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Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddy

We're NOT Dating!

10/4/2012 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is ABSOLUTELY NOT in a committed relationship with the rich and famous artist who lets the actress drive his expensive cars whenever she wants ... this according to the artist.

In case you forgot, Lohan was driving Domingo Zapata's fancy Porsche in NYC last month when she allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of the Dream Hotel ... where she was later arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Rumors immediately spread that Lindsay was dating Domingo -- but this week in L.A., Zapata made it clear, it just ain't true ... the two are "just friends."

But that doesn't mean Domingo ain't lookin' -- dude tells us he looooves the ladies.

So if art, money and ultra-deep V-necks are your thing ...


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Mumra the Ever Living    

> Of course they are not "dating" - if you think about it, where would he take her on a date? He doesn't look like the type that would go to bars and bust up the furniture because someone bumps into you. He doesn't look like the kind of person who would go to a club and then try to saddle up to real celebrities to get their picture taken. And he doesn't look like the kind of person who would leave his kids on his weekend of custody to spend 36 hours with Lohan and her druggie friends frying their brains.
> He does however, look like the kind of guy who would like to lay down at the end of a long day of creating "art" and have some woman hunker down on his hog.
> He doesn't really have to pay her because she's sleeping in the walk-in closet of his hotel suite, he lends her his car, and buys her cheap Meth and Parliaments. Yep, all in all, a pretty sweet deal. Well, it was sweet until she hit that guy barreling into the parking garage and then made sure the paparazzi was in position for her photo-op with his children. Now his name isn't associated with his art but is down in the gutter with Lilo. I wonder how many hours of time with his kids that cost him?
> So here's to you Domingo Zapata. You become just another in the long list of bodies that have been left in the wake of Lindsay Lohan. I hope those few moments of sexual release are worth the world of hurt that no doubt has come to your life.
> BTW Domingo, have you had your blood tested lately? Honestly, you may want to do that as soon as possible.

752 days ago


We all know Liho doesn't "date" per se.....OK, she does but it's on an hourly rate!

752 days ago


I just looked up his paintings (never heard of him & I actually pay attention to the art world), and man, New York has the crappiest art scene ever. So 1980's.

752 days ago


Did anybody listen to the video up there with Zapata? I may have heard wrong, so wondering if anybody else heard him say it wasn't good with that dentist? My ears are still plugged up so wasn't quite sure what he said. Clarification please?

752 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is a "Himbos" kind of bimbo. A Himbo is the opposite of a bimbo in case you didnt know. Red Cloud, Smith/Marvin, RW, DAVET, all Himbos. This guy is just a wierdo.

752 days ago


Blohan is a hooker - pay for play, porta potty. She doesn't work, but somehow is traveling to Europe and spending a lot of money, even with all the lawsuits and pending "settlements." She is definitely getting paid by this dude

752 days ago


Recently, a small medical camera was inserted into
Red Diaper Rash Cloud’s feather socket to record his alleged brain activity. Here is the result:

752 days ago


Lindsay is nothing more than a high priced hooker for the sleezy set.

752 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Pics of the "HOMELESS HOTEL HOOKER!" from yesterday.
Damn is she fat and UGLY!!!!

Lindsay Lohan in New York City on October 2, 2012

752 days ago


This dude looks like Charles Manson.

752 days ago

some guy    

Anyone know if this guy's work is any good? Seems I just know of him and nothing about any stuff he's made.

752 days ago


OMG, I just saw the desecration Zapata did to his version of the Mona Lisa, he needs to stop. That was the most god awful painting I have EVER seen.

752 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

She sure is resting at her mothers house on Long Island. Mummy is taking such good cae of her.

752 days ago


CDAN - Blind Item #1 - Easy

What former B list actress who had designs on being A list and is now on the mess list says she was bullied in school.
The truth is that when she was in school, it was her the other kids used to run from because she was the biggest bully around.
Don't do drugs kids because it makes your mind see things that were never there.

752 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     


Lifetime and Lohan, Inc. trying really hard to spin that crap movie Liz and Dick. Get a load of this heap of horse sh!t.....SO FREAKIN' FUNNY !!!!!


Lindsay Lohan Is "Magical" as Elizabeth Taylor, Says Lifetime Exec; He'd "Absolutely" Hire Her Again

by Rebecca Macatee Today 8:35 AM PDT


There were various reports that Lindsay Lohan wasn't exactly an exemplary employee on the set of Liz & Dick, the made-for-TV film in which she played Elizabeth Taylor.

But Lifetime's executive vice president of programming, Rob Sharenow, told E! News exclusively that he would "absolutely" hire Lohan again.

"I mean she really delivered," he gushed Wednesday at the premiere of Steel Magnolias in NYC. "I think you'll be very impressed. It's an amazing performance—very compelling. She really inhabits the role in a way that's astonishing."

Lindsay opens up about being bullied in high school

And is Lifetime hoping Lohan's embattled personal life will drive up the ratings for Liz & Dick? "Well, there's certainly a fascination with Lindsay," said Sharenow. "And I think there's something kind of magical about her as Elizabeth because there are so many parallels between their lives."

Sharenow said he also wanted to "shout out to Lindsay's costar, Grant Bowler. Their chemistry is palpable." Bowler, of course, played opposite Lindsay as Richard Burton.

Liz & Dick will premiere Nov. 25 on Lifetime.


752 days ago
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