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Jim Lehrer

I Felt Kinda Disrespected

10/4/2012 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Lehrer made it clear to TMZ ... he's well aware he was treated like a doormat by President Obama and Mitt Romney during Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Our camera guy asked Lehrer at Reagan National Airport, "Do you feel you were disrespected by President Obama and Governor Romney?"

Lehrer responded, "I didn't expect much. I didn't have a lot of expectations." Translation -- doormat.

And, of course, we also asked him about the demise of Big Bird.

BTW, Lehrer issued a statement saying part of his mission was to stay out of the way of the flow.  Mission accomplished.


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Wow Harve , I know that perception is reality. But its not cool to bag on fat people. Bag on the flavorists who use processed foods as a fat delivery system. Shine on you crazy diamonds.

716 days ago


They shouldn't be using dinosaurs in the first place.
Obama was exposed as not being the most intelligent person in the room. Had the media vetted obama in the first place Obama might have been ready if he ever made it this far up the chain after being vetted. The media couldn't protect his sorry ass from being in over his head.
Hell ! the first time he had a hard question was when Univision's host asked him why he armed the drug cartels with Fast and Furious automatic weapons that killed hundreds of Mexican citizens and 16 teenagers having a party.

716 days ago


The moderator did a terrible job. And I am not taking away from Romneys win when I say that. Obama was off his game last night and Romney probibly would have won no matter who moderated.

But Lehrer was really bad. When Romney demanded the last word and he allowed him to have it that's when everything went off the rails, because how could he refuse Obama the last word after that? And I am pretty sure he forgot who started a few times. Add to that he would interrupt both cadidates mid sentance and made them lose their train of thought which made their answers go on even longer.

Hopefully the next moderator will do a better job.

716 days ago


Romney has always been the wolf in sheep's clothing and he definitely shed those clothes for the PUBLIC to see last night. He was like a disrespectful middle school student talking over a teacher. My parents weren't millionaires but AT LEAST I can say they taught me manners.

716 days ago


HOW in the world did he EVER get to be the moderator? He is too old for one and had NO control for two! He should be totally embarrassed!

716 days ago


Frankly, it's a mystery to me how they could agree on this spineless clown to moderate a debate which could potentially affect the whole election. He got stomped on and trampled over again and again, and did literally nothing to retain authority. If anything about this whole debate was disgusting it was this pathetic loser.

716 days ago


Funny, I thought Lehrer lost control of the debate right from the start. I also thought there were times when he cut Romney short, & times he let Obama speak over the limit.

716 days ago


I didn't like it when Mitt Romney said that he would cut PBS programming, he was very arrogant about it.. I think Mitt, is a very cruel man..

I looked at his eyes and he looked like somebody that wanted to serve his own interests and not the American people!

716 days ago


Jeez, stop over stating the Big Bird thing. It was a quip and a funny. And it was funny. End of story. Romney is a big, big dog. And Obama is a chihuahua along with this Lehrer guy. And they can't run with the big dogs and heavy weights. They are socialist liberals who dream of rose colored glasses and hugging trees, and , yes, Big Bird. But that is not the way the real world works. Maybe in a small European country, but not the United States. Big Bird, brilliant Romney. Love it.

716 days ago


Mitt Romney disrespected him, not President Obama!

716 days ago


Jim Lehrer did a very poor job of running the show last night. Romney never answered a question in detail and Lehrer let him off the hook, but what else would you expect from Lehrer.

716 days ago

Bubba the Great    

Obama disrespected America when his admin insulted our nations intelligence with that baloni story about a BS YouTube video being the cause of the terrorist attacks !!!! Obama or Osama Hussein ....

716 days ago


Let's hope this is Jim Lehrer's last presidential debate.

He was weak.

716 days ago


Obama actually spoke 4 minutes LONGER than Romney was just fine!

716 days ago


By the way, you know that his surname is German? It's translation is "Teacher".

So here's my bet on how long he would survive in a school class: a minute. And that's an optimistic guess.

716 days ago
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