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Big Bird to Mitt Romney

Thanks for the Shoutout!

(Even Though You Want Me Dead)

10/4/2012 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Big Bird
and the rest of the fine people at Sesame Street don't give two craps about Mitt Romney's politics -- but they're PUMPED he gave BB a shoutout during last night's Presidential debate ... despite the whole "Death to PBS" thing.

Sesame Street released a statement this morning following Romney's Big Bird reference, saying, "Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization. We do not comment on campaigns, but we're happy we can all agree that everyone likes Big Bird."

In case you missed the debate last night, Romney mentioned Big Bird in reference to cutting PBS funding in order to save government money.

Romney said, "I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS ... I like PBS. I love Big Bird. But I'm not going to keep spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it."

A rep for Sesame Street -- which has been a partner of PBS for 43 years -- says the show relies on PBS to distribute its commercial-free programming to children. In other words, no PBS ... no Sesame Street.

The CEO of PBS Paula Kerger told CNN this morning, "With the enormous problems facing the country, the fact that we are the focus is unbelievable to me. We are America’s biggest classroom, we touch children across the country in every home."

Long story short, Romney wants to kill Big Bird.


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I guess I must be a dummy because I will be voting for Obama again. I'll be d*mned if Mitt gets in office and takes way my job. I work for the goverment agencies that Mitt wants to close. I need my job!! UGH!

713 days ago


I love big bird, but why should the government pay for him? Lets stop wasting money, especially on PBS. Now lets go after much more. We don't need a pipeline splitting the country from canada to the gulf coast just to ship oil to china. Let canada pipeline it through their country and ship it out. It won't do a thing for our energy problems.

713 days ago


I never understood why, with all the money generated by the Sesame Street line of toys, videos, books, cloths, and on and on, they could not pay their own way. Their products are very expensive. Not to mention the constant pledge drives begging for more money. Saying PBS is non-partisan is a joke. They push their left wing agenda on their programming and content continually.

713 days ago

Mike Hawk    

TMZ stop being so damn bias!! Just because Jay Z is on Obama's jock doesn't mean you have to be. I enjoy TMZ but will not be voting for Obama

713 days ago


Romney doesn't want to kill Big Bird he just wants to take him off life support. Not a decision I agree with. Don't see how he can be for increasing education funding yet kill one of the best educational tools available to pre school children

713 days ago


If they are "America's Biggest Classroom," the we, Americans, have bigger problems than I thought! Seriously!


713 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Davet: Be not further self-deceived, FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Et Al, are all playing to their respective
Demographic-targets. Offering, shamelessly slanted
opinion, disguised as "News".
"Corporate America" shills. Nothing more.

713 days ago


Wow, you stupid gotta reach THIS far to find something bad to say about Romney???

He kicked that liar's @ss last night & you can't stand it!!!


713 days ago

OH NO!    

If that is all Romney can pull out of his 'Cult Religion' loving ass, we are all doomed.

713 days ago


o by the way you notice how all the celebs that supported obama so strongly four years ago have yet to support him lately...its because they know if they do , especially after last nights debate, they will look foolish

713 days ago


Really?? Now thats not biased at all is it TMZ?? If you like PBS as mich as I do you can participate in their plegde pledge drives. What happens to all the money sesame street makes off merchandising?? Who believes they need tax payer subsidies??

713 days ago


What is with the photo of Romney. You had to look long and hard to find one that was that unflattering. TMZ your bias is showing.

713 days ago

some guy    

Never noticed Big Bird's cold dead eyes before. Wouldn't surprise me to discover a basement freezer filled with dismembered body parts.

713 days ago


Romney whooped that ass last night! It's hard to compete when your record for the pass 4 years sucks! I almost felt sorry for Obama by the end of the debates. Almost!

713 days ago


Bwahahaha! Even TMZ had to dig hard after last nights ass whoopin! TMZ- Romney wants to kill BB. Al Gore- the high altitude is what caused Obamas epic EPIC fail. *sigh* can't fix stupid that's for sure.

713 days ago
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