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'American Idol'

Peace at Last!

10/3/2012 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No blood today on the set of "American Idol."  In fact, it was downright peaceful and professional ... sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

We're told from outward appearances at least ... Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj buried the hatchet and were civil with each other during the entire day of auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our sources say everyone was "embarrassed" by the outburst between Nicki and Mariah captured on video and posted on TMZ. They apparently took it to heart. Our spies say the confrontation "shocked everyone back into place."

We're told aside from everyone getting along, the talent was great and the judges meshed together better than just about any configuration the show has ever had.

The question ... will the detente last? Everyone is boarding a plane right now for Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stay tuned.


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715 days ago


the battle is over, but not the war

715 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I 100% will not watch this crap...didn't last nite..and oh I ever glad..btw...X-FACTOR is totally fun too watch!!!!!! loved it tonite..can't wait for tomorrow...hehe

715 days ago


Minaj is such a fug. Mariah is, too.

715 days ago


People- It's election year. FOCUS!

715 days ago


PEOPLE. It's election year. FOCUS!!!

715 days ago


The peace will last until the ratings drop.

715 days ago


I feel they both showed their true colors! After yesterday, I won't be watching! I feel now, they are both very classless and have nothing positive to bring to the table. I agree with the others- this is going to be Jerry Spring 2.0 ~ Just not something I want to come home to after a long day! I want to enjoy our favorite shows that offers up some entertainment! Like "THE VOICE".
that is a refreshing, FUN, relaxing, down-to-earth show! They ALL get along great and it's obvious to the viewers that they are actually into the contestants than acting like ghetto DIVA'S!!!

715 days ago


the usa is basically a selfish, uncaring society. heartless and vulgar. dead inside. greedy.

715 days ago


I'm not a fan of ANY of the 'Housewife' shows either! Not into any of this kind of bullsh!t. These two ignorant people seem to belong in that catagory! I have always been a Mariah Carey fan, but not so much after viewing this! If she is bullying the pink-haired idiot, then shame on her! I thought she had more class than that! It was very disappointing to see two so-called professionals act like Jerry Springer contestants!!! Who wants to tune in to see that??? Not my kind of program! I give Britney and Demi credit for behaving like two responsible, professional, grown women!!! GOOD FOR THEM! Along with Christina and the guys on 'THE VOICE'! You don't see them acting like DRAMA QUEENS OR IDIOTS!!! When we sit down at night, we want to be entertained and relax by watching 'QUALITY' tv. These two women are not behaving like they can create something worth watching! I am signing up SOON to become a 'NEILSON' person this week! I'm SICK of these BULLSH!T people and producers!!!

715 days ago


Ohhh, one more thing! I have to agree with some of the others regarding TMZ being a part of this PR stunt! TMZ is becoming more and more sensational which is disappointing! I have been a fan of Harvey's forever. But, he isn't giving HIS viewers much credit to feel the need to focus on this sh!t like he does! ZERO credit for that matter! I will stop watching TMZ if they continue this! If this crap isn't a PR stunt, then these people all more screwed up then what I thought!

715 days ago


They were both poor choices. To bad we couldn't have stayed with the old panel. If your looking for people who think they're something to judge, why didn't you just choose a couple of Kardashion sisters. Just kidding, that would have been worse. Yes it is possible to be worse. Use one of them as a MC

715 days ago

some guy    

This just seems like a pee contest over who's vagina is larger. I think Ryan wins.

715 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Honey, if they didn't want you to see this you wouldn't have seen this. If you must sit on your ass during the time this show is on I suggest you find something else to watch. They're hoping you are stupid and are using you.

715 days ago


As far as I'm concerned, this entire incident seems much more like a carefully planned "PR STUNT" to generate interest in AI. I haven't watched it in "YEARS" and more than likely will not watch this season, too.

715 days ago
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