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Chris & Rihanna


at Jay-Z Concert

10/4/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Rihanna and Chris Brown aren't even trying to hide it anymore -- 'cause it looks like they were getting cozy at the Jay-Z concert tonight ... and, based on Twitter, everyone in Brooklyn saw it.

A pic taken from behind RiRi and Chris at Barclays Center is burning up the Internet -- they're seated in VIP ... he's on the left, she's on the right.

No physical contact -- in the photo, anyway -- but Chris' right arm is stretched around the back of Rihanna's chair.

This reunion comes the night after Chris and Rihanna were spotted at the same table in an NYC nightclub.

1003_chris_brown_rihanna_articleThey were also seen leaving the same hotel on Wednesday -- and, for what it's worth, Chris' blind-as-a-bat GF Karrueche tweeted "Bye baby" ... just a couple hours before tonight's concert.

Apparently, Jay-Z is so powerful he can turn back time ... to 2008.



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some ppl are so judge-mental, if she loves him let her be, everyone's relationship is different, if you are not in it you do not know the cir***stances, besides her music tends to be much better when she is with him and thats the only reason I give a **** to listen, read, or watch anything to do with them.

746 days ago


I have lost all respect for this woman. It boggles my mind that she can be associated with a person that pretty much bashed her face in.

746 days ago


She is so f-in' stupid! Next we'll hear about how he killed her but didn't mean to! I am stunned Jay-Z even let CB in the venue where he was performing!

746 days ago



746 days ago


I am Pro Obama and it did seemed like he was nervous but guess what Romney used all his ammo on one night now Obama can learned and he can get his **** together and attack Romney like a hound dogg b/c that what he is but you know what it really doesn't matter b/c Obama is going to win anyway.

746 days ago


I'm honestly so disappoiinted in Rihanna. Why would you want to go back to a guy who not only beat you, but also just cheated on his girlfriend multiple times to be with you? Once a cheater always a cheater, and likely once a beater always a beater. Good luck with that Rihanna. You just lost a fan.

746 days ago

lisa proffitt    

I wish People Would Mind Their Own Darn Business...Let Chris And RiRi Be Together If Thats What They Both Want...Stop Judging...ugh

746 days ago


Next time he pounds your face in, don't even bother with your tearful woe is me interview. You know what your getting with that loser and it isn't like you are financially attached or have kids and can't get out. You're asking for it at this point and I have NO sympathy for you.

746 days ago


I know Chris is an A-hole, but who is Jay-Z ?

746 days ago

BB not bb    

I think people want to return to abusers because somewhere in their mind they want to beat the abuser at their own game and feel vindicated. You are basically tangling with a demon and it won't work. Somehow pride gets involved and people don't see straight and keep going back for another round.

This is a horrible mess to get into. It is better to just stay around decent people.

746 days ago


Obviously, they want to be together...She should make a public statement saying that she has FORGIVEN him, loves and and that they are back together....Just do it the right way!

746 days ago

CAlifornia Gal    

SOOO SOOO SOOOO HAPPY THEY ARE BACK... we r all young and make mistakes and grow up and learn..... some time has past and they've both grown... AND STILL THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS.... perfect example.. <3 all of u guys are not rational , should he nvr have a girlfriend ever again? why is it ok for him to date others but not rih.... he loves her and theyve grown

745 days ago

Unka Gee    

People act like they haven't took back a person after they broke up...This some bullsh@t for hatin on these folks...Yall bitches wish you had yall ex back but you to lame and broke plus you like wet dope...Can't sell no where....if they happy **** what you say...

745 days ago

Lourdes Bigay    

What the hell do Pres.Obama have to do with these two people. All of you GOP who is so happy that Romney just try to play you get over yourself Pres.obama still have two more show down to go.Liar and cheating Romney will get his azz handed to him. end of story

745 days ago


It's very unfortunate.., to go back to someone who had an intent to kill her??
God keep her under your hand..,

743 days ago
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