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Chris Brown & Rihanna

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10/3/2012 11:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown & Rihanna in a NYC nightclubChris Brown and Rihanna are barely trying to hide it anymore -- getting up close and personal at a NYC nightclub late Monday night ... then carousing at Rihanna's hotel for hours.

Chris and Rihanna hit up Griffin nightclub in the Meatpacking District -- we're told they arrived 5 minutes apart, and quickly ended up at the same table. Sources inside the club say the two were all over each other, and even disappeared together in a bathroom for 20 minutes.

People inside the club say the duo were kissing and hugging out in the open.

The two left the club separately -- but hours later, Chris was spotted leaving the Gansevoort Hotel, where Rihanna was staying.

By the way, Tuesday afternoon, Chris' clueless GF Karrueche tweeted that Chris sent her roses, a teddy bear and chocolates -- maybe a lame, "I'm sorry."

So we gotta ask ...


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At the end of the day these two are adults and have the choice to give it another go. I personally am against it. None of us know whether or not he will beat her again. Things may just turn out ok. But, no matter what the outcome her career will be just like his. OVER!!!!

715 days ago


Everybody is forgetting the most important thing... She won't tell a soul when he beats the shoot out of her again. She knows wassup. She'll be too embarrassed. Maybe dead. He has free reign to tag that a$$.

715 days ago


Have no sympathy for her. It's obvious he has anger issues so maybe he can rearrange her face for her.

715 days ago


go ahead, take him back. he'll never hit you again ri ri! (eyeroll)

715 days ago


Well i guess rehab is the only way. How stupid can u be, going back to a criminal, women abuser. Someone that put the fist in ur face. Guess the caribbean roots are to strong, where cheating and wife beating is a daily sport among men. Well Rihanna, if there was jailtime for being naive guess yuou would have gotten life in prison. But then again, where u are now, is like a prison, beating and sex or the opposite way. Who cares,save urself and run. I dont want u on the cover of "funeral magazine". Grow up woman. The days of childsplay are gone

714 days ago


It's human nature. You always want what you can't get.. especially when you have millions of $$!!

714 days ago


It's human nature. You always want what you can't get.. especially when you have millions of $$!!

714 days ago

BB not bb    

@sense, yest it is human nature to want what you cant' get. I think that is a part of pride. When it comes down to pride, people are weak and stars maybe even more so since they care so much about their images.

She can't love him or trust him deep inside. it must be pride drawing her back and making her want to prove to herself or to the world that she is too good to take what he gave her. She is blinded by her own pride then.

That and there might just be a sexual addiction going on. Maybe he is controlling her sexually and that is what is making her qustion him when he cheats and then making him beat her for quesioning him. This is a bad cycle. He will hurt her again one way or another.

Do you notice how alot of young succesful pop stars just die? I heard they are sacrificed for a demonically driven music industry. People in the industry are pushing these two back together when they know what will happen. One of them is going to die. Maybe it will even be Chris next time and Rihanna will end up in prison, still destroyed.

No career is worth the danger of being with an abusive and toxic person. Dump the people who give you bad advice and stay clear of that person.

714 days ago


typical poorly educated ghetto hood rat grabbing his dick like that. f=ing exhausting to watch grown men (rappers) always grabbing their *****. stupid idiots don't deserve life. then again, maybe he's in pain from the clap she just gave him. she's a filthy whore too.

714 days ago

joe gillis    

he smashed her face to a pulp because he loves her

714 days ago


its really sad :( I think that fame is a scary and destructive disease for this young singer :( Not a role model anymore

714 days ago


I feel bad for Karruche, Chris' girlfriend...

714 days ago


I wonder if this will effect her career in a negative way; if her fans will start turning on her? Maybe nothing will come of all of this, but if they were to 'officially' come out as a couple would her fans be so pissed that her obnoxious music will disappear? (Too good to be true.)

714 days ago


What a shame so many people cared more about Rhianna's abuse than she has. She def has lots of problems.

714 days ago


i guess rihanna llikes getting hit

714 days ago
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