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RiRi, Chris, Karrueche

You Be the Judge

10/7/2012 12:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1005_rihana_chris_brown_karrueche_tmzChris Brown dumped his girlfriend Karrueche for Rihanna, then immediately said he's still in love with both of them.  Can Chris have his Rihanna and eat it too?  We gotta ask ...


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OK...I'll judge. Chris is a wimpy closet hom0 who beats women because they look better in lingerie than he does, RiRi is an ugly ret@rded fool with an atrocious voice made famous by autotune and a body that is 10 cents per dozen...the other half wit is a double bagger destined for a life of tats, spandex, EBT cards, double wide trailers and buying the economy pack of "fathers day" cards for her future kids sperm donors which she will never mail because they will be in hiding to prevent being served wth papers for back child support.

749 days ago

space monkey    

ummm tmz the 2nd last question doesn't make sense. Who will win? Yes or No.
Don't you people check your posts before putting them up...

749 days ago

BB not bb    

I think they meant who will win in a fight, Kerreuche or Chris? It is still a stupid qustion because Chris is much larger and Kerrueche does not seem agressive at all. He would tear her limb from limb, but I think maybe she is smart enough to outwit him from attacking her.

If he is really that menatally derranged, someone else with mental probalems will only make it worse. That is why Rihanna seems to set him off. They are very bad for each other. If Kerreuche lasted with that animal for two years without being mauled, she must know what she is doing.

I think this psycho relationship is more famous than their music any more. Is Rihanna supposed to be the symbolic female sacrifice of all female love and respect for men? If he kills her, will that be like ushering in sharia law, where women must wander the streets with bags over their heads?

749 days ago

come on now    

What's wrong with these questions? TMZ you guys need to hire a proof reader, or don't write when you're drunk and still half a sleep and hung over.

749 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I'll be the judge... hmmm lemme think this one out.. Yea, guilty as charged. Useless ghettoni66ers.

749 days ago


Two questions: "Rihanna and Karreuch; will they 'what'"?
"Who wins; Yes or No?".....Huh?....

749 days ago


Who wins in fight? I vote YES.

749 days ago


Does TMZ hire the most illiterate and clueless editors on Earth:


749 days ago

King Anton    

Love chris brown more than life itself. All this publicity he's getting is freakin AWESOME!

749 days ago


I think both ladies are not helping chris at all, but karrueche is the one stupider one, rumors of chris and rihanna getting back together started months ago yet she still stayed. if it was a new chick maybe, but this is a crazy weed smoking, i dont give a ..... chick, i would have left after the hug at the recent awards

749 days ago


I think Yes will win in a fight. Because Yes is bigger than No.

749 days ago


"Who wins in fight?" and the options are "Yes" and "No"? I've never met either. How do I choose between these two people? How are they relevant to the story? What kind of idiot parents would name their kids "Yes" and "No" in the first place?

749 days ago


Such dumb questions, as usual, and even dumber are the 15% who would have sympathy for Riri in the event Crust Brown beats her again. Oh and in a fight, yes wins every time.

749 days ago


it is obvious this video is scripted and just makes me believe more all this "love triangle" is a MAJOR publicity stunt. Its a shame as there is no denying that chris is a very talented dancer

749 days ago


TMZ is full of retards. A few questions don't even make sense.

749 days ago
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