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Lindsay Lohan's Sugar Daddy

We're NOT Dating!

10/4/2012 12:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is ABSOLUTELY NOT in a committed relationship with the rich and famous artist who lets the actress drive his expensive cars whenever she wants ... this according to the artist.

In case you forgot, Lohan was driving Domingo Zapata's fancy Porsche in NYC last month when she allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of the Dream Hotel ... where she was later arrested for fleeing the scene of an accident.

Rumors immediately spread that Lindsay was dating Domingo -- but this week in L.A., Zapata made it clear, it just ain't true ... the two are "just friends."

But that doesn't mean Domingo ain't lookin' -- dude tells us he looooves the ladies.

So if art, money and ultra-deep V-necks are your thing ...


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Lifetime ain't paying for the Ads and Prono....Lohan Incs Moneyman is !!! renting that Ad on the building cost more then their entire movie budget...!
Have you ever seen Lifetime spent that kind of Money on anything they have done....?
NO ! and they won't either cause they ain't got that kind of money...

751 days ago

Suzy Q     

Just saw this story and watched the video of Domingo and he seems to be a shy. quiet sort that is most likely being used by Lindsay and he won't say no because she brings crazy narcissistic excitement into his life. I wonder if she's like Anna Nichole? All promise (give me stuff here rub my boobs) but no delivery.

751 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Ya know, I used to like Gaga. Till she started hang out with trashy people like Lohan and Donatella Versace. Now I find her a nasty, pig.

751 days ago

Red Cloud    

ULTRA SUPER MAXIMUM LOL!!!!!!! Poor haters!!! You're worried L&D will be a huge ratings hit. Sweeps, tweeps, kweeps, WTF is that???? Millions of people will watch and they will watch the whole fkng thing, dummies. And haters will hate or pretend to hate it and Lindsay's gigantic number of fans of various ages will love it and it will be on again and again and again just like her other movies. Heck, Georgia Rule got bad ratings and went nowhere at the box office and it's on different stations every month. Even movies like I Know Who Killed Me, probably her weakest movie, is on frequently. Now here comes Vorlon saying show me the ratings Mr. Stupid. Movies are not on CONSTANTLY if people are not watching. Rocky and Rambo are on a lot. Why? Because people don't watch? Pure stupidity!!!!! Lindsay's movies are beginning to appear on STARZ and HBO for fkng fk sakes. Are you silly haters really as delusional as you seem? Is this Candid fkng Camera????? And I will continue to bore you and annoy you with that judge thread showing huge support for Lindsay. Gossip sites do not, DO NOT attract Lindsay's large fan base. It's territory for angry, frustrated haters who need to vent. That considered, she still gets 35% for the L&D trailer, 85% the guy she 'hit' is a fraud, etc, etc.... The numbers should be 99.9% AGAINST Lindsay.
Poor things...................

751 days ago


Does Lindsay have anything lined up as far as work goes, has anyone heard? I wonder what happened to that Lady Gaga video she was supposed to film in September? Never heard anymore about that.

It really seems like she's doing less and less. She used to do modeling jobs. When is the last time she modeled?

Boy, if Liz and Dick sucks, I have a feeling that will be the end of her career...

751 days ago


While everybody knows it really sucks to be you, a kiss- ass queer fanboy, you would make a good hobo, as you don't have any balls to punch.

751 days ago


'NEXT' up for Blohan, the proverbial SEX TAPE!

751 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, this dead thread I think reflects Lindsay's career....D E A D
She has proved herself to be a demanding diva who is not a diva. If you hire her, she will bring you bad press, wreck your cars, trash possessions you are responsible for, attempt to stick you with her diva bills, hold up your production, cost you oodles of money in unnecessary diva costs, never show up, blow off meetings, require diva private jets so you can just do your freaking job, cause mayhem and make you look like an idiot for even hiring her diva self, give you grey hair, and maybe even stomach ulcers.
Why know it will not end well...... if you are going to hire a diva, get one that can at least act.

751 days ago


You know Maddy, their may be statues of limitations on some things, but the law isn't the only thing that man has to worry about.....He has standing in his community, respect of his piers, his family who I imagine is one of the founding fathers of Hollywood...all that is more of a threat to men like that then any police or law action.....particluarly is she wasn't the only one now is it...You look what that same scenio did to Sandusky and to his boss and to the whole University.......It depends entirely on what the hold is....but let me assure you right now that Lohan Inc all its emablers DO NOT have the power or the money to pull off what this man has again and again...or men should I say....Dina and Micheal Lohan know how to run the game....and they are good at it..but even they don't have that kind of money....and sweetie I don't see any woman know matter who she is THAT DAMN GOOD IN BED OR ON HER KNEES ans certainly not Lindsay Dee Lohan ...Oh she oozes sex out of her pores....and she was born with the ability to get a mans attention but that only lasts one time and in the condition she is now , as diseased and worn out she is...a man would have to be able to screw anything that stands still long enough.....
You all may think that she is special but she is NOT....I have seen woman just like her and taken on a one just like her who tryed to get her claws into my property thinking they could score a rich old man with a old wife......
She won't do that again....Oh he tried jumping the fence one time and once he got on the other side decided to jump back real quick only to find the fence had been electified and got his balls fried off.... He did some mighty fine begging and pleading before I turned the electricity off.....that was 25 yrs ago and he's never even looked over that fence again....LOL

751 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Red Cloud,
Do you want to know why Lindsay Lohan is universally detested? It's because of stories like this.
Lohan made this crap up. She did it for attention, and no other reason. She already removed it from her twitter account, but you can find the original messages all over Twitter. This slut went and phonied up dates and occurances simply because she needed attention. In doing this, she took attention from someone who truly deserved it.
The only good thing is that except for a few sycophants such as yourself, absolutely no one believes her story. They know if anything she is the bullying type - it would be HER making life tough for other people. SHe is skum and nothing more, and she richly deserves all the derision she receives.

751 days ago


Thats alright sweetie we will agree to disagree on that subject......I have been fighting all day with someone on CB over simply saying a woman as she ages needs a little more fat layer under her skin to soften the wrinkle and round out the face...and that botox would not be needed..Well this little girl had gone bonkers jumping about my "hated for tall thin people " etc....I tryed explaining to her were my opinion was coming from...she was having none of it ...called me a hypocritic..that a woman doesn't need any fat in her be beautiful ...told her I was artist who study human body and conpostion and explained that everyone weither they are 90 lbs of 600 lbs has a fat layer under ther skin and the lady went nuts...She has a really bad thing phycological reaction to the word Fat.... Feel right sorry for the woman I really do...Must be hard being that narrow minded and all... just like some Loonies on here....

751 days ago


Time for Me to head off now...Had a hard week ...One of my chicks have returned to the nest and getting her settled in and moved has been rough...But Life happens to all of us and we have to roll with the punches or be rolled over.. ! ..So we move on from here....

751 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Maddy, I think if there was a secret force of men supporting Lindsay out of blackmail for pounding her as a minor, that she would be GONE. I think her little Chateau club gave her the ax. She was involved in STEALING from one of them. They would (and did) give her the world, but do not bite the hand that feeds you. Rich people HATE thieves. She screwed herself.

751 days ago



751 days ago



"Lets be clear. NO ONE said a peep about 'COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP' or 'DATING'!! Its called being 'KEPT', its a 'legal' form of PROSTITUTION."
Now Maddy, we ALL know Snortcake *NEVER* does anything "legal". Lol
Gurlfriend be a straight up 'TUTE! =p

751 days ago
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