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Jim Lehrer

I Felt Kinda Disrespected

10/4/2012 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jim Lehrer made it clear to TMZ ... he's well aware he was treated like a doormat by President Obama and Mitt Romney during Wednesday's Presidential debate.

Our camera guy asked Lehrer at Reagan National Airport, "Do you feel you were disrespected by President Obama and Governor Romney?"

Lehrer responded, "I didn't expect much. I didn't have a lot of expectations." Translation -- doormat.

And, of course, we also asked him about the demise of Big Bird.

BTW, Lehrer issued a statement saying part of his mission was to stay out of the way of the flow.  Mission accomplished.


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Hey Jim, tmz is hiring.

716 days ago


I think you did an outstanding job, given the situation and power houses at hand.

716 days ago


It was Romney doing the dissing. The Pres was far more civil than Lying Mitt.
Romney showed the world just how much he enjoys firing people. Right to their face, and ours. And you think that snake is going to create high paying jobs ? Sure, right after he tries to wipe out the unions.

716 days ago

Throwback kid    

Obama is your typical Chicago thug! He got punched in the face last night by Romney and like your typical bully Obama was unable to recover and folded, Romney took him to school last night, Obama wanted nothing to do with the smarter faster thinking Romney

716 days ago


I thought he did a really good job. No "got ya" questions, he stayed out of the way, he let them just roll with it, the questions were good but not what either side really wanted which is good, and he gave them plenty of rope to hang themselves if they wanted to. I thought it was a good debate and showed the real character of the two candidates.

716 days ago

S44lktsp said Romney was wrong 18% of the debate, said Obama was untruthful 67%......still trying
to deside , but if Obama gets elected and says he has
inheirted a mess thats it does anyone know if they have talked Chris Mathews off the ledge?

716 days ago


I'm an independent who watched both the RNC and the DNC also the Obama/Romney debate. To me Romney looked "glassy eyed" at both the RNC and the debate last night...gotta wonder!!!!

716 days ago


Lol. Barack rarely interrupted Lehrer and when he attempted to, Lehrer shut him down. But somehow, Lehrer allowed Romney to get his statement out each and every time he interrupted him, which was the entire night. Disrespectful to say the least. Romney cut both Obama and Lehrer off too many times to count and that is the truth. The news stations went over all the lies Romney told. The issue with Romney is that his policies change more than the weather. One week he's for something, the next, he's against it. It all depends on who is target audience is and that is the truth. He went back and forth on being a pro-lifer and pro-choice depending on what position he was running for. I'm sorry but I can't even keep up with what his policies are and I'm not mad at Obama for not being able to do the same.

716 days ago


Great job Jim,you can only do so much.

716 days ago



Both Lehrer and obama have been living off the government for way too long......

716 days ago


You have been an Obama/Davis puppet too long and couldn't know the truth if it bit you. He can't open his mouth without lying. ...and you and yours just lap it up. Along with the lousy media that won't give him up, its something to behold. But beware. His lies are starting to catch up.

716 days ago


This is the craziest bait and switch headline I've ever seen.

Since you guys are OK with this, you should be able to really clean up traffic wise... just go around and ask people any batsh-t crazy question you want, and then craft whatever headline you want, regardless of what they say.

"Barbara! Barbara! Are you the most annoying person on earth?"

Barbara doesn't respond...

Next day the headline reads

Barbara Streisand - I Am the Most Annoying Person on Earth!

It's gold. You guys are going to take over the entire media. Because you are geniuses.

716 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Jim, long after either one of these impotents leave office you'll still be around. Those of us intelligent enough to appreciate you have your back.

716 days ago


I liked it. Let the candidates debate the issues and make their points. It's not about the moderator.

716 days ago

Good riddance!    

Whether you liked Lehrer or not, from what I understand he won't be doing any more debates. He's not being penalized for anything, it's just how it is being done.

716 days ago
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