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'Blood In Blood Out' Star

I Did NOT Rape

My German Baby Mama

10/7/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The star of the 1993 breakout crime-drama "Blood In Blood Out" is suing his German baby mama ... claiming she falsely accused him of rape and got him arrested in the process -- nearly ruining his life.

The lawsuit is pretty insane ... 48-year-old Damian Chapa (who also starred as Ken in the "Street Fighter" movie) claims he met Roxanna Foell in Germany in 2006 at the Berlin Film Festival.

According to the lawsuit, the two hit it off, traveling around Europe together for several months -- enjoying a "very passionate" and "consensual" sexual relationship -- before moving to Damian's California apartment later that year.

Around that time, Damian says he learned Roxanna was pregnant with his child, but when he asked her to marry him ... she dropped a BOMB, confessing she was ALREADY MARRIED to a dude in Germany.

According to the suit, Roxanna swore she'd divorce her husband -- but when it sunk in that Damian wasn't a rich Hollywood celeb, she reconciled with her hubby and moved back to Germany.

Damian says his son was born in 2007, and Roxanna made it HELL for him to see the boy.

Damian claims he filed a paternity suit to get visitation, and Roxanna reacted  by telling German police he had RAPED her -- so when Damian arrived in Europe to visit his son, he was placed under arrest. He claims he was in custody for 7 WEEKS.

Damian wants at least  $1.3 million in damages.  Attempts to reach Roxanna were unsuccessful.


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Keyser Söze    

Wow... Seriously. European women. You girls make the worst American gold-digger looks pretty damn reasonable!

I wish they had a picture of this chick, though - how hot can you be for your husband to take you back after you cuckolded him throughout Europe and America and came back to him knocked up from another guy? Man, you do something like this to me, I won't even acknowledge that you even exist!

Anyway.... I guess the moral here is: always trap it on when you're doing Euro-trash.

656 days ago

just because    

i don't buy it...he looks like he has rapist tendancies

656 days ago


This is what happens when you stick your d&ck in someone unprotected. This is what he gets.

655 days ago


don't **** with milkweed homes!

655 days ago


Damian make her pay i hate when girls are looking to rob and suck dry any guy they can just for money make her pay bad

654 days ago

Heidi Green    

Damian is close family friend and part of our family, He is so not a rapist!! people get so caught up in drama that they spin massive webs of lies and it becomes so tangled that no one can tell fact from fiction. Damian is a wonderful person and is very family orientated. Prime example here that people see men and women who are public figures as massive money bags and can milk their lies for all their worth. It's sad that a vast majority of "some" women can have absolutely no moral or ethical values and can continuously LIE on a person because they are manipulative and money hungry!! She is making this child suffer and it is completely unfair to the child. Damian has family and friends and the support of his fans and at the end of the day God knows the truth and she will have to live with the guilt of her lies.

653 days ago

Rondi Lumpkin    

I have known Damian for a long time and for this crap to be spewed and its lies to begin with he never raped her. The Media world has to find some type of drama and stir up lies like this. And your head line sucks as well who ever wrote it.. I find this truly sick TMZ and to bash Damian name is truly wrong. Again I know about all this issue before you find your sources why don't you come to those who know the history of this relationship instead of paying those who want the old mighty buck but than again Its Freedom of Expression! Again He never raped her .. Get the facts straight!! He has a wonderful family as well as friends and a Wonderful Fan base who supports Damian!!

653 days ago


Damian is a Friend and NOT a Rapist! HE is very Family oriented. Stop buying into all the DRAMA and LIES!! You all see celebrities and see $$$$ and see the worst in people Damian is a Wonderful person!! And the one who suffers the Most is the child : (

649 days ago

Daryl (Uniquesoul) Leathers    

I haven't known Damian Chapa for a little over a year now. I've seen him in my two favorite movies, Money Talk and Street Fighter and I'm still learning him by his movie projects that he has directed.

I was blessed to be in one of his movies that he will be releasing soon and from meeting him, he does not seem like that type of person at all. I do not believe this, and I just hope that people think before they start typing and judging. I believe that if she was married while they were together, then the story is probably that she is trying to save her marriage and also forth.

Ima be praying for Damian and his son's mother that they work this out. For the Kid sake.

I love Damian Chapa's work and hope to continue to work with him in the future.. God Bless him

647 days ago


Tmz ... I dated Damian years ago and he is not capable of what he was accused of. He is a great person. Please check your facts and sources...

643 days ago


Yes.I know this story very well.I was part of it.In 2006 ,Damian inpreuna Chaapa-ai with Roxana Foell have filmed a movie in Romania ,on movie or happened all misfortunes.Here is Roxana pregnant.We have cleaner than even at the meeting to Damian joined Roxana's with her husband at the time which he had come to take him with her parents.I can provide a good description of because Roxana and perhaps a picture of it.

558 days ago


She realized he wasnt rich, and famous? LMFAO, im German , and German women look like men, and are selfish, and stupid bitches. Trust me, most dont even look like Heid Klum, but tall, ass, women who look like stunt doubles for schwarzenegger. You Americans are stupid!

385 days ago
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