L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes in Manhattan Beach, CA ... and it's clear Barnes and the cop have beef with each other ... and at one point a very angry Barnes shouts a gay slur: "You're the f**king fa**ot who followed me."

The incident occurred July 30, outside a restaurant where Barnes and his wife, "Basketball Wives"star Gloria Govan just had dinner.  Officer David Gibbons was waiting for 2 hours for Barnes to exit the restaurant.

When Barnes emerged, Gibbons told him he was under arrest for an outstanding warrant -- driving on a suspended license.  Barnes asked to see the warrant and Gibbons said he'll see it when he gets to jail.  Barnes said if Gibbons didn't produce the warrant he was leaving.

Barnes started to walk and Gibbons ordered him to stop.  Apparently Gibbons then grabbed Barnes, who said, "Touch me and see what happens."

Barnes called Gibbons a bitch, Gibbons cuffed Barnes and in the process Barnes tried to give his wife the keys.  Gibbons grabbed Barnes' arm and Barnes pulled away.  That's when Gibbons placed Barnes under felony arrest for resisting an officer. 

The two have a history.  We've learned Gibbons stopped Barnes twice before -- on May 19 Gibbons impounded Barnes' car because he was driving on a suspended license.  Barnes, whose ankle was injured, asked for a ride and Gibbons refused.  Barnes angrily describes the incident on the tape of the July arrest.

As for the case -- the D.A. refused to file the felony resisting arrest charge.  Barnes pled no contest to misdemeanor interfering with a cop and driving while not in possession of a license.

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Jericho Morton    

Arrested under the threat of deadly force "while not in possession of a license". Actually, for a warrant for being on a suspended licence, a bill from an 'offended' cartmanesque AUTHORITY Judge which he didn't pay. Money to pay the bill to the judge. Naughty boy. A befrocked hysterical sinister 'judge' dishing out your rights? They are YOUR rights, and if they take them away then you may respond akin. "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." The only 'victim' here would be the lack of cash to a kangaroo court. His ability to drive in FACT is unaffected by a licence suspension. So who was hurt?

752 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

the guys a stalker, if he doesnt file for a restraining order against the cop he's a fool.

752 days ago


Just cause someone carries a badge it doesn't mean they are always on the up and up. There's always a few bad apples. I don't know the full truth about Gibbons, but Matt better watch himself if there is a chance this guy has it in for him. You don't want beef with a cop who works in the area you live and hang out in.

752 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

First of all I've never heard of Matt Barnes until this very story. Second, Barnes, you're busted b*tch, deal with it. It's easy to get tough with a cop because they called you on your sh*t. If you don't like police procedure you would have done something to change it. If you had warrants out wtf's the difference whether Gibbons arrests you or a first-day rookie or a last-day veteran? Nothing! You would have b*tched either way. Idiot.

752 days ago


pay your damn fine like everybody else and you wouldnt have to worry about going to jail... i heard someone say his wife was drving well if thats the case why did matt barnes have to keys in his possession... his ass deserves to be arrested and anyone who says different is a ****in retard

752 days ago


everyone saying do the crime do the time.would react the same way if a cop sit outside of a store for hours just to bust them for a petty warrant.this cop was out to get him.it is what it is.also nothing wrong with saying ***got.tmz and ***got lovers logic.incest ewwwwwww two men butt ****ing is normal.lol ****ing morons

752 days ago



752 days ago


The cop sounds like an a-hole, but... when you are doing things he can bust you on it kind of hurts your case. Had Barnes had his license and had done nothing wrong he probably would have a case to go after the cop.

752 days ago


It's not a slur guys. It's meant to be negative given that it's such a perverted behavior. No straight man wants to be called that. It's the ultimate insult because it speaks to mental stability. Not a slur.

752 days ago


Just because he used that word doesn't make it a gay "slur". I think people just like saying that - it was a deragatory cussword long before then - AND to all you hypocrites - even the so-called tolerant liberal who use Jesus Christ as a cussword, or the variations Jesus F'N Christ, Jesus H Christ...and Goddammit, my god, whatever those are sacred to good Christians - one of the first commandments!!!!! So when a gay uses it they are JUST AS INTOLERANT and as HATEFUL as they claim and cry everyone else is...but we already know with liberals they make up the rules as they go. Tolerant people would never say the things about sarah palin that you'all do. So you just twist it, but your going to hell with the rest of us

752 days ago


Never had a cop out to get me. Of course, I never ran around driving without a license or breaking other stupid, petty laws.
A few minutes of paperwork could clear it all up and make Barnes totally immune to Gibbons wee vendettas.

752 days ago


California DA's have this uncanny ability to protect celebrities from being held accountable like the rest of us...sad really.

752 days ago


GET A LIFE !!!!!!1

752 days ago


It's simple morons. If you have a warrant you to jail. Duhhhhhhhhh

752 days ago


Stalker cops, you will never want to get one of those!

752 days ago
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