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Ashton Kutcher

'Swatting' Prank

Cost City $10,000

10/7/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The anonymous dumbass who reported a bogus hostage situation at Ashton Kutcher's home this week cost the taxpayers of Los Angeles $10,000 in wasted manpower and other resources -- this according to law enforcement sources.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the emergency teletext -- intended for deaf people as an alternative to 911 -- resulted in a massive police response to Ashton's home, involving dozens of heavily-armed officers. 

We're told units from multiple divisions were called to the scene -- hell, the LAPD even dispatched a friggin' helicopter -- all for nothing.

We're told the incident will cost taxpayers at least $10,000 -- though cops are still ascertaining the full extent of squandered resources.

As we reported, whoever sent the teletext message claimed to be locked inside Ashton's home while several armed Russian men robbed the place. The message claimed several shots were fired in the house.

When cops arrived, they discovered the house was occupied by three people -- people working on Ashton's house.

The LAPD and the city have vowed to go after the culprit for restitution.


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Actually, other than didn't cost them a penny more than if it never happened. Nobody was called in on their day off to handle this and nobody had to put in any OT due to this. All that responded were already on duty and getting paid for the shift and it ended so fast there was no OT involved. So, unless the responding officers had to take the Concord back from a lunch hour in Paris...there was no extra costs.

754 days ago


Maybe they should treat celebs like everyone else then that 10 grand would have been zero

754 days ago

News Flash     

So wtf was it that called?

754 days ago


Maybe whip-it induced?

754 days ago


Somebody is going to get punk'd.

754 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

LAPD Is expensive! That would have only cost $1,000.00 in Philly.
Phishie from Philly

754 days ago


Does SWAT arrive in stretched limousines in LA?

754 days ago

Spicy mag    

That's a lot of Carl's jr.

753 days ago


And al qaida types are reading this and thinking "great way to drain the great satan america dry; let's all call in"

753 days ago


Bull****!! How did sending what 3 cop cars so 6 cops to check out a house cost 10,000!! No way!! Does that mean that every break in costs 10,000??? Nooo!! Citys doing something with the money & blaming it on this!

753 days ago

some guy    

Thank goodness the LAPD expended so many resources to protect the home of this national treasure! Whatever in the world would we do if any harm ever came to such a dynamic toolbox.

Just imagine the response if someone with talent was in peril!

753 days ago


this happened to us in Northern CA as well. 15 cop cars plus SWAT and a robot went to the door to check for danger. Very scary and not the fault of the tenants. These can be based out of the country or down the street.

753 days ago


Ashton Kutcher needs to grow up. He is too old to be playing pranks on people, especially ones that waste the city's resources. A city, I might add, that is in a state that is as strapped for finances as California is.

753 days ago


turd probly did was broke and they never see a penny the city will never get it they just say that so the lemons (most americans) will feel happy

753 days ago

the original bellaluna    

Just out of curiosity, how much have Blohan's antics in both LA and NYC cost?

And why is no one "going after" her for said costs?

753 days ago
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