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Chris & Rihanna


at Jay-Z Concert

10/4/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Rihanna and Chris Brown aren't even trying to hide it anymore -- 'cause it looks like they were getting cozy at the Jay-Z concert tonight ... and, based on Twitter, everyone in Brooklyn saw it.

A pic taken from behind RiRi and Chris at Barclays Center is burning up the Internet -- they're seated in VIP ... he's on the left, she's on the right.

No physical contact -- in the photo, anyway -- but Chris' right arm is stretched around the back of Rihanna's chair.

This reunion comes the night after Chris and Rihanna were spotted at the same table in an NYC nightclub.

1003_chris_brown_rihanna_articleThey were also seen leaving the same hotel on Wednesday -- and, for what it's worth, Chris' blind-as-a-bat GF Karrueche tweeted "Bye baby" ... just a couple hours before tonight's concert.

Apparently, Jay-Z is so powerful he can turn back time ... to 2008.



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She only started wanting him back when he finally moved on with Karaoke or whatever the hell her name is!!!!

715 days ago


Well, what I can say except Good for them. Hopefully, no violence will occur this time.

715 days ago

Bush & Cheney Destroyed America    

First Rob Pattinson wussed and went running back to the ho Fistin Kristen Stewart that did the director behind Rob's back, then Avrille Lavine gets engaged to that douche from Nickelback, now this with Chris "the Abuser" Brown and Rhianna, really? I mean has everyone just lost it or what these days? sad sad sad!!!

715 days ago

Bush & Cheney Destroyed America    

First Rob Pattinson wussed and went running back to the whore that did the director behind his back, then Avrille Lavine gets engaged to that douche from Nickelback, now this with Chris the Abuser Brown and Rhianna, really? I mean has everyone lost their **** or what? sad sad sad!!!

715 days ago

BB not bb    

People like to blame Rihanna for not being able to exist, but what about blaming the society that has no way of stopping this? They say she should be able to just get a better man who will treat her better. Maybe that really isn't so easy. Maybe men these days are just very narcissistic and shallow and don't try to impress women sincerely but just try to make women fall for them.

It is not like it is so easy to just find someone else. She has to be willing to find even no one and just have faith that someone she will find someone better. If not, she has to learn to be patient. It is hard to be patient when you think you love someone or your pride is hurt or you are consumed with lust.

When she was out on her own and trying to have a good time, all you heard is what a slut she looked like for not wearing a bra or whatever dumb thing. How was this helping her to keep to herself then? That is going to hurt her self esteem to the point where she will go back with an evil ex just to not look happy and free and have people call her a whore.

I don't think she is a whore, I don't think she is stupid, I think she just needs some self discipline and character building. I think she senses that she is a strong woman, which would lead her to falsely believe that she can handle Chris, but in fact, what she needs to do is keep working on her charcter through self discipline so that she can continue to develop and not be crushed like a bug, stunted at the level she is at.

You have to keep growing as a person. You keep growing up and maturing. This relationship is sick and will stop that process. This is handing power over to an abuser. Chris does not have Rihanna's best interst at heart. She needs to accept that painful truth and move on.

715 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

('Nuff said.)

715 days ago

BB not bb    

Here is the thing, people try to tell you to just move on and fall for someone else to get over an ex. This is bad advice. You need to get over the ex first and you do that alone. You have to go through a time of mourning the loss. Just finding someone else will block your dealing with the underlying issue.

When your are still stuck on someone, being around someone else will be that much harder and when that doesn't work out, you will be that much more disappointed. She has to take time to deal with her pain. Not dwell on the pain but dwell on staying away from him no matter how much it hurts.

If she needs to let go slowly, maybe she can just keep her distance. Going to concerts and having sex with him is not doing that. Drive by his house or something, but don't socialize with him alone.

She has to work on being able to stay away from him. She has a bad addiction. It is killing her like drugs kill drug addicts.

715 days ago

BB not bb    

Bad men are like drugs. They lead you down the crimson path with false hopes and shots of happiness, all interspersed with pain and unrelenting desire. The desire is what keeps drawing you back, whether it be rational or not. You have to make up your mind to stop. You have to control you heart, so that you are able to free your spirit again. Otherwise you will be a slave to your addiction.

There is no substitute or small amount of the poison that will save you. You need to decide in your mind that quitting is the right thing to do and then stick to it. You make yourself do it by reminding yourself of what your intentions are. Every time a feeling of going back comes up, you use your mind to tell you not to and to steer you away from that.

It might take years or it might never go away, but the urge will get less and less the more you resist it.

715 days ago


Another website is reporting Brown and Tran broke up. Finally. How does this guy attract such stupid women anyways?

715 days ago


these 2 are garbage and she is taking it like a doggy....

715 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    


715 days ago


She's on one steep downward spiral..... won't be long before she crashes and burns. He's helping but it ultimately her own doing.

715 days ago


Misses the pimp hand.

715 days ago


Totally Whitney and Bobby all over again. She's a famous singer, he's a wannabe, lots of fighting, drugs, drinking, slapping, hitting. yada, yada.

715 days ago


Rihanna is pitiful guess she liked all the attention she got from everyone when chris beat her up. she is a fool

715 days ago
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