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Nicki MInaj

Bitchy to Mariah

For Years

10/6/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj
was supremely disrespectful to Mariah Carey 2 years before she exploded on the set of "American Idol" this week ... TMZ has learned.

Nicki and Mariah teamed up in 2010 for a music video -- "Up Out My Face."  Nicki wasn't nearly as big at the time -- Mariah was, and we're told she felt like she was helping launch Nicki's career.

B. Scott, who's big on the Internet, appeared in the video.  He tells TMZ ... "Mariah went out of her way to be nice to Nicki and make her comfortable." But B. Scott says Nicki was a raving bitch, "making faces at her [Mariah] laced with rude comments under her breath." 

B. Scott says he blew the whistle on Nicki by giving Mariah the low down. B. Scott says Mariah decided not to confront Nicki and acted as if nothing had happened.

A source close to Nicki tells TMZ ... B. Scott is a liar because, "He works as Mariah's stunt double and of course he would say things like that.  He's worked for her for years."

B. Scott says he stayed in touch with Mariah and spoke with her Thursday night. Mariah says she wants to bury the hatchet with Nicki on "A.I." and focus on the contestants. 

Good luck with that.


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mow i know why a of this is going on. it's all about RATINGS everybody and that is fueling the fire. nothing but RATINGS. they want all of us to tune in to see the drama. BROTHER.

713 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

I didn't watch it last year, I won't this year. AI isn't so much about finding a star as it is gimmicks for viewers.

First they used bad auditions, then "batty" Paula, then sob story after sob story, then new judges, now judges "springer" style.

713 days ago


I hands down respect Nicki more. Mariah is literally having people come out of the woodwork to defend her. Why? Because she knows she's wrong. Every Mariah stans argument begins with "Mariah may be a diva but...." That's just it. She's a diva. Period. It's funny how Mariah thought she was doing Nicki a favor with this song and no one even actually ever heard of it. There's your proof. No one has been checking for Mariah Carey. The only reason we are talking about her now is because she is on Idol, but guess who we'd still be talking about regardless? Nicki Minaj. Whether or not you think she has talent, fact is, her fan base is huge and although she may be C list in terms of talent, she's A list in terms of celebrity stardom. I refuse to believe that Minaj disrespected Carey when she has said plenty of times that MC is a legend. Just doesn't add up for me. MC's well known to be a bitch and I'm not about to sit up here and take what one of her lackeys says as the truth.

713 days ago


Oh, plz! Don't act like MOOriah worked w/Minaj out of the goodness of her heart. She's been attaching herself to any and all up and comers for YEARS trying desperately to try and revive her LONG dead music career.

713 days ago


That video, that NO ONE has heard of, looks like a Target commercial.

713 days ago


Who the hell cares. Reading this article made feel stupid. Reading the comments here made me stupid.

713 days ago


Minaj has absolutely No Class.

713 days ago

Michael K.    

I'd shoot the black, green, orange,purple off the big mouth bitch

713 days ago

ex lax    

when is there make up sex tape coming out?

713 days ago


Totally believe it. Nicki is just a talentless, disresectful, classless Grace Jones wannabe. Hopefully, she'll be forgotten in a few years.

713 days ago


Wait .. B Scott certainly looks like a female in the picture .. but the article keeps saying "he" ... so B Scott is a male? And he body doubles for Mariah? Mariah has a cross-dresser as a body double? WTF?

712 days ago


So now Mariah is getting other people to call up TMZ and defend her?? Can't this woman just drop it and get over it?? She has to get someone else to call up tmz too? Really Mariah? Why don't you just drop it, it's OVER...there is no need to get your buddies to now contact TMZ...drop it, its done. This woman has a hard time getting over things, my Lord.

712 days ago


A.I. you still will not get ratings, stop allowing people to print this buiu---t. all this is so untrue. mariah and nicki put a stop to this crap it makes both of you look desperate for lime light. mariah go home and take care of your three kids( i'm including nick as one of the kids), and nicki go back to where ever you came from. ENOUGH ALREADY,i'm still not watching, because i know what really happen. at this point both of you are A.I. puppets

712 days ago

She's baaaack    

There is a whole shltload of ugly in that picture.

712 days ago


I kind of doubt this is true. I don't know anything about Nicki and I've never dealt with her, but I have dealt with Mariah a couple times and let me tell you, she's the biggest bitch I've ever met and anyone you ask out here will tell you that, especially if they're another female. She hates other woman, which is pretty well known out here. The producers HAD to have known that from teh get go. My guess is that she's the one who caused all the problems because she's jealous of Nicki. No one gives a crap about Mariah anymore and Nicki is popular now and that's what she's jealous of. Also, look at who keeps bringing stuff back up - Mariah. That right there tells you what a drama queen she is.

712 days ago
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