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Jim Lehrer

I Felt Kinda Disrespected

10/4/2012 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Lehrer made it clear to TMZ ... he's well aware he was treated like a doormat by President Obama and Mitt Romney during Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Our camera guy asked Lehrer at Reagan National Airport, "Do you feel you were disrespected by President Obama and Governor Romney?"

Lehrer responded, "I didn't expect much. I didn't have a lot of expectations." Translation -- doormat.

And, of course, we also asked him about the demise of Big Bird.

BTW, Lehrer issued a statement saying part of his mission was to stay out of the way of the flow.  Mission accomplished.


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He should have gotten medieval on mittens' ass.

748 days ago


The whole debate was awful. Romney was boorish and I can't believe he stood up there and said he'd take us back to the days of Bush. Obama was way too quiet and seemed out of it. Lehrer was an awful moderator. He let Romney walk all over him by constantly insisting on having the last word. Having said that, two minutes to answer is too short. They should get five minutes and they should not answer for each other - as in "my opponent wants...". They should speak only for themselves.

748 days ago

Bubba the Great    

Oh now, for do folks on de left coast... I'd say uncle Sambo in Chief is feelin awful bad today. Ole boy Mitt done pounce on him bad bad. He lookalike de gumbo may have turn his stomach cause mister mitt gave him a sermon dat tell a whole lotta truth for us peoples wantin to get backs to work and he shonuff preach on dem things that Bo be having troublez getting done. Sambo been cookin de rue now for four years but de gumbo ain't tastin right and enough to feed the people. So brother Jim you be fine and ain't no need to worry cause you still got a job but for uncle sambo need to know he ain't right pleasing no other folks but dem yes folk he surround himself with... Down here in de bayou we want a leader and a president man... Not no mo excuses and he said she said. He look like a gator done bite him and too scared to keep the creek water from rising . He may have had too much fun in las vegas and must be thinking he gonna dbl down with us good folks money because all I heard from him last night be a lotta nothing kinda like he be doin up der in dat fancy white house for the last four years. But what do I know I is just a swamp agent.

748 days ago


liberals are butt hurt today at romney handing obamas ass to him.lets blame the moderator and whine about big bird.its really all the liberals have got

748 days ago


i am glad that romney spoke over the moderator.the liberal moderator tried to stop romney in mid sentence many times.that is what is wrong with obama he spews many lies an no one ever calls him on them.well romney called him on his bs last night.something the liberal media will never do.

748 days ago

AF vet    

That was the worst mediator job I have ever seen. He was terrible. He ever questioned any of the lies that we told

748 days ago


if roles were reversed and obama had debated like romney last night.the left wing media would be praising the moderator saying what a good job he did.instead the liberal moderator couldnt save obama and couldnt keep romney quiet from calling obama on his bs so of course they bring up big bird and blame the moderator.obama sucked last night because he was the real teleprompter to read from.

748 days ago


Oh please ! You were helping oBAMa with the questions and feeding him the words to use!

748 days ago

Miss K    

Jim Lehrer allowed Mitt Romney to have the last word in the first section, which set the tone for disrespect. Obama didn't have a choice. He looked weak when he tried to be respectful, so he had to stand up a few times to be able to respond to Romney's continual interruptions. Romney is a man who is used to being in charge, but he has no respect for the authority of others. He behaved like a spoiled brat, not a leader.

748 days ago


First, I didn't hear him say that they disrespected him as TMZ put out on their headline, and to add doormat as their translation for the whole thing is rediculous. Second, I don't think either won last night. It was one of the most boring debates I've ever seen. So far neither has actually said what they were really going to do for the citizens of the United States. Just a bunch of he said and he didn't do what he said he was going to do. This election will not be about who's the best to run this country. It will be about race, money and how not to be able to lead this country back to prosperity.

748 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think Obama is the one who is a liar, he said with a straight face he was never in Reverend Wright's church when he said vile things about white people. Obama sat in that church and never had a problem with Wright who is a racist. Obama also said the day he was elected President that he would close Gitmo, that was 3 1/2 years ago? He lied about that to get elected, then never came through on his promise. So as long as we are calling Romney a liar lets not forget to throw Obama in there too! He has been less than honest

748 days ago


Talk about a Romney thug..he was so ut of touch he offended everyone...from seniors on Big Bird on PBS..and he lied..liar liar..Obama was cool he let him rant and rant and will get him next time around..Now we really know that people will be voting for Obama..Mitt is scary and for the other liar Ryan who reminds me of woody Woodpecker to go against Biden..Biden will laugh in his lying face...

748 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Romney only won the contest of not stuttering more and speaking without hesitation. He lost though because he lied about just about everything. Obama lied about things as well but Romney doubled Obama in lies.

Not to mention it's easy to sound confident when you're just throwing out general ideas and flat out lies. There's never a plan with Romney, he just says there is.

He tried to deny that he'd be giving the upper class tax breaks when his whole campaign has showed that to be untrue. Obama was prepared to go at Romney with the stuff he's been saying but it's hard to do so when the guy just 180s everything he's said in the past and acts like it's not true.

748 days ago


For Jim Leher to comment that "he didn't have high expectations " was condescending and arrogant.

748 days ago


Oh cry me a river!

748 days ago
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