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'Saturday Night Live'

Spoofs Obama for


10/7/2012 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100712_snl_debateThe puzzle has finally been solved  -- President Obama's terrible debate performance last week was all Michelle Obama's fault ... at least according to "Saturday Night Live."

Last night SNL spoofed Obama and Romney's initial showdown -- offering one hysterical explanation for POTUS (played by Jay Pharoah) choking: he was really thinking about a last minute anniversary gift for the First Lady.

Coffee mug? Denver Bronco's sweatshirt? Bathrobe?

It's funny. Or sad ... 'cause in reality the Prez can't explain away such a sucky showing that easily.


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Lily Daisy    

I think the reason for Prez Obama's total meltdown was because Mitt Romney was a commanding and intelligent force that simply overwhelmed the president.

754 days ago


"noting the racism and disrespect" says the one who calls people ignorant, angry, rude, a dying breed. Bellaca, you wouldn't be a sore loser...would you? Hypocrite much?!

754 days ago

chris borella    

I'am surprised anyone in hollywood makes fun of the pres. , they make excuses for him. He is not the leader the USA deserves. Another 4 years we won't know our country.

754 days ago


Barry Soetoro blew the debate because Barry is a narcissistic egomaniac who has lived a life of lies for so long that he now believes that everyone is beneath him and his lies should be enough to get him elected again. And you know what? He probably will be because the American people are far more unintelligent than I ever imagined. (FYI – it’s the most corrupt administration I have seen in my nearly fifty years of voting) (And for all you weirdos, I've voted both Democratic and Republican over five decades so don't try that conservative crap on me)

754 days ago


If your truly talented, you never have to result to vulgarity.SNL is not funny. Hasn't been in a long, long time. It's let's hate on Christians and Republicans 24/7. Yeah, we get it Loren Michaels, you hate 81% of America who believes in God. Nothing but sad little smut peddlers over at NBC.

754 days ago


Leave MY President & the 1st Lady alone! He's still loved regardless how you conservatives feel. He will be in office another 4 years!

754 days ago


This sketch was great because it not only spoofed the debate and all of the participants, but also the reaction to debate from the left-wing media. There are a million excuses for Obama’s performance in the debate, but this one just as reasonable and is hilarious. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about the show, and he was surprised that they actually made fun of Obama. I don’t think they actually criticized Obama that much, while they did outright call Romney a lair. I don’t even like SNL any more, but I have it set to record. With my Hopper’s huge hard drive I can even record the shows that I don’t like just to see what everyone is talking about. SNL is always good source for the current liberal mindset, and this week’s episode shows that they are getting scared.

754 days ago


Only proves what many people already knew--that this one-term senator who is so clueless he needs a tele-prompter for every thought--is a disgrace as president but a messiah to the masses of ignorant progressives.

754 days ago


He should not have been elected in the first place. His debating (or total lack of it) shows he is an empty suit who can not debate unless someone else is writing it down on a telepromter for him. His thoughts are not his, but are of the man he supposedly called his father. They are not his dreams, but the dreams of his father; and that is to DESTROY the freedom of Americans! Vote for the true American this time folks.....President Mitt Romney!

754 days ago


Obama just sucks man.

754 days ago


NBC just needs to cancel SNL that skit wasn't even funny at all. If Madtv was stil on the air they would have done a much better job than SNL

754 days ago


okay bellaca .. you are wrong ... i am a black woman. i am democrat and i am voting romney ... obama is pitiful ...

754 days ago


The SNL skit wasn't really funny, but it gave an example of what happened pretty well. Obama seemed like he was off somewhere else in his head and Romney fibbed. BTW I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Lorne Michaels is a republican. Is he a republican that favors Obama? I don't know, he might be. I know a few republicans that will be voting for Obama.

But putting that aside, maybe SNL should take notes from Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart. Did anyone else watch "Rumbling in the air-conditioned auditorium: O'Reilly vs. Stewart Debate"? NOW THAT WAS FUNNY!! Stewart was halarious and I got to hand it to O'Reilly he was pretty darn funny too.

754 days ago


Obama clearly lost that debate to a very well prepared Romney (even if he was less than honest). But imagine voting for a guy who wants to kill off Sesame Street. Yeah, the 0.01 percent of government funds that keep that show on the air will save the economy.

754 days ago


Obama seemed clueless. Some say unprepared...I say he's just not up for the job. Never thought he was pres material. He got in on 'emotional' votes like he was going to come save us all.
Nah, we need someone with a brain in their head. Not 100% for Romney but he'd be way better than O.

754 days ago
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