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Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddy

We're NOT Dating!

10/4/2012 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is ABSOLUTELY NOT in a committed relationship with the rich and famous artist who lets the actress drive his expensive cars whenever she wants ... this according to the artist.

In case you forgot, Lohan was driving Domingo Zapata's fancy Porsche in NYC last month when she allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of the Dream Hotel ... where she was later arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Rumors immediately spread that Lindsay was dating Domingo -- but this week in L.A., Zapata made it clear, it just ain't true ... the two are "just friends."

But that doesn't mean Domingo ain't lookin' -- dude tells us he looooves the ladies.

So if art, money and ultra-deep V-necks are your thing ...


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Suzy Q     


Hey Suzy Q, since personality disorders are rarely stand alones, I will see your narcissistic disorder and add some borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies.

Just saw the ante go up! She's definitely got BPD but I still raise you one Histrionic PD!

Read more:

710 days ago

Suzy Q     

I don't know if this posted yet, but this is from the HP this morning.

"Lindsay Lohan's pal, Claus Hjelmbak, who was present the night she claims she was assaulted at the W Hotel in NYC, is speaking out on her behalf, revealing, "she's not in a good place."

But he tells E! News that "it's not because of health issues."

"She's not in a good place, because people around her keep throwing her under the bus," he clarifies.

Christian LaBella, who Lohan accused of assault, was released from police custody after authorities determined no crime was committed and dropped the charges. But Hjelmbak says that although he nor Lohan knew LaBella before the incident, he knows why the 26-year-old actress befriended him that night.

"Lindsay is a sweet girl and is very open and nice when people come over and talk," Hjelmbak explains. "In this case, she thought it was somebody her friends knew."

The night turned ugly when Lohan started to notice that LaBella was taking photos of her, with Hjelmbak adding that "she was visibly shaken already at that point."

"She was shocked," he confesses, adding that Lohan only had "a drink or two" that night."


I feel soooooo bad! I totally misunderstood her! It's not her fault! It's everone else's!

Here' s Claus's Long Island theme song....

I'm an Enabler, he's an Enabler, she's an Enabler we're an Enabler...
wouldn't you like to be an Enabler too?

710 days ago


A Tweet one hour ago:

Just partied and met Lindsey Lohan at Day & Night. Get the **** at me. #celebrities

710 days ago


Where she is partying:

710 days ago


Where's my BEBY?

Can we pound that? No? Oh, OK.


710 days ago


Someone that has been in rehab 5 times, should NOT be drinking at all.

Now we've had her Mom admit she's still drinking, and her friend Claus.

That her Mom and Claus are ok with this, is amazing to me. She is surrounded by nothing but enablers, down to every last person in her family. (Yes, Delmar, even her brothers and sister!)

710 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

She's just a junkie and a whore now.

710 days ago


OK, lets be REAL here for a moment. It's the ONLY time I'll probably agree with Nicole, but lets be honest, she only went to rehab 5 FVCKIN TIMES either to avoid jail or assist her 'career'. It was NEVER anything SHE wanted. EVER!! And quite frankly, NEVER will. . .

As far as 'MOMMY' or Claus are concerned, she's merely a little 'bread and butter', several bottles of liquor or an 8 ball from the latest gossip site willing to pay for an 'EXCLUSIVE'. NOBODY gives a crap if Blohan is boozing and/or doing drugs. It's better that way for THEM, her fvck ups keep THEM in the money, giving 'exclusives' or being an 'anonymous source' to the tabloids. If you really think about it, its rather sad, NOBODY and I mean not even her own 'MOMMY' gives a sh!t about this SLAG!

710 days ago

Suzy Q     

I just want to see that arrogant smirk slapped off her face. I'll do it if no one else wants to.

710 days ago

Suzy Q     

The Daily Mail has a new story out with photos (outside that shoe store today), and all I can say is gag me. I swear I've never seen anyone who dresses worse than this moron. She always looks dumpy and like she's fifty trying to lood 35.

The story says funny things like "While coming off stellar reviews from Lifetime network of her performance as Elizabeth Taylor..."

710 days ago


There was a prediction made a while back that she will pass soon and that it will be in New York. This isn't a revelation, but this was made before she went "home" to New York.

Have a good day, all!

710 days ago


thank god she doesnt own any pets..or have any children

710 days ago


I see Lindsay is now "never leave home without your facefift bans and contour makeup....and believe me you Lucy(zoom) up on the daily mail shots and you can see the stetch on the lifts and the heavy contour of the others ...and behind them glasses is some bags under the eyes.......
But what is so funny to me is she's wearing another pair of them dam black legging , she must have a million of them and that bathsuit topper the kind you wear at the beach to cover your suit and a sweater.....which makes perfect sense .........if you have NO fashion sence what so ever !!!!! and don't get me started on those shoes cause ain't know way a human being can walk around more then a hundred yards in those thing without breaking your neck... ..Wonder who she is advertizing for...Tramps or Us.....or maybe..Smart and Slutty.....Don't say she looks like a Slut ..cause every slut I every saw dressed better then that.....every that "Haute" culture crap they label cloths with wouldn't work on that outfit cause its just plain nasty.....

710 days ago


Went to a Beauty products whom I won't name party the other night were we had a professional makeup artist demonstrate how to contour your face to cover flaws make it thinner etc etc....was a pretty good demo to if you like to spend that much time puttin on makeup ........anyway......Lindsay looks like the chart she used on were to place the darker contour......BEFORE it is bliended in....its that obvious....... I

710 days ago


About them leggin's shes been wearting them around now for about 2 years or more with that hidiouse black studded leather jacket she shared with Ali and with those mens tee shirts.... Contary to what people thing she doesn't have that many clothes cause she brought them all to NYC in 12 suitcases and that would be shoes to...cause I've seen those shoes before on a outfit she wore in LA me .....Women remember shoes ! ...LOL ......and I have a excellent memory and recall for little details which drive me crazy sometimes ...being able to recall what someone wore but not remembering their name.....! .......aweeeeeeeee the wonders of gettin older....don't ya just love it....!!!

710 days ago
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