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'Pawn Stars' Sued --

I Made You Guys Famous ...

and You SCREWED Me

10/4/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee ... are all getting their asses sued by their ex-manager, who claims he discovered the "Pawn Stars" and made them famous ... only to get stabbed in the back.

The man behind the lawsuit is Wayne Jefferies -- who claims he found the guys from Gold & Silver Pawn back in 2007 and got them a reality TV show deal with A&E and the History Channel ... after Rick had struck out in the past.

Jefferies claims things were going great for years -- with the show killing it in the ratings and the guys all cutting various endorsement deals ... including credit cards, slot machines, books and even an energy drink.

But according to the suit, things fell apart earlier this year .. when network honchos became upset over a story Jefferies claims he leaked to TMZ. The story detailed how the "Pawn Stars" cast was blindsided when they learned A&E had commissioned a "Cajun Pawn Stars" spinoff.

In his suit, filed by powerhouse attorney Richard A. Schonfeld, Jefferies claims network execs pressured the "Pawn Stars" cast to cut ties with Jefferies ... which they did.

Jefferies is now suing the "Pawn Stars" guys for breach of contract ... and he's also suing A&E, the History Channel and various execs for interfering with his management deals.

Jefferies is asking for unspecified damages. Calls to the Pawn Stars and the networks have not been returned.


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Just another liberal, anti wall strett, anti anythg, lazy sack of **** (47% ers) wanting somethg for nothing

712 days ago


Let me call a buddy of mine. He's an attorney..... he can sort this out....ok.

712 days ago


Nothing more overrated than filming a ****in pawn shop.

712 days ago


Must be nice to sit behind your computers and say mean things. You are all a bunch of haters...probably unemployed sitting at home trolling.

I live in Vegas and these guys are for real. They are nice, friendly, and down-to-earth. I have met them and so have many of my friends. NO ONE has ever said a bad word about them.

Did you ever think that after the show become more popular, people started coming out of the woodwork with odd things just so they can get on TV for 5 minutes?

Pawn shops are in the business of making money. Um....duh! It's a business. All pawn shops are the same. Don't hate the players....hate the game.

I love Rick's laugh. And, he is like that in real life. He's a happy guy.

712 days ago


Pawnstars used to be cool until i've seen episodes of total ripoffs,items worth 20,000 Rick will pay you 3 grand for it,B.S.

712 days ago


Who cares I have watched that show and its so fake and I think they rip ppl off!!! They have their guys come check out a item then tell the owner wat its worth ex 2000 the owner usually wants a lil under like 1500 and Rick is like I aint payin that Ill pay 100 hes a scammer!!!!!

712 days ago


it a good show i went to las vegas and saw the pawn shop it was nice place i watch the show went it on history channel so jerferry stop being greddy it all about money how about the show it very intresting seeing old stuff and learn alot about things they bring in like old man son say he be there for 20 years you dont know what coming into the pawn shop old man and guys good show hope to see guys went i come to las vegas again keep the show my whole family like it very much

712 days ago


I watch Pawn shop i like it very much in mine family we all watch it we all like it very much now about this sue every body getting greddy about money jefferey stop the greddly get on the show i like it very much i went to LAS vegas and went to the pawn shop it was nice place but i did not saw the old man and rest of the guys but it was dispointant i didnot see the guys but i still see the show went it on on tv becuse it very intresting

712 days ago


Um I don't know let me call a buddy to come over and help decide which direction the court should take.

712 days ago


I did watch this show but OMG the 3 guys are all alike always trying to out do each other. The grandfather is such a jerk and his offspring can never admit they are ever wrong! I just got bored with all of them!!

712 days ago


hate to say it, but this is typical white trailor trash folks. Just like the OC custom motorcycle Tuttle family... fat, ugly un-talented jackoffs get quasi famous and turn into anal cavities.

712 days ago


I love it! Its so cool when a pawn broker goes down. They are such rip offs, paying 2 cents to the dollar. Really its when they can a man or women down on their luck and they can spot you from a mile away, with your heaD DOWN AND LOOKING LIKE YOU LOST YOUR BEST FRIEND. don't EVER, EVER, EVER say would you give me this or that. Go in with your head up and tell um what you want. I don't like those guys on TV either, they need a few links out of their chain just like DOGGG the Bounty Hunter is roofing houses now. Don't quote me on that one, I read it in People or something at the doctor's office. What else could he do? This is just one man's opion

712 days ago


Show is fake! Just like our President!

712 days ago

Bad Bob    

Yeah, lets celbrate the low lifes of society who make a killing off a bad o-dummy economy.

Look there future is secure.

I cant wait for Dog Catcher day to come.


712 days ago


Chumlee for President!

712 days ago
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