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Bristol Palin

FBI Investigating

Suspicious Package at CBS

10/8/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI and the LAPD have launched a joint investigation into the suspicious package that was addressed to Bristol Palin at "Dancing with the Stars" this week, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us both agencies are taking the package's threat very seriously and are looking into the possibility that the latest incident is connected to the white powder scare back in 2010.

As we reported, a package containing a white powdery substance was opened on the CBS lot in West Hollywood Wednesday, addressed to Bristol. The package also contained a note, demanding Bristol be removed from the show ... or else.

Initial tests in the field revealed the powder was not harmful ... just like in 2010, when a suspicious letter was sent to CBS containing a similar threat about Bristol.


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I blame FOXnews! No real reason other than the fact that they're evil and into brainwashing people...

714 days ago


Yeah, ain't American fame wonnerful? That's one sick society you got there, usa.

714 days ago


Because TMZ copied the story from somewhere else, that had already made the error. TMZ is a bunch of baby journalist buffoons who have no skills beyond copy and paste. This is not a site that does the's a site that copies other people's work.

714 days ago


this is some game to keep her on the show.. maybe its that baby daddy sending old birthday gifts who knows perhaps if they let her go the boxes may stop... since my guess is that they are coming from her family in the first place just to keep her on

714 days ago


Why did CBS get the package and not ABC which is where DWTS is on?

714 days ago


Who frickin cares!!!

What I cant figure out is how she got on the show in the frist place. "Star".....really???? She was a pregnant teenager statistic, who was used as a "patsy" during her mom failed attempt at a political career. She shows up on Dancing with the Stars, and all of a sudden has morales and doesnt want to wear revealing outfits..Really??? Maybe she should have been a little modest when she was 15/16 and kept her pants on, and we would all been better off and not known who she was.

714 days ago


Don't fear---no talent Bristol. The idiot couldn't even send the fake threat to the right network--ABC. Must have been a Palin family member.

714 days ago


I just found this out and no one has said this before. DWTS is actually filmed at CBS studios.

714 days ago


Get her off the rigged show and alot of us will return to viewing it. But a package???? It's always something with Palin. Hard to believe she and her's don't mail it. hmmmm. So boring. I think the show is ruined. Why bring her back. Bad publicity is like real white power - wouldn't you say. Guess the FBI will be calling on me. Woe is me. hahaha

714 days ago


So Fox News makes sure everyone knows that poor Palin is being picked on. Sounds to me like there might be another forgettable Palin on the payroll at Fox and she made sure her daughter was planted to ruin the show. Oh well. That makes Palin a winner at sumthin = ruining the show.

714 days ago


Sarah Palin had to have done this herself trying to draw attention to her daughter.
I mean ... Dancing with the Stars is on ABC, not CBS. That's just the sort of planning and thoughtfulness that she showed on the campaign trail.

713 days ago


Tonight's show is the end for me (10/9).. bad enough the tea party is gridlocking our gov't, but it is unbearable to watch them return wooden Bristol while so many gifted dancers go home. i just can't watch any more. the system is totally flawed.

713 days ago


Someone may have been trying to mail her some talent. Rafalca Romney, perhaps?

712 days ago


Palins will try to get their names in the news and play the victim card every chance they can. First a package with baby powder-then next year another package--then all those reports of rape threats and stalkers--Palins either have to learn to protect the privacy of their family or they have to hire body guards. If you want to be a celebrity, you have to use some common sense and not also want to be media whores.

583 days ago
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