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Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddy

We're NOT Dating!

10/4/2012 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is ABSOLUTELY NOT in a committed relationship with the rich and famous artist who lets the actress drive his expensive cars whenever she wants ... this according to the artist.

In case you forgot, Lohan was driving Domingo Zapata's fancy Porsche in NYC last month when she allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of the Dream Hotel ... where she was later arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Rumors immediately spread that Lindsay was dating Domingo -- but this week in L.A., Zapata made it clear, it just ain't true ... the two are "just friends."

But that doesn't mean Domingo ain't lookin' -- dude tells us he looooves the ladies.

So if art, money and ultra-deep V-necks are your thing ...


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Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

Domingo is a great friend for Lindsay.

751 days ago


More great NY press for Lohan Inc...hope DUIna is clipping and saving these:

"As Lo as a ma can go"

When will the party end for Dina Lohan?

It’s hard to find a speck of sympathy for Lindsay Lohan, who has lately moved her one-woman crazy act from LA to New York, cutting a swath of destruction, depravity and potential doom in the wee hours, when sane adults are counting sheep.

At 26, Lindsay has traded her youth, her looks and her last shred of the public’s patience for a me-first party lifestyle that ends weekly in the news and on the police blotter with the celebutard’s battle cry, “It’s not my fault!’’

Well, she learned from a pro.

With a mother like Dina, Lindsay was doomed. For Dina is a momster who, at age 50, has long competed with Lindsay’s stardom and enabled her, sponged off her, and tacitly encouraged her child’s addictions by behaving like Linz’s best frenemy when the girl badly needs a mom.

Dina, get some help. Leave Lindsay alone!

Dina’s insatiable appetite for the limelight that’s reflected off her famous spawn led her to appear on TV with Dr. Phil McGraw — sweating, slurring and jerking her body to the point where I feared she was suffering a televised seizure. Fed up with the act, Dr. Phil called her a “phony.’’ She responded with her middle fingers. It was 10 a.m.

“Are we rolling? Are we rolling?’’ she continually asked. “It feels so hot in here!’’ When Dr. Phil queried Dina about her ex-husband, Michael, she said with a weirdly fetching smile, “I feel like we’re on a date.’’

With the show, broadcast within days of Lindsay’s latest escapades in New York, Dina accomplished the unthinkable: She made Lindsay’s creepy dad, who has done time for securities crimes and driving infractions, and who was charged multiple times with assault, appear like the responsible parent.

“Instead of a talk show, go to rehab! Sober up and learn to stop using our kids as pawns,’’ Michael Lohan lectured via Radar Online.

Dina denied she was drunk — on “Entertainment Tonight”: “I was extremely upset.’’ Mmmkay.

Dina has also denied to Matt Lauer that Lindsay had an all-access pass to rehab. She blames an LA judge, the media — anyone but Lindsay — for her woes. But Dina had the gall to bring cameras from “ET” to peek at Lindsay in a rehab center, which must have done wonders for her recovery.

Dina introduces herself to strangers not as Lindsay’s mom, but as her personal assistant. She boasted she once tried to pick up an uninterested George Clooney by disguising herself as a Lindsay staffer.

“I don’t want [him] to know I’m her mom,’’ she said.

Manhattan psychotherapist Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil finds the competitive edge disturbing.

“Yes, Dina is a big enabler,’’ she said. “It appears she lives vicariously through the fame of her daughter, perhaps because she didn’t have the life of fame and luxury of money while growing up. She may be starstruck, and in some way threatened by her daughter.’’

The high jinks that led Linz to be the most feared and despised celeb in LA continued in New York last month, when she was arrested at 2:30 a.m. outside a club at the Maritime Hotel, accused of hitting cook José Rodriguez’s leg with her Lexus SUV. This made serious people wonder: Why the devil doesn’t this dame employ a driver? But the car bump was not visible on a surveillance video, and Lindsay claims it never happened.

Then, a week later, lightning struck again. At 5:45 a.m. on a Sunday morning, Lindsay tussled with a low-level congressional staffer she met at 1Oak. She said she got hurt as she tried to make Christian LaBella surrender photos and videos he secretly made. She called cops, but they treated her like a disease. No arrests were made.

Lately, Dina has set her sights on molding into a star Lindsay’s younger and less talented sister, Ali, 18. Shockingly, Ali has lately looked emaciated and years older, sparking talk that the young woman suffers from an eating disorder.

Her mother, of course, denies this.

The enabler must be stopped.

751 days ago


Ha ! beat me to it Nikki !!!! He who is the vice president of programming ! What in the hell would you expect him to day.......after all he was the one that probably worked the deal on this stinker in the first place....His ass is on the line more ways then one.....
They are digging deep....Hell has anybody who wasn't attached to that movie at all in some way said anything good about it .....the answer is
HELL NO !!!..... LOL

751 days ago


They are hurting cause they can't do the the nomal talk show rounds but expect them to hit both Access and Extra as well as E ! Online because of who owns them Timm Warner thats who.....who is Harveys boss.. just follow the bouncing ball..... and any talk show that needs ratings bad to take a chance.
Remind slime will flow thru any creak and cravis it can find to get to here its wants to go..and Lohan Inc is grade A number one slime.....

751 days ago


I would never want to smell his fingers or eat anything he touches.
Nic-Hole on the other hand would run through fire with gasoline jeans to lick his Taint meat.or eat his fumonda cheese

751 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

I can't wait for Lindsay to get locked up for PROSTITUTION

750 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

New Thread

750 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Sorry, Its not a new thread. Was this tweet and thought it was. Although it should be


Lindsay Lohan's New Movie -- Ready to Bomb?

View media Reply


750 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Lifetime is pulling out all stops to promote Lindsay Lohan's new movie "Dick & Liz"... but could this end up being a complete disaster for everyone involved?

750 days ago

delusional much LL?    

monster mommy doesn't trade in on lowhan's fame, the correct word is infamy.
calling lowhan a "star" is a joke.
other than her own trainwreck drama, what exactly is she the "star" of ?

750 days ago


Lifetime moved the movie out of the Nov. Sweeps into a Holiday weekend when viewership is lowest and put it at 9:00 pm on a Sunday night...THAT tells you what Lifetime really thinks of it!

750 days ago


I'd like to know what it cost to put up a 12 story billboard on the 9000 Sunset building? AND who's paying for it? Can Lifetime AFFORD this? I thought their movie budgets were rather slim? AND better question, why would they invest those kind of funds on a movie not even in sweeps?

750 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

BAM !!! Lohan will never get another role. So many actress better than her and do not come with, drug addictions, lies, drama, and a rap sheet.

Hollywood Tuna‏@HollywoodTuna1

Kate Upton: Future Bond Girl?

750 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> I just put this comment on Lifetime's official Dick in Liz shill page:
This movie looks like a total train wreck - what were you people thinking? I can't tell if Ms Lohan's voice is closer to Elizabeth Taylor or that other Oscar winner, Earnest Borgnine. I think that the smartest thing you could have done was moving it out of Sweeps month - it will probably do big numbers for the first half hour and then have viewership fall off a cliff.
> I was kinder than usual because I wanted to make sure that my comment stuck.
> BTW, it looks like Lifetime has replaced Dick in Liz with another movie, "Steel Magnolias" for every time they shill the Lohan movie, they have two adverts for Steel Magnolias - they even have project runway being shilled more than Lohan's travesty. In fact, there are all kind of strange movies that are getting equal play.
> @Maddy: you're right about all the money being spent on publicity - the only thing I can figure is that it was money already spent or promised as part of a contract, and they they might as well go thru with it. Believe me, Lifetime knows they have a dog, that Steel Magnolia movie looks like it's going to be on at least twice a week for about a solid month.

750 days ago


Lindsay Lohan Attempts to Steal Attention from Whitney Kropp

"After inserting herself into the Tom Cruise Vanity Fair report about him interviewing potential wives, Lindsay Lohan has decided to make herself a part of a story Katie Couric featured on her show on Tuesday about a community coming together after a girl was bullied at her school.

No doubt accompanied by a **crunch crunch crunch** noise, as La Lohan munched on an Adderall for her lunch, the 26-year-old tweeted the American TV star about a guest she’d had on the programme- Whitney Kropp, who’d been elected by girls at her school to homecoming Queen as a cruel joke.
Since then, Kropp’s been inundated with national media requests and even film and book offers and now, troubled starlet Lohan’s chipped in, publicly, of course.
She wrote: ‘@katiecouric I think what you did today on your show for #WhitneyKropp was lovely. It had me crying. I’d love to meet her.#stopbullying’.

Which is fair enough, but, this is Lilo, so she then had to make it about HER and she continued:
‘I was actually bullied @ my public school when i would leave to film. Whenever I came back girls & boys would call me names.
‘They would also mock me because of my home situation, when people found out that my father was in jail.
‘They would yell things, try to trip me & more. I moved to home-schooling instead. In 11th grade. I stuck it out for a while.’

I don’t doubt that Lindsay may have been bullied, however, given that she was living at the Chateau Marmont by the age of 17, she hardly stuck it out.
Because she rarely sticks anything out."

750 days ago
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