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Matt Barnes

I'm Sorry for Calling Cop

'Fa**ot,' 'Pu**y'

10/3/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes is apologizing for calling the cop who arrested him a fa**ot and a pu**y.  In case you're really bad at "Wheel of Fortune," one word is derogatory toward gays ... the other toward women. 

Barnes tells TMZ, "I would like to apologize for the unfortunate language I used.  I know that certain words are extremely hurtful." 

Barnes goes on:  "I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone.  This comment, spoken in the heat of a difficult moment, does not accurately reflect my actual point of view."

As we first reported, Barnes and the cop clearly had beef.  The same officer stopped Barnes twice before and waited nearly 2 hours in a Manhattan Beach, CA parking lot last July for Barnes to leave a restaurant -- then arresting him for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest (see dash cam video below).


Barnes eventually pled no contest to misdemeanor interfering with a cop and driving while not in possession of a license. He got off with a fine and informal probation.

Barnes tells TMZ, "I hope that any and all offended parties can accept my sincerest apologies."

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No Avatar


TMZ needs to have a "No Apology Necessary" button because Matt can call the pig cop a f*ggot, p*ssy or any other insult he wants to call that piece of shiot.

753 days ago


Don't apologize to that cop! I bet he called you names too and you don't see him apologizing!

753 days ago


Why every time some stupid ignorant person get called out for the things they say, they want to apologize later and say those word don't reflect on how I feel. BUT YOU SAID IT. Its always stupid ignorant trash.

753 days ago

Big Gay Al    

Welcome to the world of TMZ where someone who uses the word fa**ot is pure trash, and someone who is a convicted rapist (Iron Mike) is treated like a hero.

753 days ago

lexington marlow    

Some white cops just have hard ons for blacks. How did he know what restaurant he was headed? Sick Pig ! Toss him a crispy creme doughnut.

753 days ago


He looks like he has the IQ of a fart.

753 days ago


Barnes needs to respect officers. The wife needed to be arrested too. What a bitch - Barnes was going to be arrested anyways. Stupid woman.

753 days ago


My mother told me, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". People are such babies today, and I can't imagine them surviving as the original pioneers that came to this country and lived without any modern conveniences.

753 days ago


the cop was a ***got and a *****. he harasses a guy behind his shield, matt barnes would knock this coward out in 3 seconds. nothing better to do than stalk a man to bust him for a suspended license. what a joke cops are.

753 days ago


Hollywood is a huge HYPOCRITE regarding GAYS.
Hollywood claims to be supporter's of Gay's & support Gay Charities, but . . .
Hollywood still BLACKLISTS Gay's from getting work except in cases when that gay actor has the support. of the public.

753 days ago


Celebrities are huge HYPOCRITES regarding GAYS.
Celebrities claim to be supporter's of Gay's & supporter's of Gay Charities, but . . .
Whenever backed in a corner . . . 1st word out of a celebrity's mouth is "F aggot."

753 days ago


Matt, what you did was right. Never apologize. And YES, this cop is a stalker...he was after you. Probably just an angry bitter cop who barely finished high school.

753 days ago


I think Matt and the cop are both a-holes. I have a lot of concern about the cop, a public servant, doing what he did (is there really so little crime that he has 2 hours to hang out while Matt eats dinner?) and behaving the way he did. However, if Matt hadn't committed several violations the cop would have no legal reason to bother him.

753 days ago


I hate it when people become pauzzes and apologies for something they truly believe in. Men especially the black man have been slangback, sugarshoes, weak MFs.

753 days ago


**** political correctness. piece of **** trash ghetto ******. why is whitey the only person expected to be politically correct. why can ghetto trash call people names, they get the green card when it comes to calling people names. rap about calling each other ******s but the second whitey says or does anything, its racism. a soon as his playing days are over he will be selling crack and his children

753 days ago
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