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Nicki Minaj

PISSED at 'Idol' Producers

Stop Fueling Mariah!

10/4/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj is FURIOUS with "American Idol" producers -- telling her peeps they goosed Mariah Carey into starting beef on the set.

Sources connected with Nicki tell us ... she's convinced producers -- along with members of Mariah's team -- are conspiring to get under her skin ... because they think a pissed off Minaj will bring in viewers.

We're told Nicki is adamant ... she won't be anyone's puppet and if she feels she's being set up, she vows to "cut it off at the head." As for how, she says for starters, the next time Mariah "acts up," Nicki is walking off the set.

There's just one problem with her theory -- we know "Idol" producers were genuinely shocked and upset by Tuesday's outburst. Our very connected "Idol" sources tell us the big wigs were completely flat footed and they are doing everything they can to restore peace -- which they successfully did Wednesday.

As for conspiracies between producers and Mariah ... we believe in the grassy knoll just like the next guy, but in this case Oswald did it alone.


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Well Duh. It is all staged. All reality shows are staged.

719 days ago


We are about to be inundated with political bickering from every angle, from every form of media. Does anyone going to want even more bickering with judges on American Idol on T.V.? It's this kind of crap that's really turning off the viewers. It isn't about the damned judges, the show is about the contestants. Get it together American Idol, or you will be loosing many viewers. We've had it with the lack of what the show was originally meant to be.

719 days ago


yikes! in that picture, nicki minaj looks as if she's just smelled a rancid fart that she birthed from her massive ass!

719 days ago


Seriously, name one other singer who has become successful from that show, other than Carrie Underwood. I didn't think so. Quit watching it years ago. Why do we support a show that has become a joke and serves only to make $$$$$$ for Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest, the Kardashian promoter. Now to display 2 black women screaming at each other serves only to display the stereotypical threatening black woman (I.e., Basketball Wives, Housewives of Atlanta, etc.). You never seeOprah act that way, or Condolessa Rice, which is the reason they are successful.
stick a fork in it ; American Idol is DONE.

719 days ago


Nicki is started a war with the wrong people just take her off the show. she really needs to get off her high horse. she thinks she is the best rapper. she is nothing.

719 days ago


Paranoid and delusional, and arguably a danger to others if not herself. This isn't entertainment -- it's a psych ward issue.

719 days ago


She does look like a muppet!
With Idol's credibility on the line the producers really need to rethink the Minaj decision. I think the Voice just might overtake them in popularity and credibility.

719 days ago


stupid looking twunt is a gutter rat and acts like a gutter rat and talks like a gutter rat. Anyone with an ounce of class could handle Mariah's "high and mighty-ness"... but then, twunt has no class.

719 days ago


Minaj is nuts, AI is a "Middle America" show, now they may have added some more color, but they are not looking for fights. It delays production and turns the core voting group off as well as sponsors.
This whole conspiracy is made up in Minaj's head.
Having worked with her in the past I've seen her go off on a delivery girl because she thought the girl was giving her "the stink eye".

719 days ago


Lickme Minaj should go back under the rock from which she crawled out from. The world would be a better place without that taking up valuable space and air.

719 days ago


In my family A.I. is family night/pizza night..we also are an ANTI bullying family who tries to practice what we preach..YOU GOT THE MESSAGE YET .STOP THE BULLCRAP BEFORE ANOTHER FAMILY SWITCHES THE CHANNEL..WE DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR GHETTO BRAWLS..

719 days ago


Dump this piece of trash! Mariah deserves better!!

719 days ago


Honestly I think this whole thing is a joke to get ratings! Nicki is upset that she looked hood on tv and now "feels" that others are pushing her to star drama. She's just being herself or any other celeb that feels that should be getting more money that the other! I feel bad for poor ole country boy Keith! Gotta be stuck in between hood attitdues!

719 days ago

Jerry in Dallas    

The drama between these two fools makes me much less inclined to watch American Idol. It stresses me out to watch the show focus on such trivial, ridiculous issues, Nicki is a joke! She is a total whacko! Mariah is a pompous diva. She may have sold millions of albums and earned many awards but I have to ask what has she really done lately? Is her music still relevant? Or is she now just a hasbeen? My money is on Mariah, she is wealthy, has two lovely children and seems to be in a good marriage with someone who wants to work on his own career and not just tag along for the ride on her coattails.

719 days ago


Time for a new story--nobody wants to hear this crap anymore. And this is going to kill the ratings, and Idol, not make it more interesting. The whole show is like a bunch of Keystone cops. Nothing is about the contestants anymore, and I really hope this is the last year for this disgusting show.

719 days ago
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