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KONY 2012 Founder

Naked Meltdown is

'Not Who I Am'

10/3/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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KONY 2012 founder Jason Russell is finally speaking out about his naked meltdown ... telling Oprah Winfey, "That person on the street corner ranting and raving and naked is not me."

Russell sat down with Winfrey for the Oct. 7th episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter" -- and tried to explain what happened to him on the day he broke down back in March.

TMZ first posted the video of Russell's meltdown, showing him frantically babbling about the devil and pounding the concrete.

O's people have yet to release a clip of the interview ... but they did release the following excerpt:

OPRAH: "What do you remember, Jason?"

JASON: "I remember me flipping off cars."

OPRAH: "Flipping off cars? Like with your..."

JASON: "With both hands. I remember that just like 'doot,' just like a little memory. I remember running around our lemon tree. I remember ..."

OPRAH: "There were reports that you were breaking into cars?"

JASON: "There are reports. I mean I think I was stopping cars in the street. People said I was laying in the street – it's a busy street – I was laying in the street."

OPRAH: "How did you get your robe off? How do you go from running out with your robe on to your robe off?"

JASON: "Again, it's really hard to explain if people who have never had an out-of-body experience, but it really wasn't me. That wasn't me, that person on the street corner ranting and raving and naked is not me, that's not who I am."

JASON: [I remember] walking around snapping my fingers up and down ... slapping my hands on the ground as hard as I can. Just slapping them on the ground. Talking to myself. Ranting. Raving. Talking about good versus evil, God and the devil. I mean it was just very out of control."


No Avatar


bath salts? o.O

752 days ago

Spencer B in MD    

Jason Russell - Just put the straight jacket back on, take your meds and slink off under a rock.

752 days ago


I have no idea who this guy is. Seriously. Who is he and why do we care if he got naked and why is Oprah interviewing him?

752 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

I see he graduated from the Larry Craig school of mental health and integrity.
Full on sick puppy republican homosexual denial mode.

752 days ago


Anyway, I don't believe this happened without the help of something...if he has no history of mental illness, then I just don't believe this came out of the blue and he didn't take anything that made him act like that.. sorry not buying it!

752 days ago

furious cupcakes    

This is such a huge story that just fell off the face of the earth...I wondering who was going to break it!

752 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

it all began one sunny morning at 11:30 AM watch the full video... ;)

UP-CLOSE Naked Meltdown
click here

752 days ago


Oprah still hasn't gone away yet?

752 days ago


I guess he just got out of rehab and is looking to make his next scam happen.

752 days ago


Just admit it dude.........You were on drugs.

752 days ago


Ohh, he went on Oprah and explained it. All better now.

752 days ago


Oprah Winfey?? hahahahahahaha

752 days ago


This NUT has lost all credibility. Kony and his people now have shirts that say JASON 2012

752 days ago


Psychotic mania. Keep up the stigma pal, you're worthless.

752 days ago


Once a crazy always a crazy....

752 days ago
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