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Chris Brown's Ex


Chris' Loving RiRi Video

10/7/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1006-karrueche-chris-brown-rihanna-tmzChris Brown's recently axed ex-girlfriend has 3 words for him -- shut your mouth ... because she is PISSED C.B. made that highly-produced drunken video confession about loving two chicks.

Sources close to Karrueche Tran tell TMZ ... she's livid over the fact that Brown blasted their personal problems all over the internet with his ridiculous video -- in which he confesses to loving Rihanna and Karrueche at the same time.

If Chris thought the video would soften the blow of breaking up with Karrueche ... he was dead wrong. We're told KT feels Brown should have kept his feelings private and she's disappointed and hurt by his decision to broadcast their personal life.

As TMZ previously reported ... Brown announced his split from Karrueche earlier this week by stating, "I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."

He later posted this video, claiming he has feelings for both ...


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This girl knew he was a douche coming through the door, why would she ever think he'd be anything different on the way out?

744 days ago

Don Martin    

I see TMZ's abnormal obsession with Chris Brown Continues......

744 days ago


And enough with telling her, or any celeb, that RiRi has to stay away from CB just so she can present a certain, more palatable, image for your kids! Ladies and Gents, YOU are responsible for being the role models for your babies. And if you're looking for a musician to do that for you, you're bound to be disappointed, and probably should be spending more quality time with your kid.

When exactly did that stuff about celebs being role models for our kids start anyway? When I was growing up, we had Van Halen, Madonna, The Kinks and so on.... Somehow I don't think my mother would have expected Madonna to act how she told her to.

Yes, RiRi is an idiot to go back to any guy that beat her assss like that, and has still shown issues with his anger. But it's her life, and if she gets Ike Turner'd again, well that's the way it goes. But if her going back to CB is really going to make your kid do something similar and allow an abuser to beat them, then YOU HAVEN'T DONE YOUR JOB in teaching them their own self values. Don't blame a young overrated/overpaid pop singer to do it for you!

744 days ago


This guy is one of the most selfish and arrogant people in the news. Oh but he can dance so let's embrace him.

744 days ago


At first, I thought that she didn't know that Chris was banging Rihanna, but I'm pretty sure, now, she knew about it. And that's why she's furious about this video because it will show that.

744 days ago

Joan K    

Amazing that two idiots would even want this creep.

744 days ago


You know what I loved the most in this video is Chrianna's scenes.

744 days ago

Spicy mag    

Bring on the next video. My fave new reality show. Narcissist island.

744 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Karrueche Tran since Chris splattered information that was so personal to you and I'm sure he pretended to be this private guy that didn't like any drama but yet he makes a video about how much he loves you and riri maybe its time for Karrueche Tran to right a tell all book. "Touché"

744 days ago


The girlfriend needs to move on and shut up about it also.

744 days ago

Tina A., Lakewood, CA    

I just hope everyone boycott Rihanna and Chris Brown, more so Rihanna. This girl is sick in the head and she is clearly sending out the upmost worst message to young girls, she got her a$$ beat and you go back for more, seriously, is she really serious, I am disgusted to the fullest with her, I would never buy anything or watch anything that is connected to Rihanna.

744 days ago


I think TMZ has a hard on for Chris Brown... who cares!

744 days ago


most dumb triflin black women just love drama like this and love to stick their nose where it don't belong when it comes down to celerity drama especially if its about chris brown and rihanna LOL a damn shame and they have the nerve to talk sh1t about what these celebs are doing in their private lives when they have no life of their own so they sit on their PC talk smack and drinkin that haterade at the same time,SMDH.

744 days ago


Maybe the mental midget was hoping the video would get him into a threesome.

744 days ago


I feel bad for Kareuche and afraid for Rihanna. Kareuche is better without Chris and hopefully Rihanna will eventually come to her senses before he kills her. If he had had her in that headlock for just a little bit longer, we wouldn't even be talking about them anymore because he'd br in prison and she'd be dead right now.

744 days ago
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