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Justin Bieber

FEAR of Milk & Pasta!!

10/2/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Justin Bieber's final answer on why he puked on stage -- BLAME CANADA!! Yep, the Biebs joined us and said a traditional Canadian meal made him hurl ... and he hinted a duet with Psy could be in the works.

Also, now that Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez are hosting 'X Factor' ... we have one big question -- which one gets labeled the Dunkelman? Yeah, we're taking it there.

Plus, is it finally Tim Tebow time for the NY Jets? What does Harvey know about it, anyway -- and why is Eva Longoria catching flack for Mark Sanchez stinking up the field?

(0:00) Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez will be the next hosts on "X Factor" -- so the big questions ... who's gonna be the Dunkleman?
(5:10) Bow Wow is paying minimal child support to his baby mama -- because it looks like he pulled a fast one on the judge.
(10:00) Police video of Matt Barnes arrest has been released -- and in it, he throws around the f-word ... the homophobic one.
(14:00) Brittany Kerr's apology for hooking up with married country star Jason Aldean doesn't seem consistent with her claim that she didn't realize he was married.
(18:00) Justin Bieber is on the show! He calls in to explain why he threw up on stage, his emotional tribute to a fan who passed away, and Sean Kingston's claims that he gave away his Fisker Karma.
(25:00) Arnold Schwarzenegger's book is selling out in Kennedy central.
(27:10) Is it Tebow time in New York? Is Eva Longoria to blame for the Jets poor play?
(30:00) Should both spouses need to have a job for a relationship work? Nick Cannon has the answer.
(33:00) Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry reunite at the pumpkin patch -- but Max thinks there's a diabolical plan behind it.
(37:00) Michael C. Hall and Max now have tattoos in the same place!
(38:20) Taylor Swift will NOT be playing a concert for a deaf school -- even though it won a contest to have her play there.
(40:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Some little girl flashed her boobs at him!

753 days ago


I call Radishes. He had something else in him to make him do that. I know alot of folks who have sat down to spaget. dinners, and drank milk. They didin't hurl.

753 days ago


Hey, where's Harveys chair? Hemroids? A Boil on his can?

753 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

God Harvey stop kissing Beepers a$$.

753 days ago


Okay, how many times do we really need to see him hurling on stage. We get the point already.

753 days ago


Canadian and a Korean, ROFLMAO

753 days ago


Good god, on this again, seriously?

753 days ago


Justin is cool people, good guy, wish him lots of future success in life and career.

753 days ago


Please, Walters, STFU.

753 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Wow that has to be the gayest thing Mike's ever done.

753 days ago


How many pairs of the same pants does Harvey own or is it just one pair?

753 days ago


who is Dunkleman?

753 days ago


Haha Mike's gonna catch some banter at work but good on him for sticking to what he likes with Justin

753 days ago


Not a tmz exclusive...not breaking news.

Lindsay Lohan is vowing to get even with Christian LaBella, the Congressional aide she said choked her in order to retrieve his cell phone. The "Mean Girls" actress is trying to convince those who saw the alleged incident to make statements to the police.

“He isn’t going to get away with this,” Lohan told The Post. “I’m in shock, and it was a really scary situation.”

But LaBella’s uncle, Peter Jessop, says LaBella is a “good kid,” and just hopes his nephew doesn’t lose his job.

“[He] just went to New York for the weekend. Hopefully this doesn’t cost him his job,” Jessop told the Post. “He is in shock about how the media has twisted this story.”

Lohan pulled a fire alarm in New York’s W Hotel at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning after a long night of partying with LaBella, an aide to Illinois Rep. John Shimkus (R), and several other hangers-on.

The website says Lohan, LaBella and friends bounced around nightclubs and hotels for nine hours. LaBella apparently hooked up with Lohan’s entourage through her friend, model Cory Kennedy, who told Lohan that LaBella was her cousin, DNAinfo reports. But Kennedy’s rep disputes this relationship.

"Cory was with Lindsay earlier in the evening but not present for the incident. Cory is also in no way related to the man involved," the rep told

Regardless, Lohan became suspicious LaBella had been taking photos of her, tricked him into giving her his cell phone, and then ran down a hall trying to delete the photos and videos.

“[She] confirmed that [LaBella] had in fact taken multiple photographs of her throughout the evening,” an NYPD report of the incident stated. “Ms. Lohan attempted to leave the hotel room with Mr. LaBella’s cellular telephone for the purpose to deleting the photographs.”

Lohan said LaBella then attacked her. He was initially arrested, but then released because of insufficient evidence. Lohan and LaBella then filed cross harassment complaints against one another.

Rep. Shimkus' press secretary told FOX411 that he wouldn't "be passing on any messages to" LaBella, and that he had "no contact information" for him.

FOX411 attempted to talk to Jessop, but was rebuffed at his door in North Hollywood.

753 days ago


Ask him why he's so skinny, is he bulimic? Also ask him if he realizes he's not black.

753 days ago
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