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Mariah Snipes at Nicki

Nicki Goes Ballistic


10/3/2012 9:34 AM PDT UPDATED: 10/3/2012 9:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

9:47 AM PT
-- Sources tell TMZ, Nicki's rant on the "American Idol" set went beyond mere name-calling Tuesday ... the rapper also threatened Mariah's life, saying, "If I had a gun, I would shoot her." 

Nicki Minaj
derailed the "American Idol" auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday, after swearing at Mariah Carey and threatening, "I'm gonna knock you out" ... but Mariah FIRED RIGHT BACK with insults of her own.

In the footage, obtained by TMZ, Nicki is clearly furious ... shouting, "I told them I'm not f*ckin' putting up with her f**kin' highness over there."

Mariah can be heard saying, "“Oh why, WHYYYY .do I have a three year old sitting around me?”

Carey continues, "I can’t see my kids, because you decided to act like a little crazy bitch and go all around the stage.”

Sources say Nicki later threatened to "knock out" Mariah ... but she said it before the video starts.

It all went down while the two were sitting at the judge's table ... with Keith Urban sitting in between them and Randy Jackson sitting on the far end, next to Mariah.

We're told the whole thing exploded over a disagreement over a contestant's performance.

Listen closely as you play the video ... you'll hear

Nicki: Think I'm playin? Think this sh*t is a f*cking joke? Think it’s a joke? Think it’s a joke? Think it’s a joke? Say one more disrespectful thing to me, if you say one more disrespectful thing to me -- off with your head!

Mariah: I am not being disrespectful.
Nicki: Off with your head, off with your head.
Nicki: Don’t tell me I'm insecure, don’t tell me I'm inadequate ... you gonna get sent [inaudible] just fall back; don’t ... you don’t know [inaudible] I don’t feel inadequate. You’re the insecure one sittin' up there running down her resume every five minutes.
Nicki: Every time you take a shot at me I'ma take it back, and if you gotta f*cking problem then handle it. I told them, I'm not f*cking putting up with your f*cking highness over there ... figure it the f*ck out. Figure it out.
Mariah: whyyyy, whhyyyyy ...
Nicki: Figure it out

Mariah: ... do I have a 3-year-old sitting around me???
Nicki: I’m not sitting here for 20 minutes and having you run down your resume everyday, No! Goodbye!
Mariah: Listen ... I can’t see my kids because you decided to make ... to have ... to have a little baby fit and going all around the stage.
Nicki: Good, well then go see them now, go see them now ... you’re boring as f*ck, you’re boring as f*ck.

According to our friends at, producers ended the auditions for the day so the two judges could cool down.  We've confirmed that happened.

Big wigs on the show seem uncharacteristically upset by the blow up.  It seems producers are worried about Mariah and Nicki co-existing for the long haul.



No Avatar


its all an act ..just part of the script

759 days ago

Dick B Nimble    

Nicki who?

759 days ago


Poor Keith has to listen to a FOUL MOUTH ,NO CLASS PIECE OF TRASH.

759 days ago


Poor keith has to listen to a foul mouth,NO CLASS,PUBLIC HOUSING REJECT. I am so sorry you had to listen to that Keith.

759 days ago


why would you hire someone who doesn't understand the show... it's already boring as hell
and they bring in someone to make it labor on!

759 days ago


knew it was too good to be true!!

759 days ago


They need to bring Lil' Kim on as a guest judge. The chicken legs will be flying then!

NM is a skank and needs to go back to wherever she came from.

759 days ago


How naive are you people? This is nothing but a PR move on Simon's part. There were talks of feuds between these two even before filming started. Wake up.

759 days ago


Mariah makes you look like you just crawled out from under a rock without even trying Nikki, your best bet is to just keep your mouth shut you don't have in your whole body the talent Mariah has in her little finger.

759 days ago


Grow up Nicki or go home and stay. I think its your phoney hair color thats doing it

759 days ago


I knew it was a mistake to even put Nicki Minaj on Idol....I just shake my head wondering what the hell they were even thinking? For that matter what the hell have they been thinking for the last few years anyway by letting Simon go and Paula and then doing a 4 judge format....Idol is losing and x- factor is better. The nail in the coffin is letting that skank no talent Minaj stay on the show. Maria has more talent in her pinky finger than Manaj has in her whole ugly mouth, face and body. GET RID OF MINAJ OR IDOL IS DONE BY MIDSEASON BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WORK TOGETHER. MINAJ MUST GO

759 days ago


Some Black Folks just make others look bad

759 days ago

Jade Howleit    

Nicki Minaj has absolutely no talent what so ever when it comes to rapping where did they get this hot garbage from and why. this goes to show just where the mindset of alot of people are you got it absolutely nowhere this chick sounds horrible can barely speak and dam sure has no reason even trying to rhyme it sounds like headstart elementary and very stupid, if someone's writing that crap for her than dam there even more idiots surrounding her, she's too dam colorful and not that cute her body helps her but the ridiculous outfits she wears totally ruins it, I will sure be glad and do believe its time for the ass money oops my bad Cash Money and Young Money genre' to end sick of hearing these lack of talent no rapping motha^&$#@S Same goes for the rest of this garbage out here you know who you are stop it dammit cut it out we are truly sick of you lable controlled selling out culture killing weird looking hot garbage rappers, The Good News in the midst of all this hot garbage is coming By way of Chicago and trust me that city needs it badly comes the honest to GOD truth and restorer of what rap truly is and he will ultimately eliminate all the hot garbage that's bleeding our eardrums, F.I.S.T. is on the way and trust me he's about to lock the game down with the truest of words keep an ear out people a change gone come real soon.....

759 days ago


I was getting bored of AI but when they added Mariah Carey my whole family thought it was great. And Keith Urban is also a favorite. But Minaj? What made them think that she qualified to judge TALENT. Have we even seen any swearing thug clowns get into the top 20? LOL

759 days ago


I will never watch the show again now that that trash, Nikki is on now...

759 days ago
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