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'American Idol'

You Be the Judge

10/6/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1002_nicki_minaj_mariah_carey_fight_tmz_article_wm"American Idol" could be a big hit ... apparently much to the dismay of producers who are trying to tame Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. So we gotta ask ...


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i really think that these two women can't stand one another. Mariah feels superior to most artist of the same gender.

716 days ago


Bigger bitch: Tough to say. Mariah's full of herself to Bryant Gumbel proportions while Nicki looks more willing to rip into someone. Kinda a push really.

Producers set up fued: Nigel took a whopping one year to tank the MDA telethon, so I'm not that sure of the AI staff's abilities here. Now if you want to say "did they egg this on and it went out of control FAST", sure I could agree with that.

Nicki v. Mariah in a fight? Nicki.

Nicki v. Randy in a fight? Nicki. She's younger and my impression is she's faster and has the rage thing on her side.

Nicki v. Keith? Dunno.

Nicki v. Christina: Nicki.

I don't think Ryan'd be dumb enough to physically get in the middle of any fight. He'll get his ass kicked if he does.

Will I watch? I haven't logged a second of AI all these years and I'm not gonna start now.

716 days ago


Except for Keith they all suck Mariah is a pain in the A$$ Nicki has no talent at all and Randy is a big fat loser.
They should stop the tryouts now and stop wasting money and TV time for this has been shoaw

715 days ago

John Basedow    

The survey should say who's the bigger retard? Nikki should receive 100%

715 days ago


I have a prediction. These "talent search" shows are going down just like the Trashians for the same reasons, fake and overexposed.

715 days ago


FOUR, count-em, 4 stories about this snooze fest on the first page.
How about this one for your lame questionaire:
Who gives a f*ck?

715 days ago


THE WORLDS DUMBEST FKN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I always thought that those who sat there for however long this show lasts are brainless ****s. I cant stand the Niki manage chick and her music is like shoving crap down my ears and then pissing on top of the crap that was just shoved into my ear canal. I cant stand her music, her style, her face, her voice, the way she talks,walks...

This show needs to be cancelled and the viewers need to be shot.

715 days ago


NM is an obnoxious opportunist! She doesn't hold a candle to Mariah. All I really care about is listening to Keith Urban. I have watched AI since it started and this kind of trashy nonsense will ruin the credibility of the show.

715 days ago


First of all, Nicki is not in the same league as Mariah. I am an over 40 fan and love Mariah and Nicki is a disgrace to our race and our young audience are clueless to real music. Nicki is trying to find herself still, because first of all she is too old to be carrying herself as she does. I am disappointed in AI for even supporting such. It may have been different if you chose two totally diffenent people, but Mariah and Nicki? Its like vinegar and oil. Mariah is above this and Nicki's ass fake ass that is should be booted out. You should have gotten anyone else besides Nicki. Hell I am not a Lady Gaga fan, but she has more class than Nicki. She is a filthy mouth fake as wanna be Barbie.

715 days ago

Hey red    

I found the TMZ questions hilarious. The producers are trying to shore up the ratings, and a big "fight" is just the way to do it......focus should be on the contestants, there has been some solid talent that came out of that show.....its a shame that the focus will be on the judges......

715 days ago


Nicki is laughable. I love it when darkies try to act 'hood when they're not from anywhere near the 'hood. Everyone wants to act like they're from the hood, but no one actually wants to live in the 'hood

715 days ago

Sick of it    

I don't know any company that would allow you to voice a threat and remain employed. Voice a threat an you are termed. Fire Nikki, teach her how to play in the real world.

715 days ago


Stupid set of polls, TMZ. Everyone knows its all a publicity stunt - why don't you come clean or are YOU doing it for more readers on this site?

714 days ago


WOW. There was obviously no gun threat made. You're all boring as ****. However, I enjoy the fact that it is agreed Nic would win in a fight against Mariah. Chop chop people.

713 days ago


They SHOULD NOT have gotten rid of Shubha, Jett, or Juliana. These judges have lost ALL credibility and Im suprised the executive producers don't say something against this nonsense. This Show is getting absolutely ridiculous!
That being said, Zoenette did amazing and the only benefit of these four judges was that they believed in her.

570 days ago
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